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  1. VWpete

    White shirt cleaning-help

    Well after a night of dancing on New Year's in the NYC, I seemed to have some ladies drink on my favorite white Dior Homme shirt. I just got it back from the cleaners with marginal success. What can I do now to save it that is guaranteed to not ruin it. It's not horrible, but I notice it and the...
  2. VWpete

    Shoe problem

    Hey there, I bought a pair of Costume National suede (black) loafers. When I went to wear them the first time, they had a very distinct, strong odor. The leather has a very strange aroma that is VERY STRONG. I had to put them in the garage w/ cedar shoe trees... then, after my parents...
  3. VWpete

    Rogan denim review for the streetwear fans

    Hey there, Just thought I'd add a little streetwear review for the benefit the board. I've seen Rogan Jeans in NYC and was skeptical as I'm very picky about my denim. Boy was I wrong. Was at Barney's in Chicago, tried on a pair and they felt like they were made for me. Details: Handmade...
  4. VWpete

    Stylish halloween costumes?

    The time rolls around again. I am attending a Halloween party on Friday night that will be held outside (brrr). Keep in mind I'm in college. I want to find a killer costume or celebrity to impersonate. Last year I was hugh hefner, silk bathrobe, pipe and a bunny. This year, I'm going solo and...
  5. VWpete

    Yoox pant sizing

    Hey there, I'm looking at a specific pair of Dior pants on yoox and have some sizing questions. Has anyone here used yoox sizing system that shows in US sizes. It seems awfully high labeling dior as US 38- 40 etc. Odd sizes for these. I'm a US 28-30, Dior 46... any tips on ordering from yoox...
  6. VWpete

    Bluefly has new designer arrivals

    Hey there, Just thought I'd give you all a heads up that bluefly's got some great new designer arrivals. I didn't know they carry margiella? Also have some Helmut Lang, Dolce, Jil Sander and Neil Barrett. Pete
  7. VWpete

    "business attire" help

    Hey ther SF crew, I have accepted an internship position at a large company in NYC for the summer. I will be working on fashion/entertainment related event coordination projects. I inquired about attire and received a reply that said its business attire, but not suits/ties. This includes dress...
  8. VWpete

    Style forum sharing!

    This post is a thank you, but definately style related. One of our gracious members knew my shoe size and that I was looking for a great antique-brown dress shoe. I got an email/heads up about an ebay ad that was for a pair of Santoni hand grade shoes that retail for nearly $1000 that fit the...
  9. VWpete

    Working in nyc retail

    Hey there, I'm going to be in NYC this summer---interning somewhere in recording or entertainment I hope-- will know exactly where in the next few weeks. My sister is going to live in the city with me this summer and is sttarting to look for a part time retail position. We are young, turning 21...
  10. VWpete

    Dior homme boutique in nyc open yet?

    Hey NYC people, Last time I was in the city in January, I stopped by the ladies Christian Dior to see when Dior Homme would be opening. They said in the Spring next door. Do any of you know if the boutique is open yet? There web site is a flash monstrosity and is of little help. Cheers, Pete
  11. VWpete

    Nyc hotels

    My internship search brings me back to NYC for another round of interviews from March 18-22. I love staying "downtown when I go and have stayed at the Tribeca Grand and Soho Grand. I like both of these hotels for their various good features, but they have some downfalls as well. Tribeca...
  12. VWpete

    Gucci spectatorshttp://www.bluefly.com/pages/produ

    What do you guys think of these spectators. How versatile is a shoe like this? I had my eye on em last summer and have now found em on bluefly. http://www.bluefly.com/pages....0342433
  13. VWpete

    Pucci ties---fun or obnoxious?

    I was thinking about getting a Pucci tie for the spring/summer Their prints are fabulous for the ladies, but what do you think about wearing their bold graphic prints out in the summer under a blazer? I think it'd be a fun piece, but was wondering what the group thought? Thanks, Pete
  14. VWpete

    Dad's vintage "burberrys" db blazer

    Hey there, I've been given a bunch of spot coats and suits that my Dad has had for a while. In the lot is a bunch of mediocre 80's suits, but their are a few gems including a beautiful Donna Karen sb suit, nice cashmere Boss sport coat and an old "Burberrys" double breasted blazer...
  15. VWpete

    Chrome hearts--opinions?

    Hey all, I was just curious as to what board members thought of the rocker label Chrome Hearts. I received one of their silver rings as a x-mas gift from my twin sister (what a girl). I really like it and enjoyed a few pieces I saw at a great Chicago store called George Greene (thanks for the...
  16. VWpete

    New years resolutions

    Hey there, Just thought I'd chime in and see what kind of New Year's resolutions the Style Forum members made. I'm quitting smoking.. I'm excited to lose the nasty habit when I'm young (20). Just recently picked up the "patch". I'm ready to get rid of this and live a healthier...
  17. VWpete

    High quality dress shirts online

    Hey there, I just bought a beautiful new Paul Smith 3-button navy suit w/ great pinstripe. I bought a great Paul Smith striped shirt to wear w/ it when I can have fun w/ it. I also picked up 2 great ties. I need a nice white shirt or two for the more conservative times (ex/ interviews...
  18. VWpete

    Entertainment industry interview attire

    I've brought this up before, but dates have been set at a few NYC record companies of various sizes in January for internships next summer. I am going to Barney's in Chicago next week and want some suit advice. I'm wondering what colors, style and fabric would be respectable and remain versatile...
  19. VWpete

    Interview attire- entertainment internship

    Okay everyone, I know this topic has been beat to death all over fashion boards, but I want some help w/ my situation. I'll be interviewing in NYC at some record labels for an internship position in a few months. I only own a black suit at this point, and I know I shouldn't wear it per other...
  20. VWpete

    Dior homme in chicago?

    I'm looking for a store that sells Dior Homme in Chicago? Barneys doesn't carry it and I want be back in NYC for a couple months. I should've bought the big turtleneck sweater (black + white) when I was at Jeffreys in Aug. I could probably call them, but would like a better source, closer to...

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