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  1. desert_fox

    quilted leather gloves

    I bought my mother a pair of Michael Kors leather gloves and I actually like the look and design. i cannot find any decent looking men's quilted leather gloves. typically quilted leather is more female? seems female gloves look more streamline? any suggestions? id buy these if they could...
  2. desert_fox

    quarter life crisis

    It hit me too. the quarter life crisis does exists. I do not feel I need to be married or have kids but it hits you when so many people have kids/married and you are solo. I am 29 yrs old and I have it together in most eyes (career, friends, family, good looks, fun, outgoing) but I felt I was...
  3. desert_fox

    Cars We Drive!

     one of my all time favs e30 m3 1988-1991
  4. desert_fox

    Cars We Drive!

    the german panzer
  5. desert_fox

    Cars We Drive!

    daily is a 2001 bmw 740i sport with 160k on the clock - I need new spark plugs and an oil change. I hope to get it to 200k with no serious repairs. I will keep it till it dies on me. I love that car for driving in and out for work. weekend fun car is a jaguar xkr red vert (had to the top down...
  6. desert_fox

    Saks Fifth Avenue World Elite MasterCard?

     it was instant approval or decline
  7. desert_fox


    if it bothers see a laser scar consultant. but never expect to go away. it can be reduced but scars are forever.
  8. desert_fox

    Saks Fifth Avenue World Elite MasterCard?

    I had it, nothing too speical. bank is HSBC at thre end of the line. I just have the regular Saks store card
  9. desert_fox

    fixing a shirt when the tailor made the sleeves too tight

    Hello, I bought 5 new dress shirts and I told the tailor I need these taken in a bit mainly in the waist/back, well she pinned/measured and explained she has to do a slight bit of arms to make it flow, now the sleeves are too tight, I have bigger arms/shoulders than a normal person and she...
  10. desert_fox

    Overnight Acne Solution

    if it is really really important and a good sized pimple seek out your derm and ask for a kenelog injection. it will make the pimple go flat in 24 hours
  11. desert_fox

    bigger arms/big shoulders finding a decent light dinner blazer

     I went to both Macys and Saks yesterday and asked for a few sales reps/tried on some jackets and couldnt seem to find anything I liked. The style/look I prefer is the silm/modern look but nothing fits. and the classic look, well I found most of them ugly. too old manish. budget - $450...
  12. desert_fox

    bigger arms/big shoulders finding a decent light dinner blazer

    I am in the look for a light blazer (grey slight plaid) but I cannot find one that looks good that isnt slim cut. a good looking regular fit! please post suggestions 1. hugo boss no-go at Macys 2. ordered a nice CK only $70 no-go see pics of what I am looking at (DG is top image and other...
  13. desert_fox

    I want a card holder.

    I really want a stingray wallet after seeing PG's. But getting one would mean I would need a belt and shoes to match... I remember on a car forum a guy selling them. they looked awesome
  14. desert_fox

    I want a card holder.

    yves st or a band works for the ballers this is now on sale http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/...&bmUID=j4dyemL
  15. desert_fox

    ID this hugo boss jacket?

    I want this slim fit Hugo Boss jacket! it was at Macys on 34th st biggest size they had was a 42 Id need a 46 . thinking even in a 46 slim fit my shoulders.arm fit would be too tight ive searched around online but no luck.
  16. desert_fox

    How does your environment affect your style?

    I live in Scottsdale/phx AZ so its hot out alot! I do not own heavy winter clothes, I do not wear suits in the summer (dont have too) and shorts/ short sleeve shirts play a big role I work in finance but do not meet clients so our dress code is a bit laid back
  17. desert_fox

    Wanted: BMW repair cost horror stories...

    I have owned 2 bmw's an e46m3 cabrio and currently my daily is a 2001 bmw 740i sport my m3 had issues as I drove it so hard and drove it all god's half acre too. my 740i looks awesome and has 150k on the dash get a PPI before buying used and find a good indi shop who will work on your car...
  18. desert_fox

    D&G Dress shoes - width

    will stop by locally to try on before ordering
  19. desert_fox

    Bespoke Overload?

    OP, can we get a larger pic of the avatar? looks like a good time.
  20. desert_fox

    D&G Dress shoes - width

    looking at a pair of D&G dress shoes ONLINE and wondering if they run a bit more narrow than most shoes? Id almost assume so as most of their clothes seem to run a bit smaller. I have wider than normal feet and just wondering on standard D&G shoes. appears no option to order "wide"

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