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  1. Zegnamtl

    EG at Sky

    FYI: ~~~~~~~ Hi Friends, We are having an Edward Green Trunk Show May 28-29, 2010, Friday and Saturday. One pair of Edward Green Shoes will be given away by raffle; your choice of a ready to ware pair. One entry per customer. You must be present to enter. Refreshments will be served. If you...
  2. Zegnamtl

    Samuelsohn has been sold.

    Montreal suit maker Samuelsohn was sold last week, to Garno Retail Investments of Toronto. A long time in the works, but it went down on Friday past. A few quick quotes: .........The name and tradition will carry on...... ........The Parc ave shop will remain in place.... .......Samuelsohn needs...
  3. Zegnamtl

    John Lobb trunk show in MTL

    A few snap shots from the John Lobb trunk show at L'uomo Montreal last Friday. I could not stay long, but it was the usual nice event that Uomo stages, friendly, good wine, good food and nice shoes.
  4. Zegnamtl

    Visiting the shop floor of Belt maker Fullum and Holt

    I have not had much time to post or read over the last few months, popping in once or twice a week at best. Between work, family and building an extension for my daughter, my hands are full. But I did manage to spend a morning last week visiting the leather belt maker Fullum and Holt. F+H make...
  5. Zegnamtl

    What is with the new Harry Magazine...

    Have any of my fellow Canuks received the new Harry Magazine yet? What is going on with these guys, there is not a single great combo in the entire issue. It looks like crap.
  6. Zegnamtl

    Zilli Look Book, spring summer 2009

    I have a Zilli Look Book, spring summer 2009, I am done, anyone want it? PM me your mailing ad and it is yours. Z
  7. Zegnamtl

    What to wear when the invite says

    The invite says "Holiday Snappy". What in hell's name is Holiday snappy? Dinner for 24 or so at a private home.
  8. Zegnamtl

    The corporate state of Black Ties events

    Last night I attended the annual Ball for the Museum of Fine Arts, a black tie event. Most men wore a Tux, but many did not. Very few wore proper footwear, many wore huge and ugly (but I dare say very comfortable, I am sure ) rubber soled shoes a la Cole Haan. While observing all this, I could...
  9. Zegnamtl

    Reflecting on one's city

    A few months back I had mentioned that my editors wanted me to follow the NYT path and shoot some sort of daily people in the street picture for the web gallery. It has been up since Sept (aug was tests and tinkering with templates to get larger pictures) and truth be told, it is much harder to...
  10. Zegnamtl

    Zilli Look book

    I was sent a Zilli Look Book for summer 2008, I am done with it, if anyone wants it, PM me your mailing ad and i will put in the post,otherwise off to the recycling bin by weeks end. I am keeping the Zilli Cuff link look book, even if only 1 or 2 percent (or less) are actually wearable by...
  11. Zegnamtl

    End of an Era

    I was deeply saddened the other day as the hockey game between the Habs and Philly was about to start, I noticed that the lower level was a sea of red. There was a day, not that long ago, when almost every man would have been dressed as the two here, but now the rink is full of in your face...
  12. Zegnamtl

    Bespoke terminology

    Bespoke terminology 101, Taliors and bespoke buyers, I can not seem to find the proper term for this manner of marking, does anyone know the correct term?? Thank you,
  13. Zegnamtl

    Borrelli factory visit

    The Borrelli suit factory is just a little over 5 years old, but the master tailor who keeps eye over the operations is a Napoli veteran and former Kiton master tailor. Luigi Borrelli started his shirt shop in Naples making 30 shirts per day and he and his son Fabio have grown the company to...
  14. Zegnamtl

    Only sharks wear pocket squares

    Clearly only Thieves and sharks wear pocket squares and the public can relate to the idea, It is RRSP ( retirement savings,K401 in the US ??) time up here in the great white but quickly melting north, a local investment firm looking to take some business from the big banks sent around this...
  15. Zegnamtl

    New canali tie supplier

    I ruined a tie the other day, hazard of my working envoirnment, happens. In my haste to buy a cheapie beater tie to replace it on E bay. I scored a Canali that looked like it may do the job. The tie arrived and has gone back to the seller!! Some pix for your consideration. The Yellow Canali...
  16. Zegnamtl

    Kiton, The Dissect

    Jacket Style: 3 button rolled to 2 Dual Vent 1/4 lined on rear panel. Fully lined on two front panels “Flap pockets” Darted Size 40/42 Cashmere Long seam: Center of back, one full length seam, 2 smaller seams along rear/side edge 32” in length fabric trimmed neatly and folded under and sewn from...
  17. Zegnamtl

    Pal Zileri Disect more pix

    I only posted a pix of two quickly of the Pal Zileri Disect the other night. All the sewing appears machine sewn, but most being done by conventioanl sewing machines, not the buzz saw machines we see at the largest of factories. The interior finishing is very crude, but what the hell, the lining...
  18. Zegnamtl

    Can we agree on this as terms???

    Clearly a large source of division between forum members and the industry is the wide variation in terminology. Can we agree on the suggested below or can some one post a realistic and usable set of terms that put us all on the same page! ~~~~~~~~~~ Engineered Garment : A suit or...
  19. Zegnamtl

    AF, Finding peace!

    Dear AF, Please forgive me if this heads all over the ball park. And no disrespect towards anyone is intended. But I just hope it helps you find some peace. I understand the way you evaluate and resolve things, my brother is of the same analytical mind and nothing really solid has been said here...
  20. Zegnamtl

    Samuelsohn linen pants

    New with Tags: Samuelsohn, 50/50 wool, linen, light weight pants. 34 inch waist, un hemmed. Double pleated. 70 dollars shipped. pm or e mail me at: [email protected] The color shifts in the picture are caused by sizing down at imageshack, the pants are perfect.

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