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  1. msulinski

    MTM Fesco Suit

    I would like to get a MTM fresco suit for the summer. I have a few questions about fresco fabrics in general, and would also like to hear from someone who has had this done. When getting a fresco suit, what is typically done with the lining? Are they generally half-lined for ventilation? Can...
  2. msulinski

    Executive Apparel Group NJ

    Does anyone have any experience with them? They have some OTR stuff, but mainly do MTM. They use John H. Daniel for suits and sportcoats. I can't find any reviews online. I was thinking about getting a MTM sportcoat from these guys, but was hoping for some feedback first, as well as a rough...
  3. msulinski

    Maker of this Paul Stuart Shoe

    This shoe is currently on sale at Paul Stuart. Does anyone know who makes it or can at least comment on the quality?
  4. msulinski

    How to wear a wool tie?

    I am looking for some wool ties for fall/winter, but I am not sure how to wear them. Many of the wool ties out there seem to be skinny. I generally don't wear skinny ties, but was wondering if wool ties are supposed to be slightly skinnier than regular ties (2.75") (I asked this question in the...
  5. msulinski

    Plain-toe Balmorals for Formalwear?

    I am considering getting a pair of plain-toe balmorals for use with evening wear. I despise patent leather, and I can't bring myself to wear opera pumps. This is the pair I am considering: http://www.kentwang.com/shoes/benchgrade-plaintoe-balmoral.html I plan on giving them a good shine when I...
  6. msulinski

    Opinions on Briefcases

    I am currently considering this Tumi briefcase: http://www.tumi.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11122039&prodFindSrc=search except in brown. Pictures of the actual item are below. I also looked at some Coach bags, but could not get a straight answer as to the type of leather, which leads me to...
  7. msulinski

    Tuxedo suggestions for a cruise

    I am going on a Royal Caribbean cruise in December/January (over New Year's Eve). This cruise has 2 formal nights, so I am looking for some tuxedo suggestions. They offer the following on-board rentals: https://tuxedorentals.rccl.com/tuxedo/tuxrental.nsf I fit decently-well in a 42 short off the...
  8. msulinski

    Summer Wardrobe Advice

    I have only recently discovered this forum and am looking for some help with assembling a summer wardrobe. I have a few polo shirts, but I am not sure what to do about shorts/shoes. I was going to go with some plain khaki, gray, or navy shorts (I assume black is as unacceptable in the shorts...
  9. msulinski

    Buying a used watch

    I am considering purchasing a used watch from a high-end manufacturer, like Patek Philppe, Audemars Piguet, or Vacheron Constantin. I am looking in the < 5k price range. I would like something mechanical with a leather strap and a relatively simple design. It looks like, in this price range...

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