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    Good Instructions For Tying Bow Ties

    The tip about exposing the gap is priceless. I've watched that video many times - generally a couple of hours before attending a black tie event I would practice it on someones wrist a few times, then move to your neck. I practiced on my thigh, closer to my neck size and I don't need anyone...
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    anyone ever purchased from topshelfapparel on ebay?

    I have bought from him too, easy, smooth transaction - recommendable.
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    My London's trip = All you need to know

    Please post the 2 pictures you took.
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    Stuff Styleforvm overrates

    Chelsea boots +1
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    Open Suit Pockets?

    ^Like Mr Kinski, I use my jacket pockets. I don't like to carry things in my trouser pockets. What about getting a bespoke pocketless coat?
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    How do you determine your shoe last?

    A couple of weeks ago, I spent a whole day shoeshop-hopping in Brussels. I covered most of the brands I'm interested in, taking notes of which last and size I need in a particular model. All the sales people were very friendly, although I didn't buy a single pair. Just make sure to put on clean...
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    Do *you* own any dockers?

    In Europe, the dockers slim fit chinos are sold for app €90 ($140) That's almost 3 times as much as in the States. I thought we had a strong Euro?? Anyone feel like sending me 3 pairs of city chinos?
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    Polo Kenley Wingtips

    I was looking for foul weather knock-about shoes and got the Kenleys for 55$. For that price they seem ok, but I wouldn't have paid 200$. They do look a bit plasticky out of the box. We'll see how they develop after a couple of wearings.
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    Men's Flair author is calling you out

    Picture of the author wearing alternative black tie: http://permanentstyle.blogspot.com/2...black-tie.html
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    Colourful socks!

    Just got 9 pairs of colorful Effio socks from this guy: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZluckylucky119 They arrived this morning and I have to say that they are lovely. The seller claims that they are made at the same factory at which Nagrani and Paul Smith socks are made. 18.9
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    parisvegas - interesting thomas pink find.

    cool Will you be selling some of the items on our B&S forum?
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    The Watch Appreciation Thread (Reviews and Photos of Men's Timepieces by Rolex, Patek Philippe, Brei

    Terrific watches in this thread Here's a little contribution from me, a vintage Stowa and my Granddad's old Omega GÃnève, this one with date.
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    Tuxedo Opinion

    I really dislike that dinner jacket, mostly because of the lapels, but also because it looks a bit boxy. What's your budget? I find that peak lapel DJs look best, of course with a self-tie bow-tie. I would also try to find an auction where the seller gives accurate measurements so you're sure...
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    FS: NWT 38R Hickey Freeman Suit - Loro Piana Wool

    nice suit! what's the collar to hem length?
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    D-Ring Belt -- sexual signifier??

    Oops, sorry. Didn't know you were looking forward to seeing him model his belt w/out trousers
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    D-Ring Belt -- sexual signifier??

    Just make sure to wear it with trousers...
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    Jantzen, Reliable at last?

    Wow, Jantzen are setting new records: Ordered 1 shirt on Feb 28, got email confirmation same day, this morning the shirt was in the mail. That's 12 days including shipping (HK to Europe) I think I'll continue ordering one by one, seems to work nicely.
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    parisvegas on ebay

    Hi Kevin, It's a pity you don't ship to Europe. I regularly find items I'm interested in, but can't order because of your shipping restriction. Any plans on changing that? Apart from that, well done and good luck in the future. 18.9
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    FS: Used J.Crew Cashmere, Borrelli; New Polo pants

    Interested in the trousers. I've sent a PM.
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    Should I Ship A Car To Europe/Which One?

    Great to have a SFer come to Luxembourg, I've been living there for 8 years now. I'd get a new car here, driving a huge beast like that in Lux city is a hassle, especially parking wise. Many underground car parks here are so low and narrow, you'd probably couldn't get in. Where are you going to...

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