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  1. High_Roller

    Levi's premium

    Does anyone have experience with this brand? How is the quality, cut and fit compared to other high end denim labels such as Diesel, PDC, etc?
  2. High_Roller

    Diesel cut?

    I'm wondering how Diesel typically cuts their jeans. I want to replace a pair of mine because they are now too big for me, but I'm weary of what size to purchase online, due to the fact that every label cuts differently. The style is 'Roody' if that helps.
  3. High_Roller

    Anyone seen mcqueen's menswear collection yet?

    I can't seem to find any photos online, but I'm very interested in what the collection looks like. Has anyone had a chance to view it? Anyone know any sites or magazines that are featuring it? I heard British GQ this month has a few pictures, but I have no access to that magazine.
  4. High_Roller

    Help needed in locating something

    I know this isn't the most conventional item in the world, but I'm looking for a white lace up high top boot that I can wear with the laces undone and jeans kind of going into the boot. I'm planning on buying a pair of Hedi Slimane's jeans in Paris in a little over two weeks and I'd like to wear...
  5. High_Roller

    Seven jeans

    I'm just wondering how Seven jeans are cut/what the fit is like. Anyone?
  6. High_Roller

    Gigli jacket

    Just wonder what you all think of this jacket. I'm a big fan. Romeo Gigli jacket
  7. High_Roller

    Where can i get...

    Where can I get one of those high collared shirts that are frequently seen on Karl Lagerfeld? I like the look of that collar and I'd love to find a shirt like that.
  8. High_Roller

    Anyone seen the f/w 2004 etro collection?

    I just saw the photo footage and I think, among other things, that it was hilarious. Definitely my favourite so far. Not for the clothes, but for the outrageous presentation.
  9. High_Roller

    Any way to get prices on designer items online?

    Is it possible to find online the prices of items such as this ring from Vuitton? I've looked everywhere (including eluxury) and can't find a price. I don't want to go out of my way while I'm out of town to buy it if it's ridiculously priced. Maybe someone can call their local Vuitton for me if...
  10. High_Roller

    Shopping in paris

    I'm taking a little vacation in March to France and Italy. In particularly, Paris, Florence and Rome. I want to do some shopping in Paris, because that's the only place where I'll have some time to myself. Since I've never been there, I need some help on the best places to shop, how the prices...
  11. High_Roller

    I bought some jeans

    I bought a pair of stark white PDC jeans at a discount shop in town for about $20. They look fantastic and I really like them, but I'm not positive as to what to wear them with. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. By the way, they look like a bootcut. I don't really know...
  12. High_Roller

    Another ebay find..

    Okay, I don't know anything about how authentic the majority of jewellery is on eBay. I found this, anyone know anything about it? Is it real? Fake? Tips? Thank you. I know im posting alot about eBay but im brand new to it and very very cautious. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...item=970516479
  13. High_Roller

    Louis vuitton monogram glace & ebay help

    Has anyone ever seen a piece from Vuitton's Monogram Glace collection? I'm planning to bid on a piece when a nice one comes around on eBay (probably a wallet). Is it worth it? They look georgeous in pictures but I haven't seen one in real life (and can't anytime soon, where I live). If it...
  14. High_Roller

    Uh oh..there's a hole in my shirt!

    Just last night, I noticed that there's a hole in one of my new shirts. I suppose I bought it that way, but I love this shirt, it was a top seller in the store I bought it from, it was the last one, and I don't feel like driving 8 hours to replace it or take it back. So, what should I do? It's...
  15. High_Roller

    Just got back from toronto

    Hello all, just thought I'd let you know that im back from Toronto and tell you about some deals I got. Anyways, I first went into the eatons centre and to Le Chateau ( I know I know, I'm an idiot ) but i came out with a necklace, and 2 shirts, one is a ribbed sweater that ties at the neck, its...
  16. High_Roller

    New shirt

    Hey everyone. I just got back from a local discount store I visit every now and then, and ended up buying a Kenneth Cole shirt. It's the same design as a tuxedo shirt, with the pleats on either side of the buttons, but this shirt is jet black, and made of 60% Linen. I thought it would be great...
  17. High_Roller

    A little advice?

    Alright, I think I've found the perfect bag for me. I just need some second opinions. Since it's on eBay, Do you think it's real? the seller has a handful of them listed, but I cant find anything to indicate it might be fake. Anyways, here it is. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...item=948362514
  18. High_Roller

    Spring/summer sales

    How many pieces do you think would be left if I went shopping for the sales in mid-august? thats the only time I have off to go travel and get some nice clothes. Should I even bother?
  19. High_Roller

    Peasant/midevil look

    What do people think of this new trend? I've seen more and more people sporting this look, with the tie/up shirts with embroidery and so on. A good example of these shirts is in Roberto Cavalli's Spring/Summer line & some items in the D&G line by Dolce & Gabbana, but even the...

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