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    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    The brown looks very reddish. Is this due to the lighting?
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    iTailor Custom Suits & Shirts Online - Official Affiliate Thread

    It looks like all the fabrics are "Easy Care". Are any normal, untreated cotton?
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    A different full/half canvas, fused/sewn question: When does it matter most?

    Honestly, you're getting stressed out over things beyond your control. Some of the questions you're asking are very difficult to answer. Maybe only the company that manufactured said fusible, and had a staff of scientists test its lab performance, would have the answer. Know that a gazillion...
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    A different full/half canvas, fused/sewn question: When does it matter most?

    From what I've seen, good online MTM tailors would not offer fully fused. They might offer half and full canvas options. Since it looks like you'll spend a good portion of the week in suits, I would advise getting a second pair of trousers. To answer your original question, canvas option should...
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    Black Dress Shirts

    I don't think Lands End has must-iron in black. CT might. A black French cuff shirt might just be such a unicorn that you'd have to get it made. Why presume most people haven't tried black shirts? In my earlier days I got a package of white and black "uniform" shirts. To the extent you are...
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    Black Dress Shirts

    Ready to wear black untreated cotton shirts will be hard. Black tennis shirts are more plentiful, although equally abhorrent to me lol. Not knowing your price point, my shot in the dark is to suggest online custom shirts, so-called MTM. They can be as low as $50-60 a shirt, but you have to be...
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    Black Dress Shirts

    Alright, you did ask for advice, but also tried to justify your choice. Hence the many responses; it's an internet forum after all. My advice is, if you want to wear them, focus on fit and quality of fabric, then details like collars and cuffs. A good first step is moving off non-iron fabrics...
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    Black Dress Shirts

    Dude read your own posts. You think I'm going to quote them back to you?
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    Black Dress Shirts

    You got the advice you seek: a portion of the forum thinks they stink. Can you take this like a big boy? Here's also what you might discover when you move into the real world: Many people won't wear rainbow-theme suits. But why are they being so inflexible about rainbows!?
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    Black Dress Shirts

    Try the mirror you stand in front of every morning. All this coming from a guy that's used these words:
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    Black Dress Shirts

    "Treated" refers to the non-iron finish Lands End puts on the shirts. Many here consider non-iron shirts to be unnatural. Bottom line: Why are you pushing black shirts on people? I'm sure plenty of people could "look good" in ripped jeans; if they put in the effort, they could "rock" a black...
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    Black Dress Shirts

    Says the person who bothered to search for the picture and slobbers over it to high heaven: so interesting!, so unique!
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    Black Dress Shirts

    OP: Can you tell us more about the black shirt(s) in your pics? Who made them, what they're made of, and if they are treated or not. They appear quite shiny. A black cotton shirt without any finish on top fades quicker than lighter colored shirts. You will end up with a dingy, tired color that...
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    Black Dress Shirts

    Perhaps you are seduced by the model's classically handsome features. In case no one taught you, good-looking people look good in just about anything. Heck, they look good even without clothes! :crazy:
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    Black Dress Shirts

    For "fashion forward" hit the streetwear sub-forum. Getting negative responses for black shirts on the Classic Menswear forum is entirely predictable. Thinking that black is different while white and blue are boring is a very one-dimensional (shall I say black-and-white?) way of thinking...
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    A different full/half canvas, fused/sewn question: When does it matter most?

    OP, why do you need to have so many suits made all at once? Go slow, or you risk biting off more than you can chew. Incrementalism is the key: maybe get a half canvas navy blazer which should cover about 70% of your needs. Wear it for 2-3 months; assess fit, fabric weight/quality, construction...
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    Grant Stone - Official Affiliate Thread

    The shape of your penny loafers would look good for tassel loafers too, I think. If you could make them with Brooks Brothers type back, I'd definitely pick up.
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    Why a Black Suit is the Most Versatile Choice

    I'm of the opinion that black is suboptimal for anything but shoes. Shades of navy or charcoal do a better job than black for anything else.
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    Offical Barbour Thread

    Get all the rips and holes sewn/patched up. A stitch in time and all that. Barbour is one of those things that look better beat up than new.
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    The Official Alden Thread for 2019 - Share Reviews, Sizing, Advice, and Photos.

    For the Brooks/Alden cordovan tassels, is the advice to go 1/2 size up? I'm pretty normal 9D with a higher instep. I like loafers to fit comfortably not tight, and I read the Aberdeen last of the BB tassel loafers pinch the toes. Should I go up to 9.5D, or stay with 9D?

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