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  1. BYucko

    Dandruff shampoo recommendations?

    It gets bad with winter. I've tried many, many kinds of dandruff shampoos. Started rather predictably with Head and Shoulders, and had a stylist tell me that it ain't good because it's too harsh. Recommended me another shampoo...also with pyrithione zinc as the active ingredient. T-Gel, Selsun...
  2. BYucko

    Top law school w/ Canadian ug - disadvantage?

    Hi there, world of SF... I know a good bunch of you are lawyers. I'm doing a cost/benefit analysis for my little brother. He wants to get into H/Y/P Law (shoot for the stars, right?). I'm new to the world of law schools and I'm curious as to how much of a disadvantage it is for him to get his...
  3. BYucko

    Minimum age requirement to wear boots

    What, in your opinion, is the MINIMUM AGE one needs to be in order to zip up a nice pair of leather dress boots?
  4. BYucko

    AE's leather is too hard!

    So I work at a shoe store and we sell Allen Edmonds. I got my grubbly little hands on a pair of Park Avenues and try them on, only to find that the leather is hard as rock. I know that's normal for AE, but my problem is that my left foor is size 6.5 and my right a 7. Whenever my left foot tilts...
  5. BYucko

    You're an entrepreneur out of work for a month

    Alright, SF, I want to hear your say in this: Say you own a restaurant. Today, you receive notice of a problem that will take you and your employees out of work until it gets fixed - around a month. Now, what do you do? I know a lot of you will advise on reading a lot and enjoying a new hobby...
  6. BYucko

    Canadian University help

    Hello to you Canadian University (or just helpful) folk, I'm in Vancouver. A girl from my school - extremely intelligent with a likely (possibly over) 93-96% average, who is President of Student Council, Valedictorian, who made it into a very selective junior bankers program, along with having...
  7. BYucko

    Tailoring a leather jacket

    Hi guys! Just a quick question about taking in the waist of a leather jacket. I'm new to this stuff, and I certainly know that regular jackets can be taken in. Are there any special rules or risks to altering leather? This jacket costed my (female) friend quite a bit, so I don't want to offer...
  8. BYucko

    The importance of volunteering (school)

    My first thread! Hey SF, I couldn't find much from searching and wanted your opinions on this. Basically, I've heard from everyone and their mothers that volunteering is essential for post-secondary, and that marks don't matter as much as everyone thinks. In fact, I've even seen one poster on...

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