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  1. RogerP

    Skoaktiebolaget – Löf & Tung, Carlos Santos, Enzo Bonafé, Saint Crispin’s, Paolo Scafora, Rubinacci

    ZeRo difference in comfort or longevity GYW versus HW over multiple examples of each. Number one factor in comfort is how well the last mimics the dimensions of your foot. Number 2 is materials. HW has practically nothing to do with comfort. My most comfortable pairs are pretty evenly split...
  2. RogerP

    Poor man's watch thread

    Goddam that's nice.
  3. RogerP

    Ideas for a Summer Boot

    I barely consider chukkas to be boots, but they are a great choice for any season of the year.
  4. RogerP

    Poor man's watch thread

    I can go faster without dying. Take a trip down to 2000m and let me know how it went, 'kay?
  5. RogerP

    Carlos Santos Shoes - Feedback & Appreciation

    Like any patinaed shoe that blends more than one shade, no single colour will match all of those shades. Use neutral wax or cream for general maintenance and only use colour to touch up scuffs.
  6. RogerP

    Sons of Henrey - Shoes of timeless elegance - Official Affiliate Thread

    @Notch feel free to use any of my pics anytime.
  7. RogerP

    Poor man's watch thread

    Well the boots and vintage Seikos serve a purpose - though I agree that none are necessities. Perhaps a better way to phrase it is why do people see value in having a watch that can withstand multiple times greater depths than they can. "Overengineered" is perhaps one way to describe it...
  8. RogerP

    Poor man's watch thread

    Why does anyone need a 1000 m rated watch? Not like you can survive at that depth - is it some comfort to you that your watch can?
  9. RogerP

    Poor man's watch thread

    I disagree. When you have an auto with power reserve you quickly understand that 20 turns of the Crown + wearing the watch brings it to full power and keeps it there. That's the function of automatic winding - like having your phone permanently hooked up to a battery charger. The power reserve...
  10. RogerP


    Thanks for organizing - it was a most enjoyable event and fun to meet some fellow forumites. Thanks also to Spier and Mackay for hosting - most generous of you! The new shoe line is off to a great start and I look forward to seeing what new models emerge.
  11. RogerP


    Aha lol! Nope. Office goes straight casual for the summer. In a cotton jacket, chinos and polo I am "dressed up". Wore a navy blazer and tie yesterday for a meeting and I'm pretty sure mine was the only tie in the office.
  12. RogerP


    You can uncross them - Jodhpurs are on. :fistbump:
  13. RogerP

    Poor man's watch thread

  14. RogerP


    Yes indeed - I'm still in - who else?
  15. RogerP

    Poor man's watch thread

    That Timex is pretty sweet!
  16. RogerP

    Poor man's watch thread

    ^^^ Very nice - and very generous!
  17. RogerP

    Boots Boots Boots - For Boot Guys Only

    Totally awesome DIY. I've only tried hand-stitching leather once (for a knife sheath). Never again.
  18. RogerP

    Poor man's watch thread

    I didn't look this good when I was 42 years old.
  19. RogerP

    Boots Boots Boots - For Boot Guys Only

    Those are absolutely sublime.
  20. RogerP

    The Ultimate Vass (Footwear) Thread (Pictures, reviews, sizing, etc...)

    After about 8 months of wearing boots almost exclusively, strapping on a pair of shoes feels.... weird. A bit insubstantial - like, is that all there is? I do love this pair, though. Austerity brogues in navy museum that is (weirdly) much darker than standard and all but bereft of the...

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