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  1. Thomas

    Alumni networking breakfasts, industry groups, and the like...

    I'll cut to the chase. I get invited to a number of events for my alumni organization and a few other groups. I get the purpose of these and enjoy meeting people, but I'm fairly skeptical about getting tangible results from these types of events. I mean: new job, new career, new line of...
  2. Thomas

    Independent labs for blood tests - yea or nay? (athletic-related)

    Okay, I'm posting this as a quick reality check. Here's the situation - and please understand that in the interest of avoiding tl;dr I've left a lot out in summarizing the matter: I've been running for years now but am at the tail end of a heavy training and racing cycle (2 marathons in 7...
  3. Thomas

    Merry Christmas from the Family

    A hearty Texan Merry Christmas to you all Mom got drunk and dad got drunk At our Christmas party We were drinking champagne punch and Homemade egg nog Little sister brought her new boyfriend He was a Mexican We didn’t know what to think of him Til he sang Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad. Brother...
  4. Thomas

    Dallas peeps: anyone going to the HS football game Sat eve?

    The 5A championship is at Cowboy stadium and I'm there. Holla.
  5. Thomas

    The Plain English Movement - will it ever catch on?

    I start a new class this week: Technical Writing. The first reading assignment comes from the SEC: A Plain English Handbook - How to create clear SEC disclosure documents. It's pretty easy reading, sensible in its recommendations, and I started to think...hey, this could seriously catch on...
  6. Thomas

    Speaking of dead people, how about Paul McCartney?

    So, the Mrs. found a documentary on NetFlix about the death of Paul McCartney in 1966, and his subsequent ersatz replacement. Maybe it was late in the evening, maybe I was worn out after a long day and not ready to doubt, but I thought it presented a strangely compelling case. I mean, we've all...
  7. Thomas

    Happy Easter and God's peace to you all.

    okay, enough said. (no joke, no spam, and no homo)
  8. Thomas

    Going back to analog: recommend me a television

    Artisan Fan and Andre have convinced me that analog is the way to go, so I was in the process of re-buying everything I care about...on vinyl. So far so good, but I want to take this to the next level I've got one of them big digital HDTV's and decided that I can't stand the digitization, the...
  9. Thomas

    Recommend me a Christmas Album that doesn't suck

    So - I've got a few Christmas albums from stalwarts such as George Strait and Canadian Brass. In a bid to induce Holiday Cheer (!) I scooped up a few Christmas albumz off teh interwebz, including Gene Autry, Elvis, and the Beach Boys. Nothing is doing it for me. feh! So I put it to you...
  10. Thomas

    **** Official No Post November Log ****

    To all of the gentlemen out there that are serious in participating in "No Post November" I took the liberty of creating a thread so we can document any thoughts of feelings during the coming month. I figure we need some sort of support system for such an undertaking. If you guys...
  11. Thomas

    No Post November

    Hello, Voluntary task: don't post for one month. I know some communities choose "No Post October", but seasonal poasting/sharing levels are highest during November so this should be more interesting. T levels should peak from Nov 7th - 10th for most individuals, falling back to normal a few...
  12. Thomas

    Tech question: is there a wireless internet worth having?

    Since there hasn't been a recent thread on this: is there anything out there as far as wireless internet access that's reasonably fast and stable? I've heard about 4G but can't find any solid feedback thus far. Anyone?
  13. Thomas

    The okra hate thread

    Man, I know I'm in the minority down here, but I have to get this off my chest. I hate okra. I hate okra with a passion I normally reserve for people who beat their pets. I hate okra with the fury of a thousand suns. I would like to make serving okra a felony offense, or a class C misdemeanor...
  14. Thomas

    Does anyone know of studies relating to distributions of like/dislike?

    Okay, I'm turing up blanks here but perhaps someone knows of what I speak. As individuals and as a culture we have likes, dislikes, and probably a range of indifference between the two. My intial thoughts were that a charted distribution of reactions might fall along a bell curve - which would...
  15. Thomas

    Matching socks

    Itt we try to match socks to real poasters. We can poast our latest findings n shit in here. First up. Who is Da don Luis? I am going to go with piobaire or Rambo. lol
  16. Thomas

    Chicken and dumplings

    I had some leftover homemade chicken and dumplings for lunch today, and now it feels like I ate a bag of cement. I seem to get this reaction over and over again, which might be why I tend to eat them only under duress, but is there anything I can do to remedy this in the future?
  17. Thomas

    Garth Brooks: Vegas Act (?)

    I wouldn't have guessed it, but a good friend told me this last night over bourbon. I thought he was kidding me, but I've found a few sites that confirm this. Apparently Garth is coming out of retirement to play a 5-year run in Vegas. Said friend has tried to get tickets but apparently they are...
  18. Thomas

    blistered sunburn

    So I have a sunburn and it's blistered. Scrub the blisters off, or leave them?
  19. Thomas

    What happened to civil disobedience?

    No, seriously, what happened to civil disobedience as a means of protest? I've been living on the straight-and-narrow for a good while now, and it occurs to me that I've not really, you know, done...ummm, anything that would land me in mildly-hot water, just to stick it to The Man. What...
  20. Thomas

    Is gratitude contagious?

    Simple question. Is a culture or mind-set of gratitude contagious?

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