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  1. ChadHahn

    Biggest Things You Think Are Wrong With Fashion?

    The biggest thing I think is wrong with fashion is fit. You look at photos of people who are supposedly into fashion and their clothes are too small. The pants only come down to the ankle and jacket hems and sleeves are both too short. They look like they bought their clothes at a thrift...
  2. ChadHahn

    Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

    I use Lexol. It's generally available locally and works well. As soon as I get a bag I treat the leather since the straps seem to come dry. Chad
  3. ChadHahn

    Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

    I see that The Best Things still has their Filson overstock listed. It still has the old prices and is being cleared out at 20% off with free shipping. I bought my 257 from them and it was a good transaction. There isn't a wide selection but some good stuff. Chad
  4. ChadHahn

    Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

    I have used the warranty a couple of times with out any problem. I have a wallet and after a couple of years the thread holding the middle part falls out and I return it and get a new one. I call customer service and get a claim number and mail it in. In a few weeks I get a new wallet in the...
  5. ChadHahn

    Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

    I've been noticing the Filson briefcase on TV lately. First on the TV show Hannibal, the character Will Graham has a nicely beat up briefcase. Last night I saw one on the new Wendy's commercial being sported by a food blogger. Chad
  6. ChadHahn

    Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

    I have light computer bags, backpacks and other luggage but they are all stuck in the closet while I use the Filson. Light weight doesn't last long in the hold of a plane. Chad
  7. ChadHahn

    Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

    It was actually a total of 30% off not 40%. It still was a good deal I think. :) Chad
  8. ChadHahn

    Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

    I just received my 257 in brown. Brown was my third choice but the place I called was having a 30% off sale and was out of every other color. When I hesitated, he dropped the price another 10%. How could I say no! :slayer: So far I like the color. Of course I've only had it for about 30...
  9. ChadHahn

    Why are designer's print ads so horribly out of touch?

    There are twelve pages on how ineffective print ads are. I would say they are pretty effective. Chad
  10. ChadHahn

    Legit check on watch???

    Another way to tell is that it looks like it has Louis Vuitton written all over the rotor. That is generally done on fake watches. You often see fake Omegas that have that. Chad Do you guys read? You can see my post. I might not have been clear with what I meant by saying "written all over the...
  11. ChadHahn

    Legit check on watch???

    I would say most watch companies will have their name on the movement, in one way or the other, if it has a showcase back. This is what I'm talking about. Not a real Omega. The LV watch had something similar. Chad
  12. ChadHahn

    Legit check on watch???

    A lot of watches with a display case back will have decorated rotors/bridges/etc. Decorated yes, having the manufacturers name, no. Chad
  13. ChadHahn

    Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

    I received my Filson Medium Field Bag yesterday. It looks great. At first glance it was a little narrower than I thought it was going to be but I think that it will be just right in size. It has two front snap pockets that are very large. My large sized Moleskine knock-off notebook (8" tall)...
  14. ChadHahn

    Legit check on watch???

    Another way to tell is that it looks like it has Louis Vuitton written all over the rotor. That is generally done on fake watches. You often see fake Omegas that have that. Chad
  15. ChadHahn

    deadwood - AKA analyze HBO's tendency to start awesome shows and ruin them

    One of my favorite episodes of Deadwood was when Dr. Cochran fixed the foot of Jewel and then went into a morose funk talking about the wounded soldiers of the civil war. Talking about seeing all the cocks on Law and Order. I feel kind of the same way about Caprica. Trixie is the wife of Eric...
  16. ChadHahn

    The official thrift/discount store bragging thread

    The Florsheims were more expensive than the Ferragamos. I guess that's name recognition. Chad
  17. ChadHahn

    Recent Sartorialist Looks

    Not only does he look good, but he has guts. I don't think I'd wear all those light colored clothes on what appears to be a rainy day in the city. I would would hate to have white pants with black cuffs. Chad
  18. ChadHahn

    Recent Sartorialist Looks

    I know nothing about photography, but I know a little about women and that photo is not from the '70s. That's Summer Altice, , and I'm almost certain she wasn't even alive in the '70s. I Googled ring flash fashion and that's the best one that showed up I didn't think it was a 70s shot but it...
  19. ChadHahn

    Recent Sartorialist Looks

    The pictures looked like they were probably scans of tear sheets and not actual print scans and defiantly not scans of the slides. So they have that going against them. Also, there was a lot of weird experimentation going on in the 70s. The ring flash was a popular tool for magazine shoots and...
  20. ChadHahn

    Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

    I didn't mean to imply that they were made from the same materials when I said that they were made from the same materials. . I should have said similar. I know it is no match for a Filson bag but it is a nice carry on bag. Chad

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