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  1. whacked

    PSA: Martin + Osa shutting down

    Just announced by American Eagle Outfitters management. All 22 stores are expected to close by Q2. Since some here likes the brand for basics, I just thought I would share the news.
  2. whacked

    Must-see MMA fights?

    I've watched a handful of recent events (Fedors-Rogers, UFC 100, 101, 107 etc.) and liked what I saw thus far. I'm also a sucker for good discussions, so naturally I'd like to educate myself on the sports. Other than signing up for a dojo, I figured watching some "classic" fights would be a good...
  3. whacked

    Android avalanche

    Saw this earlier today. The number of options is astonishing. http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/10/19...cs-droid-best/
  4. whacked

    Warren Buffetts likes it, the Chinese suit (Dayang Trands)

    Starts around 1:25 for those short on time. http://online.wsj.com/video/warren-b...10CCFAD18.html Discuss.
  5. whacked

    How not to sell stuff

    Really? Yeah, really. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=129378
  6. whacked

    PSA: PF Flyers sale @ 6pm.com, $17.95 and up

    Just in time for summah.. http://www.6pm.com/search/pf+flyers/...der/%22mens%22
  7. whacked

    The Mad Men of Modern Design

    Courtesy of The Selvedge Yard. Left to Right: George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and Jens Risom The image is from a Playboy, July 1961 article. Full article can be found here.
  8. whacked

    PSA: Charles Tyrwhitt shirt sale

    http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/p/share1/d...e=1&back=False Free shipping with this coupon link: http://www.fabuloussavings.com/onlin...arlestyrwhitt/
  9. whacked

    Which (Japanese) brand is this?

    A RN query shows importer's legal name as "Fashion Business Corporation". Any help would be much appreciated!
  10. whacked

    The 2008/09 NFL Playoffs

    Two mild surprises today. Thoughts? Somewhat unrelated thought: I hope LT returns to form next season, probably in another jersey.
  11. whacked

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Didn't find a dedicated thread in the E&C section, and since I really enjoyed the movie, might as well just started one. Anyway, it's terrific for what it is, a romance with an interesting twist. Superb wardrobe as well.
  12. whacked

    PSA: Red Wing Gentleman Traveler, $150 before coupon at Revolve

    Black Cherry. Size run at the time of posting: 9.5 - 11. Black. 9.5 - 12. Knock yourself out.
  13. whacked

    New markdowns at Revolve: 5EP, others at 50% off

    5EP: http://www.revolveclothing.com/brand...jsp?&d=d&vad=1 Crate: http://www.revolveclothing.com/brand...jsp?&d=d&vad=1 This is before coupon code or Revolve's new first customer promotion. Haven't seen 5EP at this price since the infamous botched pre-order deal. Knock yourself out.
  14. whacked

    The "forbidden" SNL economic bailout skit. Unedited.

  15. whacked

    To AE haters: Sator's pictorial comparison of AE, EG, and Vass lasts - consolidated

    After briefly mention it in the "Stuff that Styleforvm overrates", I received several PMs inquiring further details. As such, in the interest of disclosure and future reference, I have quoted the relevant posts below. Courtesy to, of course, Sator. I must say I always find this putting down of...
  16. whacked

    PSA: NAU going out of business 50% off all clothes sale

  17. whacked

    Adidas Stan Smith Narrow Head lim. ed

    More than I'd pay for an Adidas, but insanely cool nonetheless. Strange enough, it's almost impossible to find more info on them anywhere else... http://cgi.ebay.com/Adidas-Stan-Smit...QQcmdZViewItem
  18. whacked

    PSA: deals at Overstock's semi-annual watch sales

    15% off on top of listed price, $2.95 flat shipping. Lots of brands at several price points (IWC, AP, Tag, Tissot, Seiko, Hamilton etc.). List here: http://www.overstock.com/mens-watch-brands.html Some examples of deals to be had on budget-level watches: - Hamilton automatic watches...
  19. whacked

    eBay/USPS' dirty little secret: Why you should NOT ship clothing/footwear to Italy

    ... because the item will most likely get confisticated by the Italian Custom Service. Not because they are greedy or corrupted, but because they are supposed to. Italy does not allow private individuals to import most items. The list includes most SF-relevant goods: clothes, shoes, watches...
  20. whacked

    The Super Bowl XLII thread

    Title says it all. Discuss.

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