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  1. adirondaki

    Anyone watch West Wing last night?

    I flipped back and forth between the game and WW. The Israeli PM's suit struck me, too, as being notably nice. Â Ironically, at least with respect to authenticity, Israeli politicians tend to dress down. Â With the exception of Benjamin Netanyahu, one does not regularly see Israeli public...
  2. adirondaki

    Getting dressed, do you take a long time.

    daily prep for work-- shower + shave: 10-15 mins suit + tie + oxfords: 10-15 mins total = 20 - 30 mins (variation occurs because of things like French cuffs, stays for collars vs. button down, bowtie vs. necktie, etc) It's pretty much the same for dressy evenings; add 5-10 mins for tux (studs...
  3. adirondaki

    Shoe trees

    The Brooks shoe trees don't appear to be on sale anymore. Eighteen dollars would be a good price for those shoe trees (which look like the shoe trees Alden gives you every time you send in your shoes for a factory restoration).
  4. adirondaki

    Shoe trees

    Try here: http://www.shipton-usa.com/erol.html#825x0&& or here: http://www.peasandcorn.com/shoecare.asp
  5. adirondaki

    Ben silver

    They offer fairly high quality merchandise which is thoughtfully selected and usually pretty stylish; however, their prices are set pretty high.  Sometimes you can find a bargain in their outlet section.  I think their catalogue and website showcase their products well. Two complaints: 1) I...
  6. adirondaki


    I have wide feet, too.  I have been looking at British shoemakers' products for some time, and I have yet to find one who carries a shoe I REALLY like in my width. However, if you are willing to look at a US shoemaker, I recommend Alden.  Their standard range of widths for all their styles...
  7. adirondaki

    Shoes trees

    Rider -- I take it on faith that you are right about Alden's shoe tree supplier, but Alden's shoe trees are definitely cedar, not beech
  8. adirondaki

    Ok, more shoe polishing questions

    Just took a look at the Cura products.  Lay aside the shoe cream; anyone know what the difference is between the carnauba wax and the premium polish?
  9. adirondaki

    Stripes on stripes

    the next step forward -- mixing plaids. Just kidding, fellows. I think it is delightful if my fellow forum members want to mix stripes. For me, it doesn't work; just doesn't look right to my eye. I don't have an opinion on Flusser one way or the other. Just happened to browse through the book...
  10. adirondaki

    90's fashion fad

    doesn't "casual business attire" count? And the rise of the dark merino wool polo shirt/sweater with white t-shirt underneath?
  11. adirondaki

    Forum attendance

    Dear AskAndyAboutClothes -- I like your forum. Honestly, it is still REALLY slow
  12. adirondaki

    Stripes on stripes

    marc39 -- is there any other type of style expert?
  13. adirondaki

    Whats happen to savile row

    Have you found the apprentice yet, Darren?
  14. adirondaki

    Stripes on stripes

    I'm really conservative/conventional on this matter -- just can't bring myself to do it.  If I wear a striped shirt -- which I do only seldom -- I wear a solid color tie and a very plain suit. About 10 years ago, I was working with a big deal public official who had formerly been a big deal...

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