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  1. SuitingStyle

    Vass try on in NYC?

    Where can I find Vass shoes to try on in person in NYC? I thought Bergdorf Goodman carries them, but apperantly no longer. Want to order my first U last for X-Mas, but with the tricky sizing and the face I have wide feet, I really want to try them on before placing order. thanks
  2. SuitingStyle

    Getting deposit back from wedding photographer - advise needed

    Hello - Need some advise on my situation. So we booked this photographer for our upcoming wedding ( wedding is in 2 weeks, but we booked the photographer 1 year ago). We gave her a deposit of $1200 when we booked her. I am trying to get this money back and not use her becuase there are things...
  3. SuitingStyle

    Source for Bow Tie/Cumberbond set

    Can someone recommand a good source ( online or BM store) for Bow Tie/Cummberbond set? I checked out Saks, they have set for about 70 bucks, but I wasn't sure about the qulity. thanks
  4. SuitingStyle

    PSA : STP 20% + 15% today

    Got 20% coupon in email today, and STP is offering 15% off on order 100+ (which you could stack with the 20% coupon). This makes most of the on sale Isaia suits $580 to $670, just got myself an Isaia suit for 580
  5. SuitingStyle

    Isaia Super 120 = 4100 retail, too much?

    So I was at Saks main store, and found a great looking Isaia suit on the Sales rack. However, the price tag was ripped off. Seeing that the material is super 120 in an normal sharkskin pinstripe type of material, I thought retail would be around 2800, at most no more than 3G, and with 70% off...
  6. SuitingStyle

    Woodbury Purple/Black Label damage thread

    Ok, time for ppl to start post what they got in the recent feeding frenzy @ woodbury common RL store. I will start off with mine, very modest, just 2 purple label suits. 1) Gray 2B SB PL suit. Cashmere/Wool 2) Dark Blue 2B SB PL suit, 150 Wool. Group shot
  7. SuitingStyle

    Replacing Bows on my formal pumps

    So I went off and bought another formal pump http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWN:IT&ih=021 The last shape is very sleek and I am quite happy with it. But obviously I need to replace the Bow to a Satin black one, to replace the green one that came with the pumps. I asked couple of shoe...
  8. SuitingStyle

    Opinion on these Formal Pump

    Bought these on ebay for cheap. Since I do want to wear patent lather for my wedding, but don't want to spend a lot (don't see myself ever wearing patent again), thought these might do the trick. Is it ture that the Bow is removable? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWN:IT&ih=015
  9. SuitingStyle

    Victor Talbots Formalwear store

    Has anyone used them for formalwear? Thinking about getting a MTM vest made by them, store looks very upscale and the guy sounds like what he is talking about, they even do Borrlli MTM in store. thanks
  10. SuitingStyle

    Tuexdo accessories questions

    So I am trying to complete the full outfit for my wedding next year, and currently facing some decisions on some accessories. 1) Vest I want something that's close to what Brad Pitt wore to Canne's Film Festival. Went to this local high end formalwear boutique, they say they can make me one...
  11. SuitingStyle

    Ebay purchase - safe with money order?

    Hi - I need some help. I've always paid my ebay purchases with paypal. However, I've just won a suit on ebay and the seller only accepts money order/personal check. Is it also common to pay for ebay purchases with money order? If the guy is fake and does not send the item, what recourse do I...
  12. SuitingStyle

    Dual Pleats suit pants - anyone still wear it?

    Be interested to find how many of you out there still wear a double pleated pants in a suit ( not odd trousers, but suit trousers). I have been converted on SF to curse the double pleats and accept only flat front. But lately, I feel double pleats give it a more formal look in a suit, and start...
  13. SuitingStyle

    FS - NWT Pal Zileri Navy 3 piece suit - Eur 54R

    Hi - For sale is a very nice NWT Navy 3 piece suit from the Pal Zileri white label. Bought this for myself, but too bad it never really fit me right, I am really a Eur 56. The weight is 4 season, perfect for interview or formal business wear. It is classic solid navy. Full Canvass construction...
  14. SuitingStyle

    Wedding Photographer - recommandation in NY area

    Hi - I am in the begining stage of my wedding planning. It has hit a bit of snag. I am having hard time finding good, reasonablly priced Wedding photographer. Can you guys who have experinece/knowledge in this recommande a good wedding photographer in NY area. My wedding will be in Long Island...
  15. SuitingStyle

    Yoox Return

    Hi - Quick question for people who have returned things before to yoox, how long does it take for them to credit your card? They have received my return package since the 12th, but so far no money back onto my card. Maybe not all online merchants are the same, but STP only takes a couple of...
  16. SuitingStyle

    jackas* spill coffee on my suit

    So what would you do? I had my suit on in the office, on my way to the pantry , and tried to walk around this guy who had his back to me talking to his friend. As I tried to walk around him, he suddenly turned around and of course, he had a cup full of coffee and spoil like half it on my back...
  17. SuitingStyle

    FS NWT - Zegna flannel pants 34W, Corneliani moeskin 34w, boss suit 46R

    Hello - A few items for sales here, as they don't fit me. first up, 2 pairs of nice winter pants I got from members of the forum, but they are too slim for me. NWT Zegna dark blue flannel pants. 34W , flat front, umhemmed. SOLD NWT Corneliani bluegray moleskin pants, 34W. Facotory hemmed with...
  18. SuitingStyle

    Recommandation for good free video converter for IPOD

    Hello - So over the holiday, I got a lovely IPOD touch as gift. However, the problem is I've never owned an IPOD with video capablity before. So I when I tried to upload the movie clips I have on my PC, of course, IPOD couldn't take them (being most of my clips are WMA format). So I downloaded...
  19. SuitingStyle

    use of suit bag for moth protection

    Is it a good idea? I realized the other day I may have moth problem in my closet, as couple of my cashmere sweaters started to have holes in the middle of chest area. So on my firend's recommandation, I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and got myself couple of plastic suit bags and hung my suits...
  20. SuitingStyle

    DB suit - how does it fit?

    Hello - With some recent talk again about double breasted suits, I thought I might post this one I got recently from the qulity seller for a healthy critique. Very nice Zegna POW suit. I feel the shoulder and chest is perfect, the arms are a bit tight, but I think my tailor can recut a deeper...

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