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  1. mt_spiffy

    Help finding a specific suit

    I'm looking for a very specific suit, and while it doesnt seem like it should be that hard to find, I'm at a loss for exactly where to go. Here's what I'd like: -charcoal as dark as possible without being black, either no pattern or a very subtle pattern -3 piece- vest with lapels -ticket...
  2. mt_spiffy

    Lined linen suit in the winter?

    I got this suit here, not realizing it was linen: It is lined, and a dark navy color. Is it acceptable to wear in the winter? Or do I wait for summer? In which case I wish I'd picked a lighter color.
  3. mt_spiffy

    Dry Cleaners in Madison WI

    Anyone else from South Central Wisconsin? If so, what dry cleaners do you use? I have not yet found an ideal combination of price and not-ruining-my-stuff. My best experiences have been with Best Cleaners on Raymond Road. They are about the same price as everyone else ($7/ea) but if you bring...
  4. mt_spiffy

    Found a Ted Laipdus Tuxedo made in Italy, is it interesting? Worth anything?

    Apparently I cant type . . . Ted Lapidus 48L-- no where near my size-- shut up-- but I picked it up anyways because it was made in Italy. It also says Paris Boutique Haute Couture. Did I find anything interesting?
  5. mt_spiffy

    Thinking of saving up for a new "real suit"

    I've got a few well fitting 100% wool numbers from the thrift store, and the RL you guys helped me buy. But lately I've been thinking of investing in a new "real suit" just to have one good one on hand. New is different than used. And to my loyal fans, dont worry, I wont forgo the 4 button, back...
  6. mt_spiffy

    Cordoroy suit still in style?

    I found, at the thrift store today, a 3 piece cordoroy suit complete with vest. It is my size albeit a bit short. In debating whether or not to buy it, I asked a friend who was with me. Her response was "oh no! of course not!" I asked "why not?" "because it's cordoroy. No one wears that shit any...
  7. mt_spiffy

    Are these sleeves too short?

    As per a couple of my other threads, I am slowly getting the majority of my clothes tailored to SF standards, or at least considerably closer too. It's a slow and expensive process. Here is a suit I am not sure about. Yes it's 4 buttons (I know, burn it, I never liked 4 buttons myself anyways)...
  8. mt_spiffy

    Faux Sleeve Buttonholes vs Sleeve Length

    I recently had the sleeves let out on a suit jacket, they were ~3/4" too short. The sleeves previously had 4 buttons with faux buttonholes. The tailor let the sleeves out from the ends and moved the buttons. However the faux buttonholes have been removed. Is this normal? Should I expect him or...
  9. mt_spiffy

    How Much Fabric Do You Leave Inside Your Pants Hem?

    When you get a new suit, and have the pants hemmed, or hem them yourself, how much extra fabric do you leave? I like 2-3" to account for changes in that might occur in my wearing, or tailor error. But most of the tailors I use will only leave 1" or so.
  10. mt_spiffy

    Serious question: How do you take fit pictures?

    So I've got a few suits that I would actually like some feedback on how they fit. I'd like to take some pictures for this purpose, but I dont know if there is a specific guide to how to take them-- how to stand, what angles are requested, etc. I searched the forums and didnt come up with...
  11. mt_spiffy

    Boston Store Yellow Tag Sale - 85% off

    I've picked up several nice dress shirts for $4-7. Not sure what other items they have, but it's definitely worth checking out!
  12. mt_spiffy

    Vintage suit skinny lapels no lining thin iridescent fabric... what is it?

    This was my thrift store find today, along with a basic gray 52L for my best friend who is larger. The only tag says Tropic Hall. Only the sleeves of the jacket and the sides around the sleeves are lined. What is it? What would you call it? What might the fabric be? What would you wear it...
  13. mt_spiffy

    Verse 9 Neckwear

    Anyone heard of them?
  14. mt_spiffy

    Some shoes slightly less flashy than my normal . . .

    Someone asked the question a while ago, if reading StyleForum would influence my taste. Maybe it has. I've found myself drawn to shoes slightly less . . . just LESS, than what I have previously bought. Somehow, I doubt very many people here will yet like them. But as seen in the past, I am not...
  15. mt_spiffy

    When an eBay purchase isnt exactly as described

    I bought this Ralph Lauren Polo Blazer on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=200238907553 It was advertised as "Condition: Like new" and a size 42. I knew it would run small based on the measurements, and was therefore not actually surprised to discover it was in fact a 40. (good...
  16. mt_spiffy

    French cuff buttons

    What are the buttons called used in casual French Cuff shirts in place of cuff links? They're essentially two regular shirt buttons sewn together that can be completely removed from the shirt . . . when in place they look like regular buttons. And, where can they be purchased? I have been...
  17. mt_spiffy

    As promised, pictures of my outfits

    There have been several (largely sarcastic) requests for my outfits in other threads, predominantly of the "I cant believe you wear that crap until I see it" variety. I promised to deliver pictures, and here they are. These are several outfits that I have worn recently and received numerous...
  18. mt_spiffy

    Thrift store leather coat - Can I do anything with this?

    I picked this up because it was too cheap not too. I like the overall shape and it fits me very well, but the pockets and the color turn me off. Should I: 1. Wear it as is? 2. Dye it black and wear it? 3. Sell it/eBay/give it away? I know little or nothing about leather coats.
  19. mt_spiffy

    Dress-casual shoes, boot/shoes, etc

    I've been posting in the Men's Clothing for a short while now, as I primarily wear suits, blazers, button down/up shirts, and dress shoes. However very very few people over there like the same sort of dress shoes I do, and a couple suggested I try my luck in this forum here. So I'm going to post...
  20. mt_spiffy

    Should I keep these shoes (I knew a couple others like the shoes I like, not many)

    Spotted these on clearance for $30 while my girl was shopping for designer tennis shoes. Was on the fence about them, but the return policy was liberal so I picked them up. My intention was/is to wear them with a linen blazer and jeans, or similar. Still cant decide what I think of them. If...

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