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  1. Classic

    Different strokes

    Today I saw the following combinations on men; - black tux jacket with notch lapels, white wing tip shirt, no tie, jeans and sneakers. - brown DB blazer, green shirt and pants, sandles and no socks. - bluejean jacket, red t-shirt, white jeans and black dress shoes. Had I seen this on young kids...
  2. Classic

    Woodbury common outlet mall

    I will be in Newburgh, N.Y. later this month and am planning on going to Woodbury Outlet Mall since it is only about 15-20 miles away. I do not know how much shopping time I will have, so would really appreciate your opinions and or advice as to where to potentially get the best the deals and...
  3. Classic

    Father's day gifts

    Ok, let's have some fun what with today being Father's day. What did you get from your kids? Me, a nice pair of Bostonians. What did you give your dad? Me, a pair of Kodiak work pants which are his favourite every day pant and a nice TH belt to go with them. Classic
  4. Classic

    Canali shoes

    I was wondering who makes Canali Shoes, and where do they rank in comparison to other high end shoes? I have an opportunity to purchase a pair for under $175.00 CDN (normal is about $400CDN), but am being told by some associates and friends that this is still too much for them. In fact one...
  5. Classic

    Gianfranco ferre shirts

    Looking to fellow members for any opinion and or comments on the quality and value ratio of Ferre dress shirts. They are currently being offered in the Toronto area for $70 - 125CND. The tag says Made in Italy, but how do they compare to Canali, BOSS, etc. Thanks in advance. Classic
  6. Classic

    Allen edmonds tent sale

    Allen Edmonds is having a tent sale and from my perspective appear to have some good deals, especially considering what the shoes cost here in Canada. However, before ordering by phone, I would appreciate some assistance from members who have been to AE tent sales, or have seen what is available...
  7. Classic

    Black tie wedding

    My neice's wedding later this month is a "Black Tie" affair. She has requested that her dad and uncles wear similar shirts and neck ties. The only issue I have with this is that the shirts are to have laydown collars and only regular neck ties, no bow or ascots. Meanwhile the groom is...
  8. Classic

    Shirt buttons

    Today I saw the thickest buttons I have ever seen on a RTW dress shirt. Athough I am not an expert at all, I do have a fair collection of dress shirts, mostly with french cuffs, and while some have thicker buttons, they are no where near the size of those I saw today. Mastai Ferrentti was the...
  9. Classic

    Tuxedo vest

    I am having a MTM vest made for my single button, peak lapel tux. The vest will have a full back, the lining to match the lining in the jacket. Although I will keep the jacket on through out the evening, and no one will see the back of the vest, this is a personal preference of mine. Just...
  10. Classic


    Just out of curiousity, what do you do with your suit jacket or blazer when you are driving? I hang mine on the hook provided, or if there are passengers in rear seat, then I hang it on the back of the driver's seat. No one has ever commented on this. Today, a new business associate stated that...
  11. Classic

    High end rtw dress shoes

    I will be visiting Orlando and Buffalo on business within the next couple of weeks and was hoping to buy some high end dress shoes. Are there any good places to check where I could possibly find some great deals in these two centers? Thanks in advance for your help? Classic
  12. Classic


    Can anyone provide some insight into the topic of where the fashion of ties is headed? What will be the "tie look" this year? I personally favour the clean stripes or solids, but the stores seem to be carrying a large selection of patterns and design filled ties. Thanks in advance.
  13. Classic

    Dress shirts

    A recent order for 3 MTM dress shirts sparked a lively debate at home and made for an interesting evening. On average I buy 7-10 dress shirts per year, a combination of RTW and MTM. I would appreciate hearing from others if this is low, average or high. Please limit the discussion on dress...
  14. Classic

    Black suits

    I am seeing more and more black suits being worn in the workplace. To make them less conservative, generally they are being matched with shirts of various colors, but predominately blue tones. Based soley on my observations, it appears to me that this trend is also happening in the evening at...
  15. Classic

    Your opinion

    I would appreciate your opinions, especially from those of you who are in the clothing industry on shirts with tab collars. Are there any "rules" and or quidelines on their wear, and what makes for a better "tab"? Thanks in advance. Classic
  16. Classic

    Special suit

    I have a suit that I only wear to very special occasions. While it is not the most expensive suit I ever purchased, it is currently my favourite and so I only wear it when the occasion calls for it. In the two years that I have owned it, I have only worn it 4 times, a wedding, two social events...
  17. Classic

    Same shirt

    Hi. While I am a new member, I have been reading along for some time now. I have learned many things from the various posts. Perhaps someone can answer the following. Are the shirts sold at outlet centers the same as those sold in the retail stores? For example, recently I saw a Burberry shirt...

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