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  1. goodlensboy

    NIB Meermin MTO brown boots - 6.5

    They are perfect but think no use in my wardrobe. BNIB 6.5. Buyer pays actual shipping.
  2. goodlensboy

    Thoughts on my first pair of office boots?

    A loooong request to have your thoughts on my first pair of boots. Please read and respond/ direct me to the right way if you have time:) Having lived all my life in cities where there's hardly any rain and no snow at all, got moved to this new city recently with lots of rain and some light...
  3. goodlensboy

    John Lobb 2012 St. Crepin

    John Lobb 2012 St. Crepin Ankle Boot - 7000 last - $1,740 Dark Brown Misty Calf, Prestige Sole Black Misty Calf, Prestige Sole Dark Brown Suede with Shearling Lining, October Sole
  4. goodlensboy

    John Lobb Jermyn III - but Quality???

    Don't know if I should laugh or cry John Lobb Prestige Jermyn III No S or R, worn around 10 times for a couple of hours mainly inside the office
  5. goodlensboy

    Thoughts on these John Lobbs - Philip II or Chelmsford

    Help me decide pls Philip II Black Oxford Calf, 7000 last, Prestige or Chelmsford Black Museum Heavy, 2511 last, Classic 7000 last fits me very comfortably especially on prestige. 2511 last fits more closely like a glove, except while trying to walk in store, Chelmsford pressed against...
  6. goodlensboy

    Antonio Meccariello Shoes

    Wow wow wow
  7. goodlensboy

    John Lobb Dark Brown Museum Calf Polish

    Wondering what to do to maintain the original finishing of new dark brown museum calf, applied Crema Aplina on one shoe to see results. One coat of Crema Aplina, 2 hours or so later rubbing with sylvet PR cloth resulted in: removal of rather dull brown wax layer applied at factory (cloth...
  8. goodlensboy

    John Lobb for Aston Martin

  9. goodlensboy

    Thoughts on these Lobbs and Gravati Radica Calf

    Cannot decide between these Prices adjusted for trees and shipping. Any advice welcome. JL City II Museum - USD 1,300 Gravati Radica - USD 700
  10. goodlensboy

    John Lobb Prestige Berkly - 8 E UK - Oxford Brown complete w/ trees, box, bags and care guide (worn

    GAIN!!!! Got half size too big :brick: John Lobb Prestige Berkley Monkstrap - Brogued Captoe, 8E UK (pl see pics below) This lovely prestige comes with wonderul waist treatment, in dark brown premium Oxford calf, which restists creases more than classic calf Absolutely love these shoes, but...
  11. goodlensboy

    Thoughts on John Lobb St Crepin 2011 & Jermyn III

    Cannot decide between these, need a black comfortable one, would probably go full retail unless someone shares a secret Many thanks
  12. goodlensboy

    Lidfort Crocodile Loafer shoes - worn 4 x - size 9 (runs large)

    Again, got the right shoes in wrong size and realized they are not giving full value. Worn 4 times. Outsole measures 12 1/16 inches, width 3 15/16. Size 9 however, they run atleast one size too large, please note the welt is narrow Maintained with Crema Alpina. Comes with shoe bags. The shoe...
  13. goodlensboy

    Dunhill, Brown Wholecuts shoes - slighly used - size 42 (runs large)

    These Dunhill Wholecuts are my first high end shoes for which I paid full reatail, however I have realized they are too big for me to enjoy fully. I have used them lightly for wearing to office and business meetings. Really soft leather and very comfortable. Maintained with Crema Alpina and...
  14. goodlensboy

    Thoughts on these Sutors / Tom Ford Suede Loafers...?

    Cannot decide between these, looking for a go-to suede loafer for wearing with jeans and casual pants, perhaps with shorts too. Both Sutors 360USD, Tom Ford 700, any advice welcome Sutor 1 Sutor 2 Tom Ford

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