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    How do you wear your black longwings?

    Just looking for ideas or to see how people are wearing them...i.e. casual with jeans, dressy etc. Have a pair of AE Macneils and trying to mix them into the wardrobe. Thanks
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    Favorite Pancake Restaurant

    In staying with the pancake theme, just because I am always looking for great places to eat pancakes... My favorite place right now is Parkway Deli, in Silver Spring, MD...They are known for their Matzo Ball Chicken soup, but the pancakes are outrageous!
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    Shoe experiment...Thoughts?

    This is a 15 year old pair of loafers that started out black with a tassel. Now after a bit of work they are Dark Brown/Burgundy with a little antiquing (although it is hard to see in the picture). Two questions; would you wear these and if so with what? I'm on the fence in regards to the low...
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    Question for New Yorkers (looking for opinions)

    Looking for opinions...I have two reservations to choose between two hotels, priced similiarly. One is the POD at E. 51st Street between 2nd and 3rd ave. and the 2nd is the Algonquin at W. 44th near 5th ave in the Theater District (this one is the bigger discount as I got it at around half the...
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    Affordable Lodging in NYC?

    I'm planning a trip to NYC in December with my wife and am looking for a clean place to stay that is budget friendly. I'm not in to sharing a bathroom, which counts out all of the hotels I can find under $350 a night. I don't care about fancy amenities, wireless internet, a flat screen TV in the...
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    Shoe Tree/Creases question

    For those of you that have refinished shoes...I just got a pair of slightly used Kenmoors that are mainly suffering from pretty bad creases from not having been stored with shoe trees. If I start using shoe trees in them now, will that iron out some of the creases, or are they probably rippled...
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    Chest Hair Grooming Tips?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Phillips Bodygroomer for Chest hair specifically? If not, any other tips for this type of grooming. I don't want to shave or wax, just thin it out...
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    Tom Ford Suit Question

    I like the Tom Ford Silhouette but don't have the $4,000 to shell out for it. Are there any recomendations as to how one could attain a similar cut suit for half the price or less? Are there other brands out there that are cut similar that I could look at? Any insight would be appreciated.
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    Sleeve Alterations Question

    I have an opportunity to buy a previously owned navy sportcoat in great condition that is a great price. All of the measurements are fine except the sleeves which are about an inch too short. The seller claims there is about an inch of visible fabric to let out and possibly more under the...
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    NWT Polo 42s

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ayphotohosting In case anyone wears a 42s, I have this on Ebay at $149.99 now...It's really a steal at this point...
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    What kind of car do you drive?/What do you want?

    2004 Accord EX/New Jaguar XF
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    Favorite Gin

    What's your favorite gin and how do you like to drink it? I'm currently drinking Tanqueray #10 and a not as prominent, Dogfish Head Jin. Dogfish Head is more well known for their beer, but this gin goes down very easy. Both flavorfull and smooth.
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    Suit style Lapel Question

    This Armani suit, is about 8 years old, and although the picture does it no justice the fabric is tremendous and it's in great condition. I need to have it taken in if I am going to wear it, due to weight loss... My question is regarding the lapels...For 2008 standards are they too wide? I'm...
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    AE Shoe color question

    http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline...1&occasion=189 For those of you that do like the AE Weybridge, do you like it better in the brown or chili? Which is more versatile? I wear a lot of Navy, Gray and lighter Browns. Thanks for the feedback.
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    NWT POLO, RLBL Suit 42 Short

    Ralph Lauren Polo 1, 42s, two button, single vent suit...Made in Italy Black and taupe Houndstooth pattern 4 season wear--80/20 Wool/Mohair Paypal preferred--$200.00 Includes shipping conus Measurements: Jacket: Chest--44" Waist--40" Shoulders--18.25" seam to seam Length from collar--30"...
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    Shipton & Heneage shoes Question

    http://www.shipton-usa.com/erol.html#892X0 Does anyone have any recent experience with these shoes? Most of the info in the forums is older. I'm looking for info. on quality, fit compared to AE...They seem to priced in line with AE. They look a lot like CT shoes on their U.S. website, but CT's...
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    Istante/Versace tie

    Does anyone still wear the circa late 1990s Versace ties with the gold Medusa or Zeuss designs like below? Would you wear this one? If so what with?
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    Getting Cut--Protein Bars with sugar question

    If you are trying to get cut, does the amount of sugar in bars, like Zone for example, prohibit this? I am lifting and doing a lot of running, but I do eat quite a few of these type of bars during the week. I can't eat the sugar free bars due to the maltitol sugar replacement, so inevitably I...
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    Matching a shirt with chocolate brown pants

    What color dress shirts -- solid or patterned -- would look best with wool chocolate brown pants?
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    What do you think of the NEW Greenwich from AE

    http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline...1&occasion=189 I'm looking for opinions about this new Greenwich from AE...a little on the modern side for AE. I guess in a similar vain to their Weybridge and Winhall...I'm looking to get one of the three in brown.

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