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  1. dshin

    Watch Winder...necessary??

    Just curious if having a winder is necessary. I've never used one. I've had a datejust for a few yrs now and just set the time whenever I needed to. I just picked up a breitling superocean heritage and started thinking that maybe getting a dual winder would be a good investment. But then I've...
  2. dshin

    Does ebay allow this???

    Tods bag for a buck BIN is $1 for this bag. Yet check out the shipping cost. Looking at the seller's feedback, this seems to be his regular MO. I am assuming ppl do this to avoid paying outrageous ebay fees. But I cant believe that ebay would allow this??
  3. dshin

    Watch Experts. Giuliano Mazzuoli??

    I saw this in a mag a couple yrs back and thought it looked very cool. Very understated, yet gaudy at the same time. Looks like one can be had for around $2500 new. What's the word on these? Is it a respected brand within the watch snob community?
  4. dshin

    Cucinelli shoe sizing help?

    Anyone have any experience with them? Do they run large? Thanks for any input anyone may have.
  5. dshin

    Recommend me a pair of hiking boots, budget $400

    Michigan Winters Suck. And since I'm going to do a fair amount of walking on campus for classes, I want a pair that are comfortable, warm, and water proof. I almost pulled the tripper on these today (after seeing a pic of them on this forum): Paraboot Avoriaz. Cheapest I've been after to find...
  6. dshin

    I am very happy right now!!!

    Just sniped these on ebay: AE boots These were literally the 1st nice shoes I every bought...it was 95/96, soph yr in college. I think they were somewhere in the $200-$300 range, which is a huge sum for a poor college student. I eventually wore them out and I took them to a cobbler in a mall...
  7. dshin

    Stretching Shell Cordovan?

    Has anyone done this on a pair of shells before? I have a pair of Alden Cigar Shell chukkas in 8.5D. I've had them for a few mos now...length is perfect fut they are a tad narrow for me (I'm normally a 9D). Even with the thinnest of socks, my feet start hurting b/c of them being narrow. I read...
  8. dshin

    Looking for a dressy square face watch. Thoughts on this??

    Sorry for the big pic. Auto movement, deployment clasp. Retail is $1800 but looks like they can be had for $700 or so. Thoughts? Alternatives in a similar price range?
  9. dshin

    Hermes bag refurb??

    I've come across a vintage hermes bag in pretty bad shape. Handles are coming apart, stiching coming out, stains on the inside...and it looks like the zipper is not the original. Does Hermes have a refub program? Will they even attempt to refurb it since the zipper isnt original (I've heard that...
  10. dshin

    Watch experts. Any info on this watch?

    I recently won this watch on ebay with an accepted offer of $375. The seller seemed very legit with 100's of watch transactions and perfect feedback. I've been browsing ebay for a nice looking vintage watch and really liked the look of this one. The brand is Record Watch Co, Geneva.
  11. dshin

    Where can I find this down vest???

    I've been searching for a down vest for a couple of months. I just came across this tweed version from Head Porter Plus: http://jkhype24.files.wordpress.com/...pg?w=405&h=540 Please help me find this! Also I'm a L or 40-42US. Head Porter being a japanes brand, could I go with a L or would I need...
  12. dshin

    PSA??? Red wing GT for $194.90 shipped.

    Red wing GT Amazon This is the cheapest I've ever seen these at. I ordered a pair over the weekend. Pretty much every color/size combo is on sale for $214.90. But they qualify for the $20 off $100 spent offer...and you can do the free super saver shipping.
  13. dshin

    Which Redwings? 9010 or 9011?

    I want/need boots for the upcoming winter. After much consideration, I've narrowed my choices down to these two: 9010 9011 I wanted a pair that I could wear with jeans on the weekends, as well as to the office (business casual). I'm leaning towards 9011 b/c I think they are a tad less...
  14. dshin

    PSA. Filson bags 50% off at Martin and Osa.com

    http://www.martinandosa.com/web/brow...catId=cat30114 Shoes and most accessories are 50% off as well...good thruogh the weekend. Just picked up this tote: Filson Tote As well as a few pairs of cashmere blend socks for the coming winter for $8. This is a STEAL at $142.50! Filson 257 I...
  15. dshin

    PSA. Rolex at 20+% off at Hautelook.com

    http://www.hautelook.com/catalog/1428 You need to sign up to view it i think. You can use this link: http://www.hautelook.com/invite/604862 (a thinly veiled attempt at soliciting hautelook invites! ) But if you are looking for a Rolex (though they dont get much love here), i think there are...
  16. dshin

    Help me choose a pair of boots for this winter!

    Budget is less than $400. Must have rubber soles of course. So my initial choice of Alden Indy's are out And it cant be too casual b/c I want to wear them to work regularly. Dress code at work is business casual. #1: Kudu Ultimate Indys They have commando soles correct? A little outside my...
  17. dshin

    Recommend me a back pack

    I'm looking for a backpack mainly for school. But I may carry it to work from time to time so I'm looking for something that looks somewhat professional. I would be carrying my 13" macbook, couple text books, and a binder/folder. I currently carry a filson 258...
  18. dshin

    Collared t-shirt or undershirt...does it exist?

    I have a few thin, slim fitting crew neck sweaters. I think it looks too casual w/o a collar showing so I try to wear a button down shirt with a collar...but I dont like the bulk. I recently won this cucinelli shirt/sweater it has a sewn in collar. If it didnt have a collar, it would just be a...
  19. dshin

    Convince me to/not to these.....

    Alden Cigar Shell Chukka Its sitting in the shopping cart right now. Been debating for the last hour if I should get these or not. I've recently sold a ton of shoes on here and want to get something. I have 3 chukka/ankle books (C&K Breacon in dark brown, Thom Browne black scoth grain, and...
  20. dshin

    Went to the Alo Moana mall (honolulu today)...my thoughts

    http://www.alamoanacenter.com/ I'm vacationing in honolulu this week. Went to Ala Moana mall to do some shopping. Went to a few "luxury goods" stores. Some observations: Hermes: Ridiculously overpriced. Found a polo and cargo shorts I really liked. They would have cost over $1500 for both. And...

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