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  1. penguin vic

    Australian Members

    Journeyman, The Kent & Curwen suits are rebadged Durban not Anthony Squires. They are half canvassed. D'Urban are fully canvassed these days I believe.
  2. penguin vic

    Clothes Brush?

    Honestly, Kent Brushes are nice, but I prefer lint brushes. Will @ ASW makes a good point at AAAC (http://askandyaboutclothes.com/forum...142#post686142) about Kent Brushes removing dust that settles on clothing and the dust wearing cloth. But, the reason why clothes brushes gets out dust is...
  3. penguin vic

    Critique my two new Double-Breasted suits please (trying to choose)

    I suppose, but the cheap MTM operations like ... Indochino would be under that range, and would be able to make a suit that actually fits you. Quality may not be as high as $500ish thrifted RTW, but the fit is going to blow it away. Based on the Indochino trainwreck thread, I seriously doubt it.
  4. penguin vic

    Customer service issues with Herring Shoes?

    I've always found Herring's customer service exceptionally good.
  5. penguin vic

    what shoes to wear with my grey suit??

    I'd stay away from those Loakes. The non-calf Loakes are pretty crappy. And the Deckard is fugly imo.
  6. penguin vic

    Australian Members

    ^ I assumed this was spam. But then I clicked on the link and I can't figure out what the hell it is...
  7. penguin vic

    Suits with soft shoulders

  8. penguin vic

    Is there a rule against wearing a hat without also wearing a jacket?

    If it is warm enough for just a shirt and no sweater or jacket why would you wear a hat ? To me, going out in shirt and tie but no jacket is bad, hat or no hat.
  9. penguin vic

    Australian Members

    Hmm, I thought JH wore Anthony Squires bespoke. Is this a reflection on the quality of Squires? Yeah the Anthony Squires website used to (still does?) trumpet Howard as a client with accompanying photo of him in a horribly fitting suit.
  10. penguin vic

    Great sales at DJ's Australia

    Let the dude wear his chain if he wants to ..! Only thing I'd do is shorten the sleeves a smidge. The wrinkling on the sleeves would drive me bananas but not much you cab do about that. I personally don't wear dark shirts with jackets, even casually, but that's just me. Any decent derby or...
  11. penguin vic

    Modern Tailor Custom Suits

    Lower button stance too?
  12. penguin vic

    Modern Tailor Custom Suits

    the website FAQ says that any fabric labeled 'wool' is a blend, and any fabric labeled 'pure wool' is well pure wool. "8. What's the difference between "Wool" and "Pure Wool"? What's an Anglo Saxon Wool? "Pure wool" means that the suit fabric is made of 100% wool, produced from high thread...
  13. penguin vic

    Advani tailors

    They must also be one of the few tailors in the world that make notch lapel double breasted suits...
  14. penguin vic

    Advani tailors

    I'd be interested to know what a mid weight, say super 100's double breasted charcoal 2 peice would run at from you. I'll have my tax return through soon and really want a double breasted suit, but can't find anything off the rack and am hardly an otr fit having an 8-9 inch drop and being 6 foot...
  15. penguin vic

    Great sales at DJ's Australia

    Z Zegna jackets are $1500+ full price? Ouch. Reinforces how crapola prices are in Australia. Seems to fit you quite well although it would be better if you didn't button the bottom button. I find linen and silk to be an odd combination.
  16. penguin vic

    Conservative Suit for Law Firm Interviews -- BB or an Alternative?

    It looks too big. Shoulders could be ok so maybe you just need a lot of tailoring to fix up the rest. You're right that the colour isn't charcoal but it's fine - mind you I'm in Australia and people keep telling me that there are make or break dressing rules for interviews in the US (which I...
  17. penguin vic

    Do You Wear Underwear With Slim Casual Pants?

    Wow, when I read the title I was like: "Here we go, another obvious troll, let DT this threak" . But then I saw the username, a rather serious poster, I was like "huh ?? " So I guess I will take the bait and vote on the poll without any answer. Same here. This thread will only achieve DT...
  18. penguin vic

    Topcoat inspiration needed - post your pics

    I'm feeling the cold this winter. Think I need to get a coat. Please share pics of your / your favorite coats for inspiration. Cheers
  19. penguin vic

    Tailor Help! (Odd Suit from Paul Smith)

    No. It's never easier to take a sleeve up at the armhole. Besides, the sleeve begins (usually) to narrow immediately after leaving the shoulder and you'd have to make the arm hole opening (scythe) smaller. Minerveau, your idea of cropping the sleeve after the end two buttons just might work...
  20. penguin vic

    Light grey suit combination ?

    ^ excellent collection. Thanks for sharing.

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