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  1. DNW

    What are you drinking right now?

    Sipping on my 3rd glass of Temptation bourbon. Glad to see many of you still drink alone.
  2. DNW

    General Bike Thread (Desiderata, Questions, Pics)

    When installing your own pedals, how important is it that one acutally put grease of the threads before installing? Is my only risk that i won't be able to back the pedal back out if/when I want a new one? No need to. The pedals are designed so that every stroke tightens the grip. Unless you...
  3. DNW

    General Bike Thread (Desiderata, Questions, Pics)

    here's an interesting article on dubya and his new bike http://reviews.mtbr.com/blog/niner-b...-presidential/ Notwithstanding his presidential legacy, Dubya seems like a cool dude to kick back with.
  4. DNW

    kelly brooks playboy is worthless

    playboy is worthless
  5. DNW

    Girl and the Goat-- Chicago

    Sadly, it's not on the production company website yet, probably because they think homeless don't have internet access. They should tell that to the homeless man I saw by the Transbay Terminal sitting with 3 shopping carts while using his laptop. Perhaps you can move to DC and work for this...
  6. DNW

    I just bought a... (non clothing item)

    <quickreply> <go advanced> <more> <lurk> <close this window>
  7. DNW

    General Bike Thread (Desiderata, Questions, Pics)

    there is always the corruption option ... as an update: the only thing missing now are the shifters... my LBS told me they're working on it. So...when is ceramic braking coming to MTBs?
  8. DNW

    Google Wave Invite

    Oh you know I love you, ya big homo. Will you take a check, or just cash?
  9. DNW

    Google Wave Invite

    Cuckold it? Don't be silly, suck it.
  10. DNW

    Google Wave Invite

    Just like your underused cock, right? Don't worry, I'm sure you're sufficiently intelligent to know what to do with it.
  11. DNW

    Google Wave Invite

    Google Wave has the potential; it's just that most of the population is too stupid to use it.
  12. DNW

    Blackberry Torch

    I'm starting to think more and more that RIMM is going to slowly disappear like Apple did in the 90's. The OS is unreasonably inflexible to 3rd parties, their in-house designed hardware is consistently behind the curve, and they refuse to let other hardware manufacturers run their OS. Its a...
  13. DNW

    General Bike Thread (Desiderata, Questions, Pics)

    Pricepoint? More than what you can afford on a government salary. (j/k)
  14. DNW

    Bill Gates is pure Evil

    Warren Buffett is one heck of a salesman. I doubt that 100% of the pledged money will be collected, but it's still impressive even if 20% of the 10% actually keep their pledges. I've always admired Gates and Buffett, regardless of what other people have said about them.
  15. DNW

    Blackberry Torch

    This phone was old, last year. It's a sad attempt by BB to stave off defections to Androids and iPhones. (On a side note, I'm pretty fucking pissed at Verizon right now. The new Froyo release to the Droid apparently has tethering and hotspot disabled because, according to their genius PR...
  16. DNW

    Cedar Plank Salmon

    I also approve of this message. Bring the 'Fool.
  17. DNW

    Pork Belly

    Eating pork belly fried rice right now. Good God! (Sorry, drank food, so recipe isn't forthcoming.)
  18. DNW

    Coconut water - Vita Coco, Zico etc

    The 99 cents versions at the Asian or Hispanic market do it for me. I usually have a couple in the fridge for cooking and drinking. And yeah, excellent rehydration for the morning after.

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