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  1. alebrady

    Shoe Wear Question

    I travel almost every 3-4 days/week for work. I carry on my luggage but between dress shoes and runnnig shoes for my workout, the shoes always tend to take up the most space in my bags. I am wondering - is it damaging to my high quality shoes to take only one pair a week but wear them on 3-4...
  2. alebrady

    What Has Happened To Vox??

    and all his posts?
  3. alebrady

    Cavalry Twill Trousers?

    I am thinking about having some traditional, cavalry twill trousers made for wear with my blazer (and other coats for relatively casual/business casual situations). I am curious, are trousers in cavalry twill, covert cloths, cottons, etc. (basically military and riding inspired trousers)...
  4. alebrady

    High-Rise Khakis - BUT Clean & Tapered

    Can anyone recommend some makes/models of Khakis that are higher-rise but still not exceedingly baggy/sloppy/formless? I am fairly slim and would like a nice tapered leg, just don't want any of these lower rises that seem to be correlated with this fit. I dont want khakis that are tight - just...
  5. alebrady

    Fitness Newbie Question (Forgive the Length of the Post)!

    I have some general questions for the knowledgeable here, but I provide some general background first (forgive the length of the introduction): For the last several months (about 9 months) I have become more and more commited to changing my physique. I have always been generally slight - and...
  6. alebrady

    How Much Did You Like Your First SR Bespoke Experience

    I am curious about others' experiences with savile row or other high quality tailors. Particularly, how do you feel about the outcome of your early garments. For example, on a 1-10 scale (1 being abject failure and 10 exceeding even your wildest dreams) what would you rate your first one or two...
  7. alebrady

    Patterned Wool Socks

    Hello, Would anyone know of good quality retailers that would have socks, with the following specs: - Merino Wool (or mostly) - Over the Calf - Sized - Patterned/Colored I am looking for some socks to augment my entirely solid colored collection and have found some of the above specs (e.g...
  8. alebrady

    What Are Your Thoughts on Flat Front Dress Pants?

    It seems that most 'classic' references are trousers with pleats. I am wondering if you view flat fronts as a viable alternative to pleats or is it something you associate with a fashionable trend that is popular right now? I have always preferred pleats and cuffs but I recently acquired some...
  9. alebrady

    Does Anyone Have ANY Idea What Shirt This May Be???

    Hey Guys, I know chances are very, very small but I was wondering if anyone might know who makes the shirts in the following images. They appear to be very distinctive (paricularly in the chest pocket design and the buttons that are on the sides of the shirt near the bottom). Sorry, i could...
  10. alebrady

    Measuring Shirt Collar Spread

    What is the typical way to measure it? Is it usually described in degrees (i.e. angle that the points make when meeting at the top) - can you measure it as the distance between where the points touch the shirt?
  11. alebrady

    Examples of English Styling

    Woud anyone happen to know of any good books that have pictorial examples of fine english styling? I have pretty much exhausted the likes of flusser, boyer, roetzl, london cut, etc. in terms of basic tenants of dress and illustrative examples but would like to look a little more specifically at...
  12. alebrady

    How Should Pants Fit?

    I have been curious about this for quite some time. I am in the process of building out my odd jacket and trouser portions of my wardrobe (mostly trousers in flannel, some worsted, and some chinos for casual) and am hoping for some guidance on the fit of the latter. In a lot of the reading I...
  13. alebrady

    Suit Vest Length

    Assuming one is not wearing high-backed trousers (i know, i know) are there any general guidelines for how far below the waistband the back of the vest should be? 1inch.... 2inches?? thanks
  14. alebrady

    Suit Coat Question

    I had a question about how the shoulder should fit/look on a suit coat, when having one shoulder lower than the other. if the jacket is cut to fit each side (which seems like it is the 'proper' bespoke way, as opposed to just putting in some padding on the low shoulder side) wouldn't it be...
  15. alebrady

    English 3 Button Suits

    I had curiously come across something while reading (either in flusser or some other discourse) recently regarding number of buttons on a suit coat and was hoping to clarify here. I am curious about traditional english button configurations - i know 1 and 2 button coats are widely used by...
  16. alebrady

    H&S Fabrics

    i will be selecting some new suiting fabrics soon and am torn between the H&S Target and Summer Target books. I am looking for as close as possible to a year-round weight and i think either of these will probably work (Target being warmer in the summer and Summer Target being cooler in the...
  17. alebrady

    Where to get American Apparel T's

    have never tried them but wondering if dept stores (or other chain retailers) typically carry american apparel short and long sleeved T's?? even better, anyone know of any stores in the San Fran/ Bay Area that carry them? thanks!
  18. alebrady

    Dunhill Bespoke?

    i just recently found out that the 5th avenue location offers a bespoke service through an 'in house' tailor. They claim this is comletely different than their MTM program (i.e. it is full bespoke with appropriate fittings, options, etc.). THey supposedly have an in-house tailor that performs...
  19. alebrady

    Ravazzolo in NYC

    following on my drakes tie availability thread in nyc, i am interested in checking out some suits by ravazzolo (as i have seen good things about them) - does anyone know where they might be carried in nyc? thanks
  20. alebrady

    Drake's Ties in NYC

    i will be in nyc for a couple of days next week and was wondering if anyone might know who carries drakes (one of my favorite tie brands) in the city? i think the only place i know of is barneys - anyplace else?

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