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    Adidas "Azteca 68"... classy or obnoxious?

    These are are off the beaten path compared to the classics many here prefer. But I think they look interesting. Are they classy (ie a notch above black with white trim) or faux-leopard-skin-style obnoxious? http://www.hynms.jp/ec/detail/cid=0&pid=4747 Here's a very clear picture:
  2. 65535

    Gentlemen, let's discuss Stan Smiths

    Looks like there's a new version out. V2 seems very popular here, but nothing for "2.5" What do you guys think? The one with the band around the sole is version 2.5. Personally I really like the clean look of the V2, but the v2.5 seems a bit more balanced design wise.
  3. 65535

    Flat front vs pleats, what if your opinion?

    I'll preface this with saying that I'm new to this style thing, but my hatred for pleated pants is pretty intense and well-established. I see what looks like a well-dressed dude waling around, and when I notice the pleated pants, it destroys the whole outfit. Am I being unreasonable, or is...
  4. 65535

    Looking for a specific type of hip flask

    I like drinking wherever I might be. That's why I need a hip flash. However, it cannot be stainless steel. After you leave booze in a SS flask for a few days, it starts to absorb all sorts of things from the metal. That's why I need a flask with a glass inner liner. Either nice leather cover or...
  5. 65535


    Let's write EMO blog posts! There's a plastic spoon on the desk as I type this. Ah, indeed, the peacefully melancholic parabolic form of the spoon, my perfect innocence is interrupted by the sharp, long shaft that is the handle, like a searing hot wedge driven into my pain-wracked soul. The...
  6. 65535

    Brown sneakers - which of two for denim?

    Learning a lot from the forums, now i have a question. I need some nice brown sneakers to wear with denim. I've done the black sneaks for a while and I'm getting tired of it. The two I've found that interest me are the following: CT classic and Campus Which would you choose, between only...
  7. 65535

    New user, dumb question: Silver/maroon shoes with what?

    I have joined this forum in an effort to alleviate my stupidity when it comes to this clothing thing. I've been eyeing the following shoes (see pic). Adi Racer Lo 3. I like them because the design is visually interesting, and the color combo seems to just click in my brain. I like unusual...

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