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  1. whacked

    References for a 17 year old looking to get into Day Trading?

    Are you unfamiliar with the huge change in the way that trading works at the institutional level? Between the volume and regulations, it's not possible to simply scale up retail investment work. Aside from working at one, I guess not. Look, excuses are just that... excuses. Liquidity has...
  2. whacked

    References for a 17 year old looking to get into Day Trading?

    Ah, yes, because a covered write is the same thing as purchasing a controlling share of a company with strong fundamentals and ensuring that it's managed to success? Easy tiger, the Buffett comparison only concerns your walk in the park 15% annual returns. Say you put in the SF minimum of $100K...
  3. whacked

    References for a 17 year old looking to get into Day Trading?

    I'm curious why no one mentioned FX yet... http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...187273238.html Does that sound like a normal lifestyle to you? Covered writes will easily return 15% annually I'd suggest you drop out of school and just write options all day. With "easy" 15% annual return and...
  4. whacked

    Google+..bye bye Facebook!

    ^^ Skype has allowed screensharing for a while. Al, you might find this comparison of use: http://techcrunch.com/2011/07/06/fac...ogle-hangouts/
  5. whacked

    NBA 2016-2017 Season Thread

    Get rid of Duncan. He's had a great career but these days he looks like a deer in the headlights. That's class. Sorry Steve, I couldnt help it. Plus, there's about as much chance of this happening as LBJ gets elected as the new mayor of Cleveland.
  6. whacked

    Domain Name Rights

    I reckon this isn't what you want to hear, but you could offer the guy more money. Noted venture capital investor Fred Wilson recently wrote about startups and domain names. "... Be prepared to pay up for a good domain. It is very unlikely that you'll find a great domain name these days for less...
  7. whacked

    Would you take a 50% pay cut to pursue your passion?

    This is where I'm at as well. Though I do reckon that passions evolve, and most things can be put on the block at the right price. So would I do something I don't care about for twice the money? It depends. I am pretty passionate about what I do, so I think the question is whether I would do...
  8. whacked

    NBA 2016-2017 Season Thread

    Whatever Kobe took before tonight's game, it is working wonders on his leaping ability and han gtime. Two sick dunks and multiple double clutch layups.
  9. whacked

    Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ranks and all that stuff

    Gotcha. And since social media outreach is part of what you offer, DIY makes sense. The website looks good. Images look okay if somewhat small on Chrome but when I use IE9, the proportions are distorted and only one corner of the (now supersized) pic would show up.
  10. whacked

    Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ranks and all that stuff

    Matt, have you looked into outsourcing the dirty work? The local internet coding/hacking scene is pretty robust, there oughtta be a few IT students who would love to take on the project for a couple of bills. I'd check with your network of students and the company employees. ok so here is a...
  11. whacked

    What does it take to open a marketing firm?

    the world has too many PR firms. I know this because I have founded two of them Speaking of which, Matt, how is the new enterprise coming along?
  12. whacked

    The reading room - books on business, management, productivity and so forth...

    http://www.amazon.com/Monkey-Busines...1521271&sr=8-8 Also one of the funniest books I've come across.
  13. whacked

    The reading room - books on business, management, productivity and so forth...

    I haven't read this, how did you find it? Matt, the book is indeed a must read IMHO. I have come across numerous references to Cialdini's principles during my line of research, and often at places you'd least expect pop psychology elements.
  14. whacked

    Them Vietnamese Sandwiches

    In Vietnam, banh mi can be had with a variety of fillings, from pate, scrambled egg, lap xuong (lap chong/Chinese sausage), cha bong, pork prepared in various manners (not just BBQ), among other things. Banh mi xiu mai (per Matt's post) is but one type of banh mi. (PS: well done, Matt. The same...
  15. whacked

    How many miles did you run today?

    Ran the San Antonio Rock'n' Roll Half today. Clocked in at 1:34, 9 minutes less than my time (1st race) last year. Stoked, and definitely will come back for more (pain).
  16. whacked

    2010 movie catch up

    I like Get Him to The Greek. It's basically The Hangover, with better music.
  17. whacked

    Happy Birthday, Matt!

    Have a great one, mate.
  18. whacked

    wat 2 do in vietnam?

    ... You'll get your mountain fill in Sapa anyhow, which is a not-to-be-missed.... Yes. This might be another case of apple vs. orange, but between Sapa and Ha Long Bay, if time constraint only allowed a trip to either, I'd go with Sapa, every single time. And I've been to Ha Long around a...
  19. whacked

    official 2010 world cup thread

    A fantastic example of why futbol is the most beautiful game.
  20. whacked

    official 2010 world cup thread

    Kevin-Prince Boateng has played an amazing world cup so far. I don't understand why Germany didn't want him. Or was it he who didn't want to play for Germany? Both. At the end, it's a good decision for KP. Slim chance he'd get picked ahead of Ballack, Schweinsteinger, Ozil, or Mueller.

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