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    Recommended sock brands--(Fort Belvedere?)

    Would appreciate any recommendations for high quality socks. I last bought a pair of Pantherella but frankly was a bit disappointed. Could it have been a fluke or are they, like all brands, not what they were? Has anyone any experience with Fort Belevedere, the shop affiliated with The...
  2. M

    The Official Tie Thread

    What if you were gifted a Ferragamo novelty tie because you like dogs for example. Would you wear it?
  3. M

    A starter tie wardrobe for a Navy Blazer

    Thank you. Very helpful. Yes I forget to mention budget but >$100 is perfectly in line.
  4. M

    A starter tie wardrobe for a Navy Blazer

    Also what is the most classic tie width?
  5. M

    A starter tie wardrobe for a Navy Blazer

    Further to the excellent recommendations for the 'One' Blazer...Navy of course! What would comprise a good basic tie wardrobe to dress up/down, winter/summer? Any particular quality brands to consider, and just as importantly, brands to steer clear of? I'll probably start with 2or 3 and add on...
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    If you could only have one blazer what would it be?

    Thank you. Extremely helpful.
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    If you could only have one blazer what would it be?

    For a man who has a very casual lifestyle, even more so now, what is one blazer/sportcoat you would choose? I was thinking of Navy, but am more drawn to a lighter, brighter blue to have it feel less office-like and because I live in a warmer climate and Navy sometimes seems a bit dark and heavy...
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    Recommendations for quality belts online

    Excellent point robxznyc. Will take a look at those retailers.
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    Recommendations for quality belts online

    Spending more is not a problem, any further recommendations?
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    Recommendations for quality belts online

    This may seem basic, but I understand that one's belt should "match" the shoes....both in terms of color as well as level of refinement. These are prior to polishing but you get the idea. Any great online belt makers out there? The mall does not offer any viable options. Have purchased Upton...
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    Atlanta shopping recommendations

    I will be in Atlanta for a few days and would appreciate any leads on good Menswear shops--suits, shoes, etc. Already on my list to check out is Sid Mashburn and Cobbler Union, also Suit Supply just to see what its all about.
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    Best suit for travel?

    My husband and I will be on vacation in the Mediterranean in the Spring and it will include part land and part cruise. It will be mostly casual but we like to have a dress up option so we can be ready for anything. He wants a new suit that will travel well--in terms of fabric and construction...
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    What shoes can I wear when my feet are too small for my height?

    Excellent advice from Sfroide3. Sartiorial Talks has a 3 part series on shoes () and in at least one of the segments, Hugo discusses this issue, as well as the opposite issue where feet are too long/wide. Definitely consider a sleeker shoe, perhaps a zip ankle boot will further extend the long...

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