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    Bow Ties

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    The SF Martial Arts Thread

    Never forget:
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    The SF Martial Arts Thread

    There are plenty of combatants that aren't employees of a national military organisation. Aside from PMCs, volunteer groups are common (the Kosovo Liberation Army, ISIS, or going further back: ZANLA or even Mandela's ANC) and don't always draw from former military personnel. You could even argue...
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    The SF Martial Arts Thread

    I think you misunderstand my point, or I misunderstand your reply. I object to the idea of "lethality" being used to describe modern martial arts, which are a form of sports, with some of the hobbyists being a bit more willing to take damage than others. The limitations that BJJ imposes on...
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    Friday Challenge June 2019 : MILITARY INSPIRED

    Some inspiration with SW&D vibe: Jean Sassi, a legendary "behind enemy lines" former Jedburgh paratrooper who set up multiple resistance networks in Indochina: Mermoz, an aviator with a bit of an @UrbanComposition vibe: Lt Col 'Paddy' Mayne, who under (Sir) David Stirling blew up many...
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    Friday Challenge June 2019 : MILITARY INSPIRED

    To be fair it is extraordinarily hard to own firearms in the UK ;)
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    The SF Martial Arts Thread

    Why define combat as 1-on-1 in a room with a well padded floor and practitioners who stop before death? How long would you last in Sarajevo during the Kosovo war, or Helmand Province during recent operations, or Yemen right now amongst the PMC teams paid for by your taxes? Yes, UFC 1 gave a...
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    Who still wears a suit to work?

    Here's a show that uses clothes to quickly put its actors into the right boxes to set up the drama for the audience efficiently: Quick, which one is the MBA who worked in corporate? Which one is the VC? Which one is the rebel coding genius who doesn't give a crap?
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    Who still wears a suit to work?

    I don't get the Berlin fashion hate. It is a city with a lot of distinctive dressers who are free enough, and far enough from "business cities", to do what they like in a very intentional way, and in a way that diverges from US streetwear. To take a famous(ish) example: Sven Marquardt. But you...
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    The Look goes on...

    The Inspector neck to neck with EFV! (7-7) Let's vote strategically here so we get a fun challenge next week ;)
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    Who still wears a suit to work?

    Come on Frère Alain, you read the man earlier. The back of his neck may be getting dirty and gritty, surrounded by people looking half dead, but at night it's a different world, dressed so fine and looking so pretty.
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    Who still wears a suit to work?

    I'd like to ask about something. I've noticed a number of you lot adopting a certain casual approach to spelling and grammar in communication. How is that possible given the strict drafting standards at these firms? Is it a struggle with mobile keyboards? Thankfully my lawyer is as conscientious...
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    Who still wears a suit to work?

    Change coverage? I'm sure the insurance or government finance guys still wear suits.
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    Random Fashion Thoughts (Part 3: Style farmer strikes back) - our general discussion thread

    The advantage of hotels is the stalking of customers is presumably more professional and less likely to lead to leaks.
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    Who still wears a suit to work?

    This is exactly what many here mean with the American centric worldview. You might not be wrong, but you're missing part of the picture by asserting confidently that the 1960s LBGT+ were the pioneers. For example, post-WWI, fashion in Paris especially but Europe generally preferred a thinner...
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    Who still wears a suit to work?

    "The most dangerous form of stupid comment is not the long but mistaken argument, but the dumb joke. Long but mistaken arguments are actually quite rare. There is a strong correlation between comment quality and length; if you wanted to compare the quality of comments on community sites, average...
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    Who still wears a suit to work?

    Well caught, the second is actually Baruto Kaito / Kaido Höövelson who was a phenomenally successful sumo wrestler who after retiring due to injuries still managed a bit of MMA (avert your eyes Fok...) before getting medalled and elected back home. Am I making your point? Well, maybe, but also...
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    Who still wears a suit to work?

    What's the difference between these then?
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    Who still wears a suit to work?

    You are, though, doing the same to Kilo on the basis of his ideas as he does on the basis of clothing. He is describing the algorithm he uses for deciding how to spend his time on interaction with other humans. It is clearly different from that used by many here, and I suspect at least...
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    The SF Martial Arts Thread

    To be fair though most of that is written in your genes. My grandfather fought a number of France's wars starting aged 17 in Africa, including the second time against the Germans and quite some time in Indochina, smoked 2+ packets a day all his life, drank and otherwise lived life as you might...

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