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  1. Superb0bo

    Best of 2017!

    This used to be an annual happening, that I miss (sign of increasingly advanced age I guess). What are your favorite buys/kops of 2017? You can also name least favorites of course. Mine: Waldviertler "Phönix" shoes, black - a very strong senior/ortho vibe, but oh such a nice fit, and ticks...
  2. Superb0bo

    Margaret Howell/MHL

    So, whats the deal? The MHL items at Tres biens looks fucking great. Worth the price?
  3. Superb0bo

    Does your style match your taste in music?

    Inspired by the recent WYWT talk about listening to this, whearing that, its time to get to the bottom of this. My style as a teen and early 20s was heavily inspired by music (goth - black shit, hip hop - street... yes), but now adays it seems like the obvious connection is gone. For instance...
  4. Superb0bo

    Field & Stream revival

    So, as selectism noticed, Field & Stream is back with a bit more design oriented collection. The good thing is it still looks simple and functional, and comes with a rather low price tag. This shirt looks interesting for example. Anyone tried the new stuff? Opinions? I have several flannel...
  5. Superb0bo

    Dressing ones age?

    After receiving alot of rather harsh criticism on superfuture on my latest fit pic, for looking bland, generic and old mannish, and being encourged to embrace my youth to get some fashion edge, it made me wonder if dressing your age is something you conciously have to do to be "stylish"? Im the...
  6. Superb0bo

    (What) Should I wear this (with)?

    Unsure if a thread like this exist, but my idea is that most posters probably have some weird pieces they are unsure off in the closet. If you post pics of the said piece worn, the rest of the jolly crew can judge if, and if so with what the piece could be worn and styled. I´ll start out. Im...
  7. Superb0bo

    "Vibe synergy"

    Just considered the arbitrary rules I make up for myself when combining clothes, as most stuff I wear is retro in one way or the other, and probably orginally intented for a specific wear. For example, today im wearing vintage carpenter jeans with a RL western shirt (and a 60/40 outdoors...
  8. Superb0bo

    Denim trousers

    Ive been on the lookout for this for awhile, something that combines my love for denim with my boredom with 5 pocket jeans II got the feeling denim trousers would be easy and versatile to wear aswell, can be dressed "up" or "down". Basically, Im looking for trousers/chinos in denim preferebly...
  9. Superb0bo

    workwear, authenticity, details and context

    The discussion with Pink Panter in wywth made me realise this is an interesting topic. Quoting Pinky "Though, admittedly those little authentic details - the cigarette pockets, hammer loops, tripod pockets, etc. always turn me off from buying the workwear stuff because they seem like a museum...
  10. Superb0bo

    JC Penneys American Living

    I saw some discussion about this on Ask andys trad, and since it supposedly involves Ralph Lauren somehow, it could be interesting? Any experiences of quality? Im looking at a pair of carpenter pants that looks cool, but I hate flimsey materials...
  11. Superb0bo

    Too much clothing?

    I feel like I just have "too" much clothes, but I still keep getting new ones. I have maybe 10 denims jackets, loads of shirts, 60+shoes, but only use a fraction etc. Pants bother me the most, since I have alot of pants I like and want to wear, and my ideal obviously is worn in, "rugged" pants...
  12. Superb0bo


    Anyone a fan? I realise this is more along the Mens clothing lines, but since we´re on an EG craze in here... Traditional sporting clothes with a preppy edge, that imo could be worn very similar to EG. I only got one piece myself (mechanics sweater vest, which is good quality) and am eying the...
  13. Superb0bo

    Easy penny loafers?

    I need pointers on what brands to look after for easy penny loafers, easy being on the casual side. Rubber sole, beef rolls, brown as opposed to burgundy is what im looking for. As cheap as possible, and easy to get hold of online. I dont mind "dad brands". Sebago or something like...
  14. Superb0bo

    Japanese blogs?

    I´m looking for japanese blogs and sites with alot of pictures of "EG -style", the japanese mix of street/casual/trad/whatever . im thinking of sites like http://www.loftman.co.jp/coop-umeda/blog.html anything similar out there? Its really interesting and inspirational to see how they...
  15. Superb0bo

    Where is your style going?

    Do you have a clear sense of direction or development, to you just change at random or dont you change at all? How does inspiration influence what you eventually will end up looking like? Ive noticed myself being more interested in the "preppy/trad" look (oxfords, bow ties, cords...) but...
  16. Superb0bo

    good cords?

    which companies are offering good cotton cords, in not too slim fits? Looking for something on the heavy side, interested in both 5 pocket styles and traditional cords. Straight leg before tapered fits... cords!
  17. Superb0bo

    The casual / streetwear tie?

    Inspired by my recent purchase (tartan pendleton tie) I feel the need for this thread I pretty much inspired by EG styling of ties (which made me even want one in the first place), and the very casual way of wearing them, but are there any other good examples? ralph lauren perhaps? Feel free...
  18. Superb0bo

    Casual leather shoes?

    Ive come to realise that I need some leather (dress) shoes to wear casually, in this vein: those look like loafers, but lace ups are probably more my thing. I guess im looking for something plain toe and sturdy, brown or burgundy.. ideas? Im pretty much lost here, having focused on work boots...
  19. Superb0bo

    How does these frames work with my face?

    First of all, im really unsure if this is the right sub-forum, since my question concerns "style" aswell, but what the heck. I´ve been looking for some new glasses/frames to actually wear all the time. These where the best I could find. I wanted to avoid hipster, Sartre (hence not getting...
  20. Superb0bo

    searching for lookalike pants

    Im pretty much in love with these: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/royalskool/801457/830291/, http://www.rakuten.co.jp/awish/392366/396993/1800997/ pants. Love the anti-fit fit, high rise, color and the exposed buttons. Any pants in this vein thats made by an US or european brand? The Kapital pants are...

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