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  1. JoeWoah

    We are WAY overdo for a DC Meetup / Holiday Party... Also, I'm BACK!

    Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years... Anyway, let's do this. Hell, I'll even provide the booze (to a relatively substantial point) and spot, but am open to suggestions. Let's do this! :slayer:
  2. JoeWoah

    Favorite Fitness Apps for Smartphones...

    I'm an Android (Droid on 2.1) guy these days but, for the most part, apps available to iPhones are available for us too (except they're cheaper/free for us). Anyway, what are your favorites? Mine (all free): HIIT Interval Timer - Like the Gym Boss, only free. Calorie Counter - Best...
  3. JoeWoah

    Are the Dallas Cowboys still "America's Team"?

    Scott Van Pelt brought up a good point on his show today, are the Cowboys really America's team anymore? It was NFL Films that gave them the title, but lately they have done much of anything nor do they inspire the deep love/hate divide they used to (like in DC or Philly). I'm a Patriot's fan...
  4. JoeWoah

    Lindsey Lohan topless on twitter (pic) (sfw)

    Seems pretty sfw to me. Not looking all that hot.
  5. JoeWoah

    Drunk Dancing Red Sox Fan...

    http://redsox.fandome.com/video/1111...d-Sox-Fan/?q=k This is great!
  6. JoeWoah

    Best Foie Gras in DC?

    Where can I find it?
  7. JoeWoah

    Movie Quote Appreciation Thread...

    Post your favorite quotes here!
  8. JoeWoah

    How do you avoid time wasters?

    I need help avoiding time wasters, like this site, at certain times of the day. Any ideas?
  9. JoeWoah

    Warmups, Cool Downs and Stretching thread...

    Do you guys warmup? Do cool downs after a workout? Stretch? What do you do? I'm thinking I'm not warming up enough (I didn't use to at all, I must be getting old) and my stretching routine hasn't changed since college. I could use some new ideas here.
  10. JoeWoah

    Balance Ball Chair

    It looks comfy, what's the deal with them? Worth a buy? They're pretty inexpensive.
  11. JoeWoah

    Aren't Crazy Girls the Best? Share your stories!

    I don't know about you, but I love crazy chicks! Share your favorite stories!
  12. JoeWoah

    Google Chrome is the Best Browser!

    After all the browser talk the answer has arrived through the Pwn2Own contest. Chrome was the only browser left standing after a full day of hacking and exploits! Day 2, all the focus will be on Chrome, so until tomorrow, Chrome. By the way, the new Beta version is out. It's faster and more...
  13. JoeWoah

    Dark Chocolate Cover Espresso Beans, most addicting snack!

    They really are. My co-worker bought a big thing of them from Trader Joe's and I can't stop eating them. At first I was like, ewww bitter. 71% Cocoa and Espresso can be harsh on the palate together, but once that buzz kicked in... quickly I might add... I was hooked. Everytime I pass the bowl I...
  14. JoeWoah

    Sexytime Music - What Do You Screw To?

    Do you play music when you're having sex? What do you play?
  15. JoeWoah

    Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl Contest...

    Well, I like the song and the video's even better. CBS is doing some contest where they're asking people to send a video of themselves singing/lip singing along to the song. Who are you voting for? http://www.cbs.com/specials/grammys/moment/ It's mostly attractive teen girls and queens. The real...
  16. JoeWoah

    Chili Recipes Thread

    Every man has a chili recipe. If you don't, hand over your card. Share your favorite recipe here!
  17. JoeWoah

    Hondas SUCK!

    As the title says, Hondas suck. 2003 - I buy my first brand new car, an '03 Honda Accord V6. I should have known better to buy a first-year model (first year for the Gen. 7). 2004 - Honda recalls the transmission because of design defect. If you have over 20K miles at that time, you get a new...
  18. JoeWoah

    HPV, sucks huh....

    Doesn't really affect us guys...
  19. JoeWoah

    Pharmacy or Medical School?

    Playing off of the Dentistry or Med School thread, I thought I would add another option... Pharmacy School. I know a lot of people opting for Pharmacy school over Med school these days and I'd like to hear your opinions on it. IMO, there are lots of career options and opportunities for growth...
  20. JoeWoah

    Back Doors Into Great Universities And Programs Thread

    There is a way for almost anyone to get a quality education and get into the top-tier universities. Post some ideas for getting into the back door, without the buttsecks.

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