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  1. scotchman

    Slim fit or Extra Slim Fit

    Being as thin as you are I would avoid going with a suit that is designed to make you look even slimmer.
  2. scotchman

    What Has Been the Worst Era for Men's Suits?

    70's...The first time ties became an afterthought and turtlenecks were acceptable to wear with a jacket. Just awful.
  3. scotchman

    Losing weight suits

    berties right, honestly you probably will just need a slimmer cut if anything at all.
  4. scotchman

    Suit Styling For A Wedding

    black tie, white shirt, white pocket square, black dress shoes (that means shiny black)
  5. scotchman

    The official thrift/discount store bragging thread

    Bought these shoes yesterday for 8 bucks total :) Any suggestions on combinations for the brown and black ones? I want to make sure I don't put it with the wrong color suit and it look stupid.
  6. scotchman

    any gamblers in the house?

    I want to check out Borgata when I go to AC, I've seen it on the WPT and it looks like a real nice place. I'll go to the Taj too just cuz of "Rounders" haha.
  7. scotchman

    any gamblers in the house?

    I'm a good poker player and usually profit doing it, but only play $1/2 NL and have found it to be very exhausting to play day in and day out. I used to work part time and use my savings as my bankroll. In a good month I could come out nearly a thousand bucks up, but the hours really get to you...
  8. scotchman

    Briefcase Appreciation thread

  9. scotchman

    Davanzati Shoes

    After Jason's comments I gotta see these babies....photos soon?
  10. scotchman

    any gamblers in the house?

    If so what do you like to play and what is your best game? I personally enjoy poker and bet sports from time to time. My strength in poker is NL Hold 'Em and I win more often when I bet football than any other sport.
  11. scotchman

    Prioritization in Building a Business Wardrobe?

    My advice would be to start slow, don't buy three suits at once and realize you hate all of them. MTM is a good way to go so you don't spend a lot up front, but if you have the money I would definitely get one good tailored suit. If you live in the U.S., check out this post to find a reputable...
  12. scotchman

    "What I'm Selling on eBay" - member auctions

    I'm selling Dre Beats, Chicago Cultery knives, a lego set, and some Oakley Oil Rig sunglasses. Everything is brand new besides the sunglasses and they still look like they were just removed from the packaging. Just do an Advanced Search for "elp555" that's my username.
  13. scotchman

    How would internet sales tax affect your buying?

    All this tax is going to do is hurt American companies by enticing people to buy oversees.
  14. scotchman

    Alligator / Crocodile Shoes

    Just checked out the websites of Marini Calzature Su Misura and Freccia Bestetti and was very impressed. I was wondering how can I get a pair shipped to the United States? Misura has a catalogue, but no way to purchase (there was a trunk show tour schedule showing them coming to Chicago in...
  15. scotchman

    Alligator / Crocodile Shoes

    I absoluely love alligator shoes. Has anybody used Alligatorworld.com? They seem to have a decent selection. I'm looking at some Mezlans at the moment :)
  16. scotchman

    Buying cigarettes online?

    Really? How does the governement know you've bought cigarettes overseas? I've heard plenty of people doing this and never having any tax troubles.
  17. scotchman

    Pindot suit

    Is this what you mean? No idea how it is made, but if you want some fabric go to http://www.britexfabrics.com/fabric/wool-fabric/wool-suitings/super-130s-pin-dot-black-selvedged-wool-suiting-made-in-england-limited-stock.html
  18. scotchman

    Does this suit/tie/shirt combination work?

    I can't tell if you have a spot for a pocket square since your hand is covering wear your left breast pocket would be, but after finding a few combinations you like from what has been suggested, try experimenting with a few subtle colored squares to give your suit something a little extra. Most...
  19. scotchman

    The State of Black Tie: Your Observations

    The steady decline of the "black tie" formalilty is synonymous with the overall decline of suit-wearers in the workplace and therefore the general population. Now of course you can still find some Men's Wearhouse/Jos A. Bank shoppers buying one suit and getting three free or whatever, but...

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