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  1. haganah

    Shirt stud holes - round or slits?

    I am having the most difficult time putting in my shirt studs into this new shirt. Very, very stressed as i meed it for Sunday and think the only solution is to have a local ny place re-cut the holes. 1. Is there a way to enlarge the holes? 2. The holes are currently round, should they be...
  2. haganah

    Anyone ever hear of EuroTailors.com?

    It looks legit but I've never dealt with them and payment is via wire transfer. Thoughts?
  3. haganah

    Is it possible to change lapel on tuxedo vest

    If I wanted to change the material to silk grosgrain from another material, is that possible? It's not a normal jacket lapel so I imagine this is actually easy - is that the case? Thank you.
  4. haganah

    Where to find the RLPL / EG Opera Pumps at this point?

    Anywhere? No Ralph Lauren store had them. Grapevine hill is gone. I saw someone found a pair recently in an outlet but I can't quite figure out where the outlet was.
  5. haganah

    Formal Tuxedo Shirt: Single Cuffs vs. French Cuffs

    I know the classic white tie outfit uses single cuffs. For black tie, is the same true? Or is it simply preference? Is there a benefit to the single cuff even? Even with the marcella I imagine it still doesn't look as nice holding the links - am I wrong?
  6. haganah

    Kiton 14 Micron Super 180s fabric - Where to purchase?

    Is it possible to have a tailor make something from this fabric without going to Kiton? Can I purchase it separately at a place like TipTop or is that sorta like finding a needle in a haystack? I understand this is exclusive to them but per other postings I am lead to believe that exclusive...
  7. haganah

    Bespoke/MTM tuxedo options

  8. haganah

    One shoe is lighter than the other - deglaze and dye?

    So I thought I found a good deal on Santoni goodyears with double soles at $180. The shoes come in and one looks a little lighter than the other. I search on styleforum and evidently this happens often with display shoes. So I walk on over to B. Nelson to ask him. I never remember the...
  9. haganah

    How to work out w/broken foot?

    Thoughts? Advice? I'm thinking going to my gym is going to be a huge pain so if there's anything I can do at home, that'd be better.
  10. haganah

    When do CES products get released?

    So Samsung and LG and all those other guys that showed their products this January...when do they actually release the products into the market?
  11. haganah

    Upgrading a wall mounted tv

    I have a flat panel and it's a junk brand but I really am not like AF where a home theatre is that important in my life. To free up space, I wanted to mount this over a small fireplace (it's not working) in the living room. http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/lbs/2148875302.html This guy...
  12. haganah

    Is there any hell worse than moving?

    I'd rather spend a month getting waterboarded at Gitmo. I cancelled my vacation plans due to a snow storm and figured what the heck, since I'm sitting at home, I can pack everything on my own. Never again, never again.
  13. haganah

    Exercising before breakfast helps you lose fat

    http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/1...ore-breakfast/ I'm guessing it doesn't help with putting on muscle but what do I know.
  14. haganah

    Optometrist or Opthamologist?

    I need a checkup with a contact lens prescription. I'm more inclined to go with an MD only because of the degree, but the optometrists are prescribing contacts and glasses all day long so I feel like they may have more experience with the different brands. (i.e. they'll tell me to get Acuvue...
  15. haganah

    Commercials for vibrators on tv

    Trojan evidently makes a vibrator and is advertising it heavily in ny. How is it that the FCC flipped out when I saw an old lady's pierced breast for 2 seconds but this is OK? America is getting stranger and stranger - the sexual commercials for men all have to do with inadequate sexual...
  16. haganah

    Please help me find this flannel shirt

    I really love this shirt. The reds flow vertically which makes it look more flattering. Does anyone know who makes this shirt or one like it? In an ideal world, I'd pick it up in a couple of different colors. Thanks guys.
  17. haganah

    May I see pictures of your backs?

    Please! Something is driving me insane here that I hadn't noticed and now I'm worried it's on all my jackets. If you could please post a photo of the back of a well fitting jacket, I would greatly appreciate it.
  18. haganah

    Weird big eggs

    I can't remember what animal it's from - ostrich or whatnot, but often I see very large eggs of different colors for sale at whole foods. Does one simply make scrambled eggs out of these things or is there something a little wilder that you can do with them? And is the taste more gamey as the...
  19. haganah

    Blu Ray player with hulu

    Are there any blu ray player that also can show hulu? They have netflix and pandora on many players but I'm hoping they also have one that shows hulu. Let me know if you guys know of any
  20. haganah

    Someone please solve this riddle..PLEASE

    I think being "comfortable" is a four letter word. Two hints: 1) The word is not found in the English dictionary 2) 2666 What is the four letter word? I googled 2666 and it was a chilean novel. No other ideas.

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