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  1. archetypal_yuppie

    Best Dry Cleaners in Houston

    Which is the best place to take jackets / suits? Doesn't have to be cheap. Going to try washing and ironing shirts and see how it goes.
  2. archetypal_yuppie

    Loro Piana "Zelander Dream" cloth - anyone familiar?

    Curious if anyone has experience with it? Got a pair of pants in it, very light weight. Not sure if it comes in different weights, but what I got was in tropical weight. I like the look and feel, curious on how it wears (durability, wrinklyness, crease-holding).
  3. archetypal_yuppie

    Travel Bags (Weekender/Leather) - Redux / Summary of what's out there - Please Add!

    I don't know of a thread that lists the available choices for leather weekender bags (or similar). I want to complement my small BRICS leather duffle roller with a smaller leather carry bag, but I don't know what's out there, so lets start a list. Please feel free to chime in with reviews...
  4. archetypal_yuppie

    Discuss BLENDS, based on EXPERIENCE. Wool/linen, cotton/silk, wool/cashmere, linen/silk - How does

    We all know that cashmere makes things warmer and more fragile, silk makes things hotter but stronger, linen makes things cooler but wrinklier, and cotton sucks. I'm sure many of us have heard the common knowledge about these things, but sometimes things are nuanced. Here's a chance to talk...
  5. archetypal_yuppie

    What do you wear on your feet in your house?

    Kind of self explanatory. In my nyc apartment scenario, shoes come off pretty quick when I'm home, and I'm generally barefoot or in socks, unless its really cold in which case Ugg slippers. If I was planning on going out again soon or had company, my shoes would stay on. I find the "take of...
  6. archetypal_yuppie

    "Me time"

    How much "me time" (time alone, left up to your own devices) do you have in a typical week? What do you do with it? Is it on purpose, or by chance? Discuss. Having more time by myself is what I miss more than anything else vs. pre-wife moving in. Everything else that I miss I don't...
  7. archetypal_yuppie

    Marcoliani socks selection?

    What's a good place in NYC to find a good selection of Marcoliani socks? Wore BB merino for 5 years and over last year tried several higher-end socks, Marcoliani are the best performing (and cheaper than many others) for standard business purposes. Saks only has loud patterns and colors...
  8. archetypal_yuppie

    Best Las Vegas Restaurants - Not French - Update info for now instead of before now.

    Helloooo Taking another trip to Vegas, this time withg my wife (her first time). We're young. I've seen the other threads but obvs the food scene is always changing, so what are currently the most interesting/best places to eat? I want to avoid French because we won't want to deal with a 2+...
  9. archetypal_yuppie

    Suit brush midtown NYC

    Wheres the best place to go to find a decent suit brush in or near midtown NYC?
  10. archetypal_yuppie

    Recommend garment/other bags for storing cashmere sweaters? Where to buy?

    Anyone have any recommendations? I have several sweaters n stuff, and I want bags to protect from moths/bugs (yes, I keep them clean). One thing I got from LP came with a bag that is made of some natural fiber, not sure what it is. Something with breathability (but obviously only micro holes...
  11. archetypal_yuppie

    Has anyone here FINISHED getting new clothes and shoes, etc? I am pretty much done I THINK.

    I'm very close to the point where I have everything I need, and everything I might want would be redundant given what I have. It would be a big accomplishment to be "done" buying clothing, shoes, belts, etc, and rerouting that cash to vacations and entertainment will be awesome. Right now the...
  12. archetypal_yuppie

    John Laing Cashmere at Turnbull & Asser - Anyone familiar with John Laing?

    They had a ~40% off sale at T&A in NYC, and I found a great looking 2-ply 100% cashmere full zip hoodie*. I pulled the trigger. I guess the 40% is a guideline, it came out to about 45% off, I think it was $700 from $1,285. Anyway, I assume Scottish cashmere sold at T&A has got to be pretty...
  13. archetypal_yuppie

    Furniture Stores in/near Midtown NYC - Suggestions?

    Google has not been particularly helpful (pulls up corporate offices of furniture retailers) and I'm not even familiar with which names are good places to shop for furniture. So, any suggestions of where to go to shop for furniture in NYC? The closer to midtown the better. Willing to go...
  14. archetypal_yuppie

    What NYC store has the best selection of Hogan sneakers?

    What NYC store has the best selection of Hogan sneakers?
  15. archetypal_yuppie

    What NYC store has best selection of Hogan sneakers?

    What NYC store has best selection of Hogan sneakers?
  16. archetypal_yuppie

    Anyone here live in Vegas?

    Gonna be there in a couple of weeks, could use some local knowledge.
  17. archetypal_yuppie

    Loro Piana Walking Shoes - Thoughts/Reviews?

    Just wondering if anyone has 'em/likes 'em. They fill a niche, and look comfortable. Might grab a pair.
  18. archetypal_yuppie

    Tailors at Bergdorf - shortening sleeves at shoulder - competent?

    There's a nice jacket at Bergdorf, unstructured/soft shoulder, linen/silk/wool blend (Michael Bastian?). Sleeves are about 2-3 inches long on my wrist, and it's got surgeon's cuffs. Most importantly, elbow patches that are too low slung for it to look good if the sleeve was mostly shortened at...
  19. archetypal_yuppie

    Bachelor Party in Vegas - Restaurant, Pool, & Activity Recommendations

    I'm having my bachelor party in Vegas in a few weeks. Still need to finalize details. Group of ~6-8 guys, ~30 yrs old What are the best fun/casual (Fri night) and nice (Sat night) restaurants, w/o blowing up everyone's wallet. What's are good pool scenes? Have been to Marquee Day Club...
  20. archetypal_yuppie

    Paul Stuart sold to Mitsui - Yikes?

    Uh oh. Hadn't heard about this. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324493704578428690916902894.html?mod=WSJ_LifeStyle_Lifestyle_5#articleTabs%3Darticle Quote: "...But following a buyout of the family-owned business late last year, Paul Stuart's quaint image is set to get a...

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