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  1. msulinski

    Suitsupply NYC

    I am looking at this jacket: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/jackets/hudson-blue-plain/C798I.html?start=41&cgid=Jackets&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=campaignlaunch&utm_source=S-12wk09US Does anyone know how the Hudson fits? I have a 42S La Spalla/Jort and 42S Lazio that both fit well. I tried...
  2. msulinski

    Suitsupply NYC

     Really? I've found them to be fine, at least in relation to other Suit Supply suits. They seem comparable to the Lazio pants. Napoli pants, on the other hand, are very slim. And I definitely do not have thin legs.
  3. msulinski

    Ryan Gosling CRAZY STUPID LOVE belt

     Those aren't 5th avenues. They appear to be bluchers.
  4. msulinski

    Suitsupply NYC

    Quote: Just get the vents sewn shut by a tailor. Even on a ventless jacket, there will be side seams, so no one will know you started with vents.
  5. msulinski

    White Tie Ball - how to look unique without going overboard?

    Don't change the color of the bow tie. The main thing I can think of is to make sure everything fits properly - specifically, the waistcoat should not extend below the bottom of the jacket in the front. This is where I see most white tie rigs go wrong. This, of course, means that the trousers...
  6. msulinski

    Ask A Question, Get An Answer... - Post All Quick Questions Here (Classic menswear)

     It does stand for conservative business dress, at least on this forum. I doubt anyone else would know what you meant by it. Double monks are not conservative business dress. There is an entire thread dedicated to it. I don't have the link handy right now, but you should be able to search for it.
  7. msulinski

    Ask A Question, Get An Answer... - Post All Quick Questions Here (Classic menswear)

     Maybe he was asking if it was an orphaned suit jacket vs an odd jacket aka a jacket meant to be worn with non matching pants. Looks like an orphaned suit jacket to me. I would avoid it unless you can find the pants.
  8. msulinski

    The case for black dress shirts?

    Don't buy black cotton pants. Go with wool. Not sure why, but cotton does not seem to be able to hold the black dye very well and ends up fading.
  9. msulinski

    Ask A Question, Get An Answer... - Post All Quick Questions Here (Classic menswear)

     I agree with others that the Nordstrom anniversary sale is a good way to get 2 pairs of AEs in your budget. I would skip walnut for the time being though. They are not very versatile. Wait until you have 5 or so pairs of shoes before you even consider walnut.
  10. msulinski

    Surviving summer working a job that requires a suit

    There isn't much out there in RTW fresco. My usual MTM place didn't have any either. I ended up having to order the cloth directly to give to the MTM maker. Keep in mind there are several weights of fresco. For a summer suit in NYC you will want the lightest weight.
  11. msulinski

    Loafers and socks

    Khakis or any kind of tan to mid brown would be fine. Mid gray and lighter would work too.
  12. msulinski

    ** Quintessential Crockett & Jones Thread ** (reviews, quality, etc...)

     They deliver on Saturdays instead of Mondays.
  13. msulinski

    Suitsupply NYC

     Wait, you want them to taper the pants even more than they already are? SS pants already have a very narrow leg opening.
  14. msulinski

    Loafers and socks

    Socks with loafers are perfectly fine. If you are wearing them with long pants in a non-tropical setting, they are certainly preferred. Those loafers specifically seem to be a bit more on the formal side (looks like a low profile leather sole, no contrast stitching). If you wear a more casual...
  15. msulinski

    Surviving summer working a job that requires a suit

    I work in Manhattan also. The walks can be brutal some days. In addition to cotton, you could try tropical weight wool. I have a suit made in Holland and Sherry Crispaire that is 7.5 oz and unlined. It is probably the coolest-wearing suit I own. On the way home, I would loosen the tie and open...
  16. msulinski

    Monk strap or Penny loafer?

    As for shoes with shorts, I have a hard time figuring this out. So far I have come up with Allen Edmonds Sanibel and Preston. Any other recommendations?
  17. msulinski

    Monk strap or Penny loafer?

    I think you are better off getting 2 pairs. One for casual suits/sport coats/chinos, and a completely different pair for shorts.
  18. msulinski

    Monk strap or Penny loafer?

    There is no one shoe that does everything well. I can't think of a single shoe that works well with a suit or with shorts. Really though, why would there be? These looks are at the extreme ends of the formality spectrum.
  19. msulinski

    Monk strap or Penny loafer?

    I wouldn't wearing straps with shorts
  20. msulinski

    The State of Black Tie: Your Observations

    Quote: I agree. Even if your jacket looks good unbuttoned, it will look even better buttoned.

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