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  1. soupcxan

    Allen Edmonds black McAllister men’s shoes 10.5D wingtips

    Selling my Allen Edmonds black McAllister men’s shoes in 10.5D. I purchased these classic wingtips new from Zappos on 4/21/2009 (receipt included) and they are in used but good condition having been worn approximately twice a week. I’ll include the original red Allen Edmunds shoe bags. They need...
  2. soupcxan

    Dress shoes and foot corns?

    Thanks for all the advice. I think I am going to try a bunion stretcher - I wanted something to stretch my shoes in that spot but didn't know what it was called. And I may try going down a half size but up in the width (e.g. from 10.5D to 10E or something like that).
  3. soupcxan

    Dress shoes and foot corns?

    I have two pairs of AE shoes - Park Ave and Mcallister - both 10.5D (and both are the 5 last). I've been wearing them for about 3 years, alternating between them during the work week. Lately I have developed corns on the outside edge of my pinkie toes on both feet. Until these developed, the...
  4. soupcxan

    Shrinking rise on BB Fitzgerald suits?

    I have several Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald suits in 38R purchased over the last 2 years. I just ordered a couple more from the website and after trying them on, I find the rise to be way too short if the pants are sitting at my natural waist. Is BB selling low-rise suits now? I measured the...
  5. soupcxan

    Who is making what for whom?

    I think you mean, who is making what for whom?
  6. soupcxan

    Most expensive repair on your watch?

    My new omega seamaster started freezing up overnight when it was only 6 months old. Sent it in and was repaired under warranty so I don't know the cost, but I later sold it and have no further interest in expensive automatic watches...my quartz Seiko works just fine (I do wish I could get a...
  7. soupcxan

    Best Tailor for Alterations in Dallas?

    I also recommend Cantu Tailors, I've never had a problem with their pricing but I've never had major work done there.
  8. soupcxan

    Polo Custom Fit vs. Brooks Brothers Slim Fit vs. Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit

    IMO you shouldn't fit your hands through the cuffs without unbuttoning them. That's why there are buttons. You can't fit your head through the neck without unbottoning it can you? Actually, I can:
  9. soupcxan

    Silk Robe Instability

    Velcro? MAGNETS!
  10. soupcxan

    Silk Robe Instability

    There is this wonderful new invention called a "safety pin." It was scientifically engineered to attach one piece of fabric to another. Look into it.
  11. soupcxan

    Brooks Brothers Friends & Family Sale 2010

    Today I bought a Fitz navy blazer using the FF sale + $60 of BB rewards cards. The reason I did that is because I've never seen the classic blazers go on clearance and don't expect them to. Well that and the fact that the blazer was of better quality than the suit in terms of fit and...
  12. soupcxan

    Self-alterations: how hard is it to hem your own suit pants?

    I'm trying to get my suit pant length just right and I find that the tailors usually overshoot or undershoot regardless of what I tell them. For plain finished bottoms (not cuffed), how hard is it to do this yourself? I looked up instructions on doing a blind stitch by hand (I don't have a...
  13. soupcxan

    When should I purchase Brooks Brother suit?

    If you had a corporate discount, they bumped it up from 15% off to 25% last weekend. Oddly, their website was giving even bigger discounts on suits with the corporate code. I bought a $1099 Fitzgerald 1818 Saxxon for $562. Basically it applied the 2 for $1499 deal then took 25% off without...
  14. soupcxan

    Any experience with Richard Anderson Ltd.?

    Richard Anderson you say? I had no idea MacGuyver was so multi-talented!
  15. soupcxan

    Dress Pants

    The problem is you bought dress pants, which are baggy, like a woman's dress. You should've asked for office pants, which are tight, like a cubicle.
  16. soupcxan

    Cashmere cardigans with no shirt underneath (or undershirt)

    Looks nice on women. Especially the double-breasted kind. Aren't most women double-breasted?
  17. soupcxan

    Ebay-seller wont sell at winning price

    I had one ebay sale go somewhat awry: I sold a 1952 Willys which I had painstakingly restored. The buyer sent a yokel to come pick up the car. Pulled out of my driveway straight into a moving car. The front end was completely jacked. The new owner was upset, but the money had changed hands and...
  18. soupcxan

    Why does one pair of AE's hurt my toes?

    I bought a pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in 10.5D. They were comfortable. A few months later I bought the AE Mcallister in 10.5D to rotate with the PA. They're both on the 5 last. Several months have gone by and while the Mcallister seems to fit the same when you put it on, I find that it...
  19. soupcxan

    underclothing/undergarment to save time and money washing?

    I believe that sweat glands can be removed surgically. That plus your merino wool thermals would do the trick.
  20. soupcxan

    What the Hell Happened to My Red Wing GTs?

    You: I wore these boots in the snow. Can you fix them? Cobbler: You did WHAT? My boy, this is what you were supposed to do with the boots after you wore them [picks up boots and puts them in the trash]. Seriously, I suggest you immediately return these boots, purchase a new pair, and then put...

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