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  1. General Koskov

    Interview Attire

    When being interviewed for the Canadian Forces, I wore some grey-brown nasty polyester/rayon shirt with a black suit & tie. All from Jack Fraiser, all ill-fitting (in both size and colour). I didn't get the career. Next year I applied again, I wore a light blue New&Lingwood shirt with...
  2. General Koskov

    Flaps on pockets

    To avoid making the pockets useless by sewing them up (they are very useful for tickets and thin papers which will probably not distort your line) you could have a inside button like some inner breast pockets do.
  3. General Koskov

    Lacing shoes

    I use what Ian's Shoelace Site calls 'Straight (Fashion) Lacing.' Â I can't figure out what exactly makes it 'fashion;' that lacing is used by the Canadian Armed Forces (which tends towards unfashionability in their dress uniforms). Â The idea of having only one lace crossing between each set of...
  4. General Koskov

    What's at the root of our fashion interest?

    I also cite aesthetics as my reason for being interested in clothes. I want to be aesthetically pleasing in clothes, I want others' clothes to aesthetically please me.... Knowing so much about clothes makes one tend towards picayunity but when there is nothing to pick out in a ensemble of...
  5. General Koskov

    Lacing shoes

    I straight-lace so that there are only horizontal strands of lace going on top of the eyelets. However, this only works with six pairs of eyelets (and multiples of six, I suppose), so if I have five pairs I just cross one lace underneath diagonally. I suppose the predominance of five-pair-eyelet...
  6. General Koskov

    Shoe color w/ navy suits

    If by 'navy suit' you actually mean what the navy wears as a suit (i.e. a reefer jacket and matching trousers), I--and everyone else in any worthwhile navy--wears black shoes with this. It is said that black leather gives a sense of power and violence. Good things for a navy to have. As for my...
  7. General Koskov

    Taps on shoes...

    After bashing my right toe into a kerb the other day, I noticed that the Goodyear-welted sole on my father's old shoe (which I now wear, how very preppy of me&#33 started to split apart, top from bottom. My theory is that the stitching wore away long ago, leaving only the glue to hold the sole...
  8. General Koskov


    The Canadian Forces makes you blacken the soles of your boots with polish. But seeing as these are Vibram soles, I suspect it has little to do with practical care of shoes. I like to occasionally use saddle soap on my leather soles.
  9. General Koskov

    Single-breasted, one-button suit coat

    Oh, I see. That's rather strange. I suppose most Savile row establishments realise that men usually only want the working buttons for the sole purpose of unbuttoning the bottom one.
  10. General Koskov

    Single-breasted, one-button suit coat

    I completely agree. Although I would add that sleeve buttons can be tailored to allow one's sleeve to roll up for an actual purpose. Admittedly, the times one must roll up one's coat sleeve are few and far between but since they are aesthetically pleasing anyway (I think) I'd have buttons put...
  11. General Koskov

    How many routinely wear their suit pants alone?

    When it gets too hot to wear a coat and tie, I say do what the navy would do. And what we do (though less and less, since the armed forces also experience a constant 'undressing,' or 'dressing-down&#39 is wear a tunic and matching trousers. Ours is white and has a standing collar, but you can...
  12. General Koskov

    Single-breasted, one-button suit coat

    One button is perfect (if, as Keith points out, the placement is correct), especially if you wear a vest. This will keep the coat more open, rather like a morning coat (which are often one button nowadays) which I think is a good look.
  13. General Koskov

    Where to shop in canada

    That's an understatement. Â They fall flat on their fused fronts, is more like it. I haven't really gotten into regular shopping yet (due to the, ahem...poorness...factor) but I find Harry Rosen or Holt Renfrew (Winnipeg only has Holt's 'Last Call' discount store) to be two common good stores. Â...
  14. General Koskov

    Moe szyslak's fishback trousers

    After seeing episodes of The Simpsons in which various people wear a black vest and cummerbund with a black tie and a tailcoat, I did not expect much in terms of men's style from that show. However, I was very much surprised to see, in the episode in which Homer 'steals' Moe's car for insurance...
  15. General Koskov

    How often do you clean out your wardrobe?

    I think the idea behind Ghandi's shoebox-sized possession collection was that many, rather than large, possessions were a bad thing. This would at first seem to be contrary to what we on this board practice because this forum is devoted to what else but possessions. However, going by what seems...
  16. General Koskov

    Spit shines

    I got the notion of pouring molten polish-and-wax over the boot from a poster at Andy's forum.  I tried it and it worked reasonably well. I have used the usual buildup method of polishing for a while, though, and the results are almost as good.  Which means that for normal people (i.e...
  17. General Koskov

    Spit shines

    I have tried saliva and found the name 'Spit' shining to be misleading. Much better to stick with cold water. Military shining is something one should only undertake when one is actually in the military, or when one wishes to wreak havoc on a former cow's arse. And even then, you should only do...
  18. General Koskov

    Sailing rig

    Yes, that certainly seems to be true. Unfortunately for myself, the maxim is: 'I don't need to impress anyone, I know I'm poor.'
  19. General Koskov

    Sailing rig

    Well, I might as well admit it: someday I hope to be rich enough (or crazy enough, or both.) to be able to wear a morning suit sailing. (Unless it's night of course, when I will wear a dress suit. I may be a sailor, but I still will dress properly.) Then again, an old addage springs to mind...
  20. General Koskov

    Favorite clothing-related occurrence in a movie

    From Parry (Robin Williams) in The Fisher King: 'There are three things in this world that you need: Respect for all kinds of life, a nice bowel movement on a regular basis, and a navy blazer.' Also, later on, Jack (Jeff Bridges) does some makeshift tailoring for Parry by stapling his trousers...

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