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  1. Reggs

    Official: Superhero, Comic Book, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, etc... FILM THREAD

    Race is one of many variables a character can posses that audience members can find relatable. That's not to say it's the only one. To say otherwise is just idealistic SJW drivel.
  2. Reggs

    Official: Superhero, Comic Book, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, etc... FILM THREAD

    Who would make a good protagonist for such a film? Not saying non-asians would not want to see it, but the hero would certainly be less relatable to much of the audience. I also just can't see asians seeing the movie as some sort of cultural event where they go to the theatres in the...
  3. Reggs

    Official: Superhero, Comic Book, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, etc... FILM THREAD

    I wonder how this will turn out. Asians are such a small percentage of the American population and they tend not to buy into this silly identity politics bullshit. They are probably hoping that it will sell well in China. Apparently they don't have the rights to the main villian. I bet they...
  4. Reggs

    Official: Superhero, Comic Book, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, etc... FILM THREAD

    There is a rumor that they might make Scar white. https://thedisinsider.com/2018/03/19/exclusive-scar-expected-to-have-a-different-look-in-the-lion-king-remake/
  5. Reggs

    Random health and exercise thoughts

    Been doing barbell hip thrusts. By far the best glute workout I've tried. I use the barbell pad when I do these. It's a regular part of my leg day now.
  6. Reggs


    Paul Joseph Watson's brows have a similar growth pattern, but without a prominent peak. Google him for reference. If anything Id just try to minimize the peak at the top with plucking or cutting and leave it at that.
  7. Reggs

    Random health and exercise thoughts

    I'm a bit under that body fat %. For me, adding a breakfast usually means I eat less over the course of the day. I usually have oats or cereal, but if I try to lose weight I make green smoothies instead. All have a lot of filling fiber. Outside of that I just snack a bit less, and I just make...
  8. Reggs

    things that are making you happy

    I never really drank whisky straight before. I just recently started. I find myself just holding the glass to my nose and inhaling the alcohol vapors. It makes my nose tingle. Does anyone else enjoy this? I think I enjoy it more than drinking it.
  9. Reggs

    things that are making you happy

    Congrats! What is the nature of your business?
  10. Reggs

    How Not to Store Your Rollerblades

    It's really not much of a loss. All the components and wheels ect they use today are much better I've read. I have a decent pair and they are lasting so much longer than when I had a nice pair as a teen, and I weigh more now too. It's fun exercise. I skate around the city streets at night. I'm...
  11. Reggs

    What Movies Are You Watching Lately

    I saw Alien Covenant. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie despite knowing a lot could be nit picked apart. The characters were uninteresting, and David's character just seemed inconsistent with how he was in the previous movie. That said the action and atmosphere were great. It was a fun horror movie.
  12. Reggs

    Thinking of Changing my Career to Sales. Any advice?

    Hello friends, My whole career has been in marketing. I have a degree in it and I'm good at it. This was mostly in the capacity of being a Marketing Manager and Marketing Director. It was always direct marketing too, meaning my performance was based on specific KPIs. I had a change when I got...
  13. Reggs

    Video Games

    I got Prey for $20 on Steam and it's a very fun and polished single player game. It's similar gameplay to Half-Life or Dishonored. You have a tech tree and decide what abilities your character develops, so you can stealth through a level, kill everything in sight, or hack all the computers and...
  14. Reggs

    Official: Superhero, Comic Book, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, etc... FILM THREAD

    The book really isnt that good, but I admit I was a total sucker for the nostalgia so I still enjoyed it. The characters really suck, but I think the world is a great idea and hope they open it up for other writers to make new stories with it.
  15. Reggs

    things that are making you happy

    I had sex on a beach today. No one was around. Planned for a day with low UV index. Mark that off my bucket list.
  16. Reggs

    What TV Series Are You Streaming Lately?

    I find this show so funny. The casting is perfect all around, especially Dylan. I'd say anyone who enjoyed Trailer Park Boys should probably see this.
  17. Reggs

    Random health and exercise thoughts

    Hey guys, I did barbell hip thrusts for the first time. I watched this video for form: https://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/main/popup/name/barbell-hip-thrust It felt amazing. I really felt the burn in my gluts and the soreness came on early after.
  18. Reggs

    Random health and exercise thoughts

    Cottage cheese The Wasa crackers are not easy to eat. I need to have the munchies to eat them. I don't like the packaging either because they open and you can't close them. I cringe thinking of all the dust that falls in there. You cant turn it on the side or anything either because of the...
  19. Reggs

    Random health and exercise thoughts

    Recently started buying triscuits and eating them with fat free cottage cheese. Seems like a healthy snack. I bet there are more healthy crackers to be found than triscuts however.
  20. Reggs

    TyCooN's Official Boxing Thread

    Post fight conference:

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