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  1. Mitch D

    Galliano homme

    I read recently that John Galliano recently premiered his new menswear line,appropriately called Galliano Homme. I was curious to know if anyone has actually seen the line -- that is,if it's even in stores yet. What did you think? Â
  2. Mitch D

    Haute couture for men?

    I was just curious: Are there designers creating haute couture for men? People who truly push the boundaries of men's fashion? I realize that there isn't nearly the demand for such fashion,as there is for women. But,as more and more men are gradually allowing themselves to enjoy dressing...
  3. Mitch D

    Styling products for thin hair?

    I was wondering if there are any members who,like me,have to deal with fine,gradually thinning hair. Moose seems so 80s,and gel just weights and separates my hair further. Does anyone have any suggestions for shampoo/styling products to help clean,volumize,and control? Thank you in advance.
  4. Mitch D

    Ironing tips?

    I hate ironing,and avoid it as much as possible. But I love the feel of fine cotton against my skin,and don't always care to spend the extra money to have my shirts dry cleaned and pressed,when the results aren't noticably better than I suspect that I could do myself. So,does anyone have any...
  5. Mitch D

    Proper overcoat sleeve length?

    I know that the general rule for determining proper suit jacket sleeve length,is to allow for approximately 1/2" of dress shirt cuff exposure. But does the same rule apply for overcoats? Â That is,should the sleeve length of an overcoat be adjusted so that 1/2" of the cuff of the suit sleeve be...
  6. Mitch D

    Your fantasy wardrobe

    I thought this might be fun: If you were building your fantasy wardrobe,and money were no object--but nothing could be bespoke--what would you select? Please list items in the following catagories: Suit Dress shirt Necktie Shoes (one pair dress,one casual) Wristwatch Accessories (braces or...
  7. Mitch D

    "dressing the man"

    I was flipping through Alan Flusser's latest book,"Dressing The Man: The Art Of Permanent Fashion" last night at the local Border's,debating whether or not to plunk down my $40 on it,or to wait,and buy a tie or two at the Nordstrom's sale that started the next day. I thought I might poll the...
  8. Mitch D

    What sparked your style consciousness?

    Gentlemen, I've enjoyed reading your posts in this forum for some time,and have learned a great deal from you,about what to look for in fine men's clothing. I am one of those folks with "champagne taste on a beer budget," so knowing where to find the best quality,at the best value really comes...

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