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  1. Osprey Guy

    FS: Creed Green Irish Tweed and Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

    Bottle of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather arrived today. I'm very pleased. Dennis aka Osprey_guy
  2. Osprey Guy

    Canvassed suit drenched

    +1 for Parkway Cleaners. I started using them over 15 yrs ago and they are the best! They are not your typical neighborhood dry cleaner. They know more about caring for fine, high-end garments than most (staff members with specialty backgrounds in textiles, etc). And this is one cleaners...
  3. Osprey Guy

    What can I wear this shirt with?

    OMG. What an unbelievably bad (not to mention boring) suggestion. I never fail to be amazed at how many uptight guys hang out in the SF, bashing anything that even hints of risk . Herd mentality at its finest. In spite of how it may appear in the close-up shot, the fabric of the shirt is...
  4. Osprey Guy

    What can I wear this shirt with?

    Ridiculous comment. Although best as sport shirts, when done well dark shirts can look great on anyone. BTW- Your shirt is quite nice. Very reminiscent of a dark purple, Gucci shirt I bought at Neiman's nearly 20 years ago (I liked it so much that I also bought it in a deep rust color). Still...
  5. Osprey Guy

    Martin Dingman Belt, Nordstrom Rack

    Most of the Dingman belts at the Rack come directly from the manufacturer and are the same quality as those found in the mainline store (perhaps 10% of the Dingman's at the Rack are markdowns that came from the mainline stores). As near as I can tell the belts are not made-up specifically for...
  6. Osprey Guy

    Nordstrom Rack = marginal quality...

    I have discussed this at length with numerous store employees and managers... and it is simply not true. Rack merchandise that actually originates from Nordstrom stores is first shipped to a central distribution center where it is then allocated to stores in other parts of the country. The...
  7. Osprey Guy

    Nordstrom Rack = marginal quality...

    This was exactly what I found at the Sawgrass Mills store. And that's why I was so stunned. Not only was it all crap...but the department was just a fraction of our men's shoe dept!! We've obviously got one of the (few remaining) good stores in the chain. While we certainly get our share of the...
  8. Osprey Guy

    Nordstrom Rack = marginal quality...

    From what I've heard (and seen) a lot depends on the store. The Rack near us is one of the top performing stores in the chain, and as such the store is "rewarded" with better stock. The store is just minutes from my house and I'm in there a lot. More often than not I'll find a gem or two (It...
  9. Osprey Guy

    These shoes are just Magnanni's...But I couldn't resist

    Thanks. Regarding the price...As stated previously: MSRP was $395. I paid $199. I had to run over to Nordstrom's earlier this evening....needed a Mom's Day gift for my wife. Actually, we didn't go out tonight and I was just looking for another excuse to tryout the new Magnanni's. I thought they...
  10. Osprey Guy

    These shoes are just Magnanni's...But I couldn't resist

    This is the first pair of Magnannis that I've ever tried on...least of all owned. Considering the opinions I've read here in the SF (and the way Magnanni's are somewhat disparaged), I wasn't expecting much. However, while they are not nearly as "solid" as the pair of Canali's I recently...
  11. Osprey Guy

    These shoes are just Magnanni's...But I couldn't resist

    Right time, right place... These showed up at the Rack a few days ago and liking the way they looked, I grabbed them. When I got home I decided that they were even nicer than they looked in the store. The last is somewhat slender and just a bit elongated. Nice. And a bonus... they fit great! I...
  12. Osprey Guy

    Please talk me out of spending $800 on Canali shoes

    I scored a pair of Canali loafers last month. Done in a very dark blue, antique finish. I usually have a difficult time getting loafers to fit me well...But these have turned out to be one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I've owned... And I get a ton of compliments ever time I wear them! I...
  13. Osprey Guy

    Vintage Versace/ Istante items

    I too have a pretty fair number of items that I've only just recently starting pulling from my extensive collection. Shoes, belts, shirts, jeans (including very high-end "Signature" jeans that pre-date Jeans Couture), a jacket or two including some leather pieces, maybe some ties. All are from...
  14. Osprey Guy

    Please recommend a maker of hight-end party dress shirt

    Excellent choice! Dennis
  15. Osprey Guy

    The official thrift/discount store bragging thread

    Saturday night I lucked into a very rare find at The Rack. It was only by pure chance that I even spotted them. They're a size 41- They fit like a small US 9 but were tagged by the store as size 8 1/2. Someone had stuck them in with the 10's and as luck would have it, as I was leaving the...
  16. Osprey Guy

    Please recommend a maker of hight-end party dress shirt

    You can see (and order) many shirts from the Duchamp line at Duchamp's website (many other designs are not sold online but rather sold exclusively in stores such as Nordstrom): Duchamp website Side note regarding Duchamp's socks: If you look around the site you'll come across their socks...
  17. Osprey Guy

    Please recommend a maker of hight-end party dress shirt

    I've always loved to wear fun, sport shirts. And for the past 25 years I've amassed a huge collection of what most would consider as "party" shirts. Some of the very best have already been mentioned... Etro- Among the all-time kings of "party shirts"...Etro was doing contrast patterns with...
  18. Osprey Guy

    HOF: What Are You Wearing Right Now - Part II

    Shot in my workshop... Sorry about the crappy photo. Apparently my camera was in a temperamental mood...and I didn't feel like re-shooting it. Shirt- Robert Graham, Lt Blue "Moneybags" w/Navy & White ribbon detail running under the placket T-shirt- Merona "Ultimate" T-Shirt (Target) Pants-...
  19. Osprey Guy

    Creepy Sartorial Images

    Well, I guess I got what I deserved. Should have known better than to post pics anywhere in the SF, which could potentially be shown out of context. There's always gonna be some predatory newbie around here waiting to pounce. Surprise Find @ Target- Fun, comfy, mid-calf socks (almost...
  20. Osprey Guy

    Surprise Find @ Target- Fun, comfy, mid-calf socks (almost OTC). Crazy Cheap!

    Sounds about right. And a very conservative estimate of over 100K in shirts..... I wish I could say the same for the way I now fit into pants. Happily I've lost 31 lbs over the past 12 months. I was actually starting to push a size 40 when I decided that something had to be done (weight gain...

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