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  1. jeskali

    Meermin Size 9 Black Suede Double Monk-Brand New, Never Worn

    http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2695 Bought these and they do not fit. My loss=your gain. Size 9, never worn.
  2. jeskali

    Black Suede Double Monk

    thanks very much
  3. jeskali

    Black Suede Double Monk

    I am desperately trying to find a nice pair of black suede double monks. Anybody have any ideas?? I wear a 9-9.5. thanks Jeff
  4. jeskali

    Is there anything sartorially worse than.....

    Men who wear black sneakers with suits? Do they think people dont notice? These have to be the same guys who wear track suits on airplanes, black knee socks with shorts and think the comb-over still works like a charm. Sorry, but had to rant. Why why why cant they just put on a pair of...
  5. jeskali

    your height?

  6. jeskali


    This is an authentic LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Montsouris GM Backpack. This stylish backpack is finely crafted of classic Louis Vuitton monogram on toile canvas. The pack features a vachetta cowhide leather base and trim with a top flap, an external frontal pocket and adjustable canvas shoulder...
  7. jeskali

    Put a beauty for sale on Ebay-Ralph Lauren Blue Label Blue Pinstripe English Bankers Suit 44r

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/330723435785?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I literally wore this suit once. Its perfect, wife hates it so sad to see it go.
  8. jeskali


    beauties. wish they were my size
  9. jeskali

    Alfred Sargent Hadleigh - Wing Tip Single Monk UK9

    125 pounds shipped to 07078?
  10. jeskali

    Need A New Pair of Monk Straps- Crockett Monkton or Santoni Jaron?

    What is the better shoe? I will be getting them in brown. I also noticed the Harris Monk, which looks beatiful as well. Love to hear all thoughts and opinions. Thanks
  11. jeskali

    Crockett Jones Shoes Online

    I am on Plal's website and cant find an order or pricing form on the site. Am I doing something wrong? I want to get a pair of the Westbourne's in brown and was wondering if this is the best site to access or are there others? Thanks. Jeff
  12. jeskali

    douchebag of the year...salesman at pippin vintage

    go back there and whip his ass!!
  13. jeskali

    What kind of toe is this?

    its the kind of shoe one should NEVER wear
  14. jeskali

    As promised, pictures of my outfits

    i am not reading the whole post, but i stumbled upon this guys pictures and can only come to the conclusion that he is joking. that is like someone being a car nut and shwoing off their hot hyundai with the big shiny rims and coffee can muffler on it. what a disgrace-some people have no clue
  15. jeskali

    10 pairs of Allen Edmonds..excessive?

    I think everyone is missing the point. Allen Edmonds brand works for him, they fit him well, he likes the style and he knows what he is getting when he buys them. I have had about 6 BMW's-does that make me a dope or should I have upgraded to a Maserati etc..? I don't think so.
  16. jeskali

    Flat fronts with cuffs?

    i always cuff all of my suit pants. I feel that non-cuffed pants look very pedestrian, like you're a cop or something. feel the same way about wearing black shoes with a dark blue suit.
  17. jeskali

    Do you own anything by Thom Browne?

    im not built like a 12 yr old boy, so no. I do love his detailing though
  18. jeskali

    Beautiful maize incotex fine courdoroy slacks


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