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  1. dopey

    "Books That Will Make Me Smarter"

    A High School kid told me that ze wanted to read: Dr. Zhivago Essays by Joan Didion The Power Broker Umberto Ecco Swann's Way Ayn Rand War and Peace Pushkin Dead Souls (Gogol) Lolita Don Quixote Catch-22 Toni Morrison Joyce Carol Oates so that ze would be smarter (ze is currently in the middle...
  2. dopey

    Huntsman British Warm in heavy Melton

    From http://www.h-huntsman.com/blog/introducing-the-british-warm-overcoat Do NOT look at the rest of their blog. It will give you a sad. Like watching someone jump of a bridge slowly.
  3. dopey

    Dressing like you sell clothes

    Stop it
  4. dopey

    Drug Use at Summer Camp

    What do you think of this letter (slightly modified) just received: This has happened in the past and I think the counselor had been rehired the next year (not necessarily the one who was the subject of this letter). Some parents of counselors have complained that the rule is too harsh and...
  5. dopey

    When you smile: The perfect smile

    too Edina
  6. dopey

    Favorite Motorcycle Gang

    This is mine. Hung with them this Sunday. A great organization.
  7. dopey

    Is the F-35 JSF a failure?

    I am posting this here in the hope of getting manton's view, since he has been banned from CE. http://motherboard.vice.com/blog/the-pentagons-new-trillion-dollar-jet-is-a-garbage-can "The U.S.'s Stealth Fighter Is Too Heavy and Slow, So the Pentagon Made Its Performance Tests Easier" Excerpt...
  8. dopey

    Why Will is so great

    Because he is a guy who sells men's clothing that doesn't dress like a guy who sells men's clothing. He is a menswear blogger who doesn't dress like a menswear blogger.
  9. dopey

    The best of the best

    I don't actually like what he is wearing in this particular shot, but trust me -- when it comes to style, this guy is among the best of the best. http://thetrad.blogspot.com/2010/05/avery-lucas-southerner-in-nyc.html Anyone (besides manton) know him or see him around? more...
  10. dopey

    Saw Book of Mormon

    Thought it was juvenile, small-minded and mean. But I did laugh a few times in the second act.
  11. dopey

    Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

    Why is nobody talking about this? It is a web-released SyFy series of webisodes, telling the story of William Adama as a young pilot during the Cylon Wars pre the Galactica re-boot. So far, it is kind of fun. The 12 minute clip format is a little frustrating. I would prefer to just watch...
  12. dopey


    Anyone have any good recipes for Bottarga? We came back from Italy with two jars (this is the loose kind, not the whole sacs encased in wax). I know of the classic Sardinian pasta dish, which is why we got it, but a good recipe for that would still be helpful. My wife added some to scrambled...
  13. dopey

    From Rome with Love

    I saw this last night and thought it was great. It is much funnier than Midnight in Paris, though there is less of a sense that Allen is trying to say something. If you enjoy absurdist Woody, then you will probably think this movie a winner. I am not a Penelope Cruz fan in particular, but she...
  14. dopey

    Calling Foodguy

    Please see this question and let us know what you think. tenk you
  15. dopey

    Suede Shoe Design Question

    I am thinking of getting a pair of dark brown suede shoes. The dark brown is very dark, the leather is thick and soft and the nap is lush, but short. What shoe do you think this leather wants to be?
  16. dopey

    Knife "repair" question

    I have an 8" slicing knife (this one) where the tip is bent. It is only a slight bend on the very very tip (the knife was jabbed into something frozen and went through to the hard surface below). More like a little hook. What is the best way to fix it?
  17. dopey

    watchmaker in NYC

    Can someone recommend a watchmaker in NYC to clean, service and regulate an Omega bumper movement. My watch was overhauled by Omega about three years ago and is running slow. Omega did a great job on it before, replacing many of the parts, but they insist on sending it back to Switzerland...
  18. dopey

    What is/What happened to Kara Thrace (Starbuck)?

    and should I watch season 4 on Netflix?
  19. dopey

    Squash Tournament of Champions

    Anyone gone or going to any of the matches? I saw the "Legends" event last night and some of the qualifiers. I would love to go Monday night, but I didn't think to order ahead and it is already sold out.
  20. dopey

    Christmas Wine

    Pamela and the Bickersteens are back

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