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  1. General Koskov

    Moe szyslak's fishback trousers

    After seeing episodes of The Simpsons in which various people wear a black vest and cummerbund with a black tie and a tailcoat, I did not expect much in terms of men's style from that show. However, I was very much surprised to see, in the episode in which Homer 'steals' Moe's car for insurance...
  2. General Koskov

    Sailing rig

    As a sailor who, because he sails dinghies rather than larger yachts, wears either a wetsuit or swim trunks and a PFD, with neoprene sail boots, I'd like to ask the opinion of people here about sailing style. I could never understand why a sport which required such wealth could bring so many...
  3. General Koskov

    Shirts without yokes

    I realise that a suit coat and a 'dress' (hated word.) shirt have very little in common besides covering the same body parts, but I have to enquire as to why a shirt needs a yoke while most coats do not. I assume it is because the multiple layers of canvas, padding, etc in a coat give strength...
  4. General Koskov

    Soft (leather) soled shoes

    What are some signs of quality in the various types of soft-soled shoes which usually don't feature a raised heel. I figure that since most traditional peoples wear their moccasins or weejuns or kamiks (arctic skin boots) for walking all around the great outdoors, soft soles are the way to go...

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