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  1. garmentmerchant

    Robert Palmer: Best Dressed Rocker Ever?

    Robert Palmer was great. I had an addicted to love video, which I sold at a flea market for $2 I had no idea at the time that that video was worth over $200 it was some special limited edition from my moms collection
  2. garmentmerchant

    favorite sandwich from childhood

    Peanut butter and jelly man my self, but i do love a peanut butter and fluff marshmallow my candian french teacher told us about it, she said it was a canadian thing
  3. garmentmerchant

    Watering holes - best bars/clubs in your town

    believe it or not I havent been to any baltiomre or dc bars, when i was into bar crawling I frequented Nashvilles second ave, and printers alley my favorite was graham central station fun crowd.
  4. garmentmerchant


    I used to have one 15 years ago. My grandfather said he would give me $20 if i never wore one again, and i havent since.
  5. garmentmerchant

    Magic Show in DC - Obama Benefit

    Really good to hear Magician, you know my cheap ass cant swing the 500, but keep us posted let us know how it goes.
  6. garmentmerchant

    Donald Trump Signature Collection ties

    NO there is nothing wrong with them as a matter of fact the licensee who produces them for donald trump also make ties for Ike Behar, brooks brothers, and jos a bank many other famous brands
  7. garmentmerchant

    Do you generally tip for in-home deliveries?

    I dont tip, maybe a dick move but those guys are getting paid to deliver your stuff and you already paid the delviery fee as well, but if you feel so inclined $10 would bring a smile to there face for sure
  8. garmentmerchant

    People never make enough gravy!

    definately its time for change
  9. garmentmerchant

    How many of us are above 200 lbs?

    some of you guys sound like you could be on the defensive line. Im thin and tall kind of gangly looking i guess would be the adjective 6' 1 165
  10. garmentmerchant

    Relationship drama followed me home

    "You ever get the feeling she's cheating on you?"- Office Space Glad you didnt let her fuck you off I say get the last laugh go with the milhouse approach
  11. garmentmerchant

    Are you an asshole?

    Yeah im too nice of a guy im borderline pussy. If i hadnt been to combat id be full blown pussy
  12. garmentmerchant


    I had a brother typewriter in HS real pain in the ass if you mess up
  13. garmentmerchant

    ?s about auto insurance premium increase

    Yes geico will jump at least mine did. I am now with state farm. Your over 25 right.
  14. garmentmerchant

    People never make enough gravy!

    I love the gravy also. A lot of people make the gravy out of the juices in the pan, sometimes there just isnt enough juice
  15. garmentmerchant

    mushroom khakis and blue shirt

    I wear the same combination. IMO its ok. I see the look of disgust on your faces already.
  16. garmentmerchant

    how long does it take to get from size 35 chest to size 38?

    I am one of those people that believe your body will only get so big even with lifting all the time. I know i will be corrected, but even at my peak of lifting and working out everyday the most i gain is an inch maybe 2. Cant find a 36? How old are you? You may still have some growing years...
  17. garmentmerchant

    I hate malls

    In response to the OP and any other Macys mall shoppers. I was reading a publication for menswear retailers and their was a special feature on Macys Alfani red line. It has been among there top products as far as sales goes. They launched last season and it has been huge for them. It is supposed...
  18. garmentmerchant

    Chinese/Indian Jones South Park

    Butters is awesome I think he is one of the best characters on the show.
  19. garmentmerchant

    Obama tie knot

    looks like 1/2 windsor to me

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