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    What to do about a shoe that is too wide

    This may sound funny but it has worked for me...Get a Dr. Scholls food insert (or any other brand), the kind that is one size fits all, and you cut to size. The double thickness one works best. Cut it about two inches too large...you may have to recut it several times until the fit is correct...
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    How do you wear your black longwings?

    haha. too funny. Mine arent cords...but damn that would be awkward...im pretty sure 2 grown men in red pants in the same room would have the same effect as dividing by zero or the like. Thanks for the suggestions...I'll stay away from the red pants!
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    How do you wear your black longwings?

    Just looking for ideas or to see how people are wearing them...i.e. casual with jeans, dressy etc. Have a pair of AE Macneils and trying to mix them into the wardrobe. Thanks
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    When was AE McAllister first introduced?

    According to two different links on google, 1 a review on Zappos (quotes mid 1950s) and the other a link for a site that no longer exists...shoe-store.net (1956)
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    Thoughts on these shoes?

    This has to be a troll or a joke. I have a hard time believing that anyone, no matter how inexperienced with quality footwear, would take a look at those beaten-up, run-ragged old shoes and even consider the possibility that they are acceptable. Useless, smartass responses, like calling someone...
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    Stuff that Styleforum has Played Out

    I want to say that chick looks hot, but really, she looks weird. If by weird you mean hot, I agree....regarding played out, most of the stuff on here. Although I keep coming back
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    Anyone heard of Everett Hall ?

    I have been to both his stores as well, and the guys on here are being too rough on the quality. It's decent quality with nice fabrics made for a different market than reading this forum. His famous clients are sports figures. His general clients are wealthy men who want to dress similar to...
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    Why are 6x2 DB suits so much more common than 4x2?

    Would this be a 4x1? Furthermore, would you wear it?
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    What's your sexual orientation?

    According to the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid, you are 90% straight and 10% gay. In subjective terms, this means you are predominantly heterosexual; only incidentally homosexual. I'm sure if most men in the 90/10 group knew how much time I spent reading SF, I would be shunned from this group.
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    PSA:Incredible Allen Edmonds Deal!!!

    Some crazy stuff, great if you had a favorite AE which went out of production. Pricing is a touch too high for me to take a plunge, but there were many interesting models which look better than current ones. Definitely some cool stuff, but I have to agree on the pricing. He has them retailed as...
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    Allen Edmonds = What English shoemaker in quality?

    Their new shoes the last season or so have a number of more elegant lasts. Not C&J but better than the have been for a while. +1....The Evanston, Soho, Strand, Mora, Thayer etc....Not Blob, Shapeless, Clunkyetc.etc.
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    RL double monk strap opinion~

    As someone that has the Thayer, and Mora, pictured above, I recommend them both for what you are talking about. If you had to choose one, I think the single Monk maybe more versatile, but others here will tell you differently. The best thing about it, is you can probably have both AE models...
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    Scent/Fragrance of the Day thread

    I haven't smelled that in forever. Okay, since college (what, '90?). Today: a classic - Caron Pour Un Homme - a different take on lavender/vanilla from yesterday's Mouchoir de Monsieur. Where MdM was dry, herbal, and civetty, PuH is more amber/woody, sweeter, and reassuring. MdM is the sharply...
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    Scent/Fragrance of the Day thread

    Today I went with the old school, mass marketed Obsession. I like it anyway.
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    Responding to Unsolicited Advice/Criticism

    Help us out here...What were you wearing? What does too gay look like?
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    Scent/Fragrance of the Day thread

    To usher the the dawn of a new presidency, I tried my new Cereus #11. I have as many hopes for it's use, as the future of our country. (Pretty good stuff!)
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    Scent/Fragrance of the Day thread

    Terre d'Hermes, my new favorite winter scent
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    I'm on there. I use it quite often. So far the reviews have been pretty accurate.
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    Cuffs or not on flat front business suit - conservative workplace?

    You should do whichever you like better. In my office most people dress on the conservative side. As much as I like fashion and appreciating others outfits when appropriate, I honestly can't tell you if any of my co-workers have cuffs or not off of the top of my head. Personally I cuff all of...
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    What were you wearing then?

    November 13, 1978. The greatest birthday ever. I like the Thom Browne rugby! You were way ahead of your time.

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