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  1. acrackl

    NWT Bills Khakis 100% Cashmere Pants in beige Size 32

    Hi, Does the waist actually measure 32"? Thanks, AV
  2. acrackl

    Official Events and PSA thread

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner. The description is as follows, which would imply that the pony is not on the front (left breast/pocket) where it is visible when worn. Cut for a trim, modern fit, our long-sleeved Regent dress shirt is rendered in rich two-ply cotton poplin and a Bengal stripe for a...
  3. acrackl

    Official Events and PSA thread

    Got an email on the RL Holiday weekend Event (extra 25%). Didnt find anything that I wanted to buy. Came across this and thought I would pass it on - it is not the RLBL/RLPL, but is a Regent with MoP...
  4. acrackl

    Trousers made of sheet iron by Incotex???

    Granted that my knowledge of clothing is rather limited, I have never come across a trouser made of sheet iron .... so I assume it is a typo. I am sharing it for the laughs. I am sure it will be changed after it gets pointed out to Yoox...
  5. acrackl

    Carouzos ... disappointed ... heads up

     No I did not buy the 38/48 (I am a 34 US size). I paid slightly more than $30 for the Carouzos, but IMHO it is not a deal considering the poor quality, even at that price. I did end up buying a pair of Incotex in the forum here - it hasn't showed up yet. I have been quite satisfied with all...
  6. acrackl

    Carouzos ... disappointed ... heads up

    Wow ... lots of different experiences. Maybe the issue only extends to Carouzos pants quality. I have a fleeting thought now to keep them as summer wear for Houston. Can anyone recommend a suitable dress pant material or will this thin wool do? I have survived so far with my existing set of wool...
  7. acrackl

    Carouzos ... disappointed ... heads up

    Bought 2 pairs of Carouzos pants from YOOX during the recent markdown - sample sale and after receiving it I was quite disappointed. Though I only paid $75 + shipping for both, it looks to be not even worth that. They are quite similar in quality to the pants one would find in Macy's - 100%...
  8. acrackl

    Please help with new Seiko Spirit

    I returned it to Seiya and he replaced with another one.
  9. acrackl

    Rafaele Caruso Sartoria Parma - 44 size from YOOX

    I was on a browsing spree ... was looking at YOOX as well. Came across this Rafaele Caruso Sartoria Parma for $358. It's not my size (I am 42) and in steel gray. I though that was a good price - so passing it on. Good luck.
  10. acrackl

    Allen Edmonds Mora on Sale at Amazon.com

    try adding to cart?
  11. acrackl

    Allen Edmonds Mora on Sale at Amazon.com

    Supposedly the ones that show a green "special offer available" have an additional 20% off ... Allen Edmonds is the only brand I checked, but this deal is supposedly for other shoes as well. There are some other AE models on sale like this, but the sizes are sparse.
  12. acrackl

    Allen Edmonds Mora on Sale at Amazon.com

    Ongoing sale at Amazon.com ($109.00), but not all sizes available (couldn't find mine - 9.5D). This is the lowest I have found for this model (Mora). Good luck ...
  13. acrackl

    ebay suits, sportcoats, and other clothing

    Thoughts on this Burberry London suit? From my readings of this forum some of the Burberry Suits are made by Hickey Freeman. Feedback appreciated as I am thinking of putting in a bid - the measurements suit me okay. Thanks http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=220248979393
  14. acrackl

    Opinion on Nordstrom Loro Piana needed

    Thanks guys. Not that I am in a hurry to buy a suit. But I am not that good when it comes to snapping up good bargains. So that I can keep a lookout - what brands would you recommend (yes I did look at the lengthy discussion on suits), and any retailer/etailer I should be looking at. I am in...
  15. acrackl

    Opinion on Nordstrom Loro Piana needed

    Thanks lee. I am a 42R - usually I end up missing out on the good deals on the B&S forum. Some of that is also my unfamiliarity with buying clothes online. I have been looking at some Samuelsohns on STP - which STP mentions as fully canvassed, not much higher ~$700 (with STP coupons or first...
  16. acrackl

    Opinion on Nordstrom Loro Piana needed

    Gentlemen, Your opinion appreciated on the John W Nordstrom suit with Loro Piana fabric. I searched past threads and couldn't find a someone having researched this. The website doesnt mention anything about fused/canvassed etc. I went to the store (Houston Galleria) and the salesman mentioned...
  17. acrackl

    FS: Stowa Antea Kleine Sukunde (KS)

    I assume this is gone now ... will try PM anyway .... whoever got it, enjoy!!
  18. acrackl

    RM Williams Boots at reduced price

    How will it fit a 9.5D (AllenEdmonds)? Thanks
  19. acrackl

    FS Ties: Brooks Brothers & Land's End

    pm sent on LE ties
  20. acrackl

    Opinions on Sartoria Cantangia & Yoox

    Hello, I did my homework and it appears Sartoria Castangia is thought of highly for suits. But, still I couldn't resist asking one final time before I decide to pull the trigger - I've never bought a suit online. 1. Is this a good business suit (mainly for conferences/forums)? 2. Yoox has it for...

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