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    Metropolitan Opera House Dress Code

    Read this too late, decided on an elegant dark wrap dress, it worked. And yes, it was rather warm.
  2. F

    Metropolitan Opera House Dress Code

    OK, so let's say I have some influence, what should he be wearing, and what should I then consider for myself? I know the opera on facebook posted "come as you are", but no.
  3. F

    Metropolitan Opera House Dress Code

    Going to the last performance of Carmen this afternoon in the Midwest. My husband says he'll be wearing a black suit, what should I wear?
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    What did you eat last night for dinner?

    Nepalese/Indian dinner, dahl bhat with potato/okra karkari and moghlai chicken. With Jasmine rice, as I had run out of basmati.
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    Purchasing a watch in Switzerland

    Thanks, everyone, that confirms what I thought, but since I know little about the watch market, it's nice to have expert/educated opinions. I was in Geneva a couple of weeks ago to meet with people in various industries, and was impressed, everyone seems to wear a nice watch, even the concierge...
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    Purchasing a watch in Switzerland

    Geneva in particular. Is it advisable because of model choices, but less so because of prices? Currently the CHF is about equal to the USD.
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    What did you eat last night for dinner?

    Smoked salmon spaghetti carbonara was my son's request.
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    What did you eat last night for dinner?

    From scratch? Ramen is one of those foods that is so good (and cheap) in restaurants that we usually eat that when we are out. It is like Japanese fast food...shops are everywhere. Actually, it is rare for anyone to make the soup stock, roast pork or noodles at home. If we eat it at home we...
  9. F

    What are you reading?

    Flying through Jhumpa Lahiri's latest collection of short stories and getting stuck in Ildikó von Kürthy's Blaue Wunder.
  10. F

    Petit salé

    Has anyone ever attempted to make homemade petit salÃ? I did a bit of research and have a trial going on in the fridge right now, but am not convinced.
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    What did you eat last night for dinner?

    Alter, I'd be interested in a Ramen soup recipe, should you be willing to share. Something not too spicy, it would be for my son, who adores all types of noodle soups.
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    What music are you listening to lately?

    Niels Frevert, album Du kannst mich an der Ecke raus lassen. Poetry out of everyday life, alternative German songs. The singer lives in Hamburg.
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    What did you eat last night for dinner?

    Terrine with two fish and asparagus and fresh dill sauce (Swedish recipe) Spaghetti with fresh tomato/basil sauce and arugula.
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    things that are making you happy

    Everyone's coming out of the woodwork this week. First Jon. then Fab. Who's next? Ernest?
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    things that are making you happy

    Simple, 75% is going to goodwill and I'll be haunting the Galeries Lafayette if it's cold, Le Marais should the weather be clement (even if the weather creates obstacles, actually). Seriously, I usually shop for summer clothes in Europe, so it's nice to finally renew my wardrobe there in the...
  16. F

    things that are making you happy

    As long as you have plenty of things with epaulets, the Admiral will be more than pleased. Most impressed by your 8000some posts.
  17. F

    things that are making you happy

    Ahem, he's "Phal" now. When is manbearpig gonter be back? He had a certain... as teh French say... I don't know what about him. Oh darn, and to think I'm revamping my wardrobe in Paris in November, good thing I got the reminder.
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    things that are making you happy

    And in a bad mood.
  19. F

    things that are making you happy

    That fall seems to have been overtaken by winter.
  20. F

    Starbucks..instant coffee

    Need a crying emoticon, so need a crying emoticon.

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