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  1. porcelain monkey

    Pin stripe jacket pattern matching

    What do I need to look for in pattern matching for pin stripe suits? It seems some of mine match quite well at the shoulder (i.e front to back all the stripes line up) and some do not (i.e one of the stripes lines up, but the others do not. I assume this is because the fabric is cut at a...
  2. porcelain monkey

    Seasonal Tie Rotation

    I was thinking about my tie rotation once Labor Day came and went and realized that I have a rough two month window for most ties. Now, many basic ties can be and are worn year-round, but this is what I generally do: September / October - Colors get slightly darker. Orange, especially burnt...
  3. porcelain monkey

    Steve McQueen shops for clothes

    Just saw this on A Continuous Lean. Well worth taking a look at ... http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2011/...ontinuous+Lean.) McQueen has a cigarette in his mouth or his hand the entire time, except for this picture. Check out where the sales guys eyes are looking - at Steve's cig about to burn...
  4. porcelain monkey

    Brooks Brothers to Sell at Nordstrom

    Just saw this on Ivy Style (thanks Christian) http://www.ivy-style.com/brooks-to-w...nordstrom.html I copied the text of the press release below: New York, January 26, 2011 - Nordstrom, Inc. (NYSE: JWN) and Brooks Brothers announced a partnership today to begin selling Brooks Brothers...
  5. porcelain monkey

    The Suits of James Bond

    ... and the shirts, trousers, and shoes. Has anyone else seen this blog? http://bondclothes.blogspot.com/ I can't stop reading it.
  6. porcelain monkey

    Brooks Brothers Club (Golf) Collar Shirts - MTM

    I've been looking for club (rounded) collar shirts for a while now, and have been looking at the BB MTM options as my tall, thin build is not carried in many RTW options. I have a couple of questions for anyone who has used this service. 1) How does the club (BB calls it Golf) collar look on a...
  7. porcelain monkey

    Brooks Brothers 30% off Tailored Clothing

    I got an e-mail on this today. It says today only. I'm looking at the Irish Linen Regent Suit. Does anyone know if this is a good as it is likely to get (before the end of linen suit season anyway) and if there are any codes to make this a little cheaper than the $418 right now?
  8. porcelain monkey

    Louis Boston Moving - Globe Article

    Thought people might be interested in this article from today's Boston Globe on the long anticipated Louis Boston move to the waterfront. I'm curious what others (paging Mr. Sartoria, Mr. Voxsartoria) think. I'd like to see them do well, but my prediction is that they will be closed within two...
  9. porcelain monkey

    Florsheim Imperial Timeline - anyone have one?

    Does anyone know how to date a pair of vintage Florsheim Imperials? During what time frame did they make the V cleat with the five nails? Are there any other distinguishing features or serial numbers that can tell you if a shoe is from the 50's 60's 70's etc.? And where were these shoes made. I...
  10. porcelain monkey

    Oscar Red Carpet

    Thought I would start the discussion. My first thoughts: More bow ties than long ties. This is a good thing. Lot of Tom Ford. This is fine. George Clooney in a notch lapel. This is a bad thing.
  11. porcelain monkey

    President Johnson orders some pants

    I have not seen this posted here before, but it is making the rounds of the style blogs out there. It's one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time. LBJ talking about his nuts and bunghole, and describing the color he wants as "like the powder on a ladies face."...
  12. porcelain monkey

    Miami in January - what to wear?

    This is actually more of a question for my wife, as I think I know what to bring. Going to Miami next week. Even though it will be warm (finally) do people in Miami still wear darker colors in the winter or is white and lighter shades OK?
  13. porcelain monkey

    Suit donations in Boston

    I have six older suits that I no longer wear (thanks Style Forum!) and would like to donate them to an organization that will put them to good use. I could just dump them in a collection box somewhere, but does anyone know an organization in Boston that would put them to good use. None of...
  14. porcelain monkey

    Has anyone else started getting free magazines?

    In the past year unsolicited subscriptions to several magazines have begun showing up at my house. It started with GQ, then Entertainment Weekly, then my wife started getting Esquire the other day -- Someone must think she's a boy. I assume that these magazines, hurting for circulation and ad...
  15. porcelain monkey

    Anyone use Taigan?

    I got an invite from Sid Mashburn (the incredible Atlanta men's store) to join Taigan (http://www.taigan.com/) free for one month. Taigan appears to be a collection of boutiques under one banner. While it is nice to be able to see the videos posted by Sid and his guys, they charge $15 a month...
  16. porcelain monkey

    Who makes a patch pocket blazer?

    I just bought my 6-year-old son a Brooks Brothers blazer with three patch pockets (breast and two with flaps). It looks so good on him that I want to get one for myself. BB does not seem to make them for adults, nor does JP. Where can I find a two or three roll two blue blazer with patch pockets?
  17. porcelain monkey

    April Fools Threads

    So, now that it is the 2nd, which ones of these were jokes: Human Skin Products, $4000 tie, Sport Coat over a Suit Coat? Did I miss any others?
  18. porcelain monkey

    Opinions on John Bartlett

    I have been seeing a lot of John Bartlett clothes in the mens mags recently - Suits, jackets, etc. A lot of it seems to be Claiborne by John Bartlett. Anyone know any information about this line. Given the price point, I assume the quality is not extraordinary, but I do like the styling. I...
  19. porcelain monkey

    Bass Weejun Dover

    In the March GQ, the New Bass Weejun - The Dover - is featured. I don't always go by what this magazine, or its advertisers, tell me to do, but this caught my eye because I used to wear Bass Weejuns all the time in prep school and college. They would last a long time with fairly constant wear...
  20. porcelain monkey

    Belt Care

    I have some belts, BB I believe - not super high end, but not junk either - that are starting to get scuffed, or cracked a bit where they buckle. Is there a product to address this? Could I use shoe polish on them, or is that likely to stain my pants? The one where it is most noticeable is on...

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