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  1. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Saving Music CDs to Hard Drive

    I use the Real Player as well, and(in my version at least) you can decide the format of the songs before you rip them. Mine always defaults to real player audio, but I immediately change them to mp3. You can also decide the level of quality(and therefore HD space) the songs are ripped at as...
  2. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Please do not retaliate

    It's truly nothing to be concerned of anymore -- I do believe I'm the only one left. And like I told FIHTies in a PM, I find your forum interesting, so I'm nothing to worry about. And sorry about the gentlemen comment.
  3. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Please do not retaliate

    I'm beyond this. Â If you'll kindly notice CT, I've called none of you names -- In any of my 12 posts. Â I just didn't think what I said to Alias warranted him calling me a moron. Â It's not right. And sure, on the KFAN board, that's all people do. Â But I thought this was a forum for gentlemen?
  4. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Please do not retaliate

    My point is, it's hard to criticize an invasion when there isn't an invasion at all. By the way, nice work on the name calling -- I'm really impressed.
  5. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Please do not retaliate

    Thanks for clearing up that confusion for me...There are big differences in WFAN and KFAN, that's for sure. Now as far as the rube thing goes, they don't believe they coined the term "rube" but they just use it in a different meaning. It's actually not unlike a Jeff Foxworthy kind of bit. Like...
  6. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Please do not retaliate

    See, you can't really make fun of the invasion, since it was (cleverly, I might say)thwarted before it even began. It was originally supposed to happen tomorrow And on a side note, you wouldn't get the whole "rube" thing unless you actually listened to the station.
  7. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou


    I don't think that, all things considered, there's a more well rounded car than the MB CL65 AMG. I'm sure you've all read about it. I can tell you that, without a doubt, it is my dreamcar. Granted, it is a coupe, and some would prefer something larger, but I do believe it has about everything...
  8. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Please do not retaliate

    I can assure you it's officially done. The fruitbasket thing was just a joke BTW. Kind of like how that dude posted the picture of Wiggum for our Webmaster. BTW, I can also assure you that slim to none of us over there are "jocks"...Just sports fanatics. Not unlike yourselves with...
  9. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Just wanted to say Hi

    Are 10 new members really going to put you under? If that's the case, I recommend a new service provider. Again, you give us WAY too much credit. And I would sure as hell hope it wouldn't come to legal actions. Why would it? Is it against the law to register and post on another board? Especially...
  10. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Just wanted to say Hi

    Thats the most unbelievably rediculous thing I've ever read. You guys give us way too much credit.
  11. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Fragrance Recommendations

    Let me tell you boys this(you'll probably laugh and point but whatever): Ladies love "Glacier Bay" which is a men's cologne found in Bath and Body Works. Every girl I've been by(friend, girlfriend, relative, stranger) absolutely loves the scent. Not only that, but it's cheap as all...
  12. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Just wanted to say Hi

    (norcaltransplant @ Feb. 02 2005,11:51) Lol....MN Gotta love the humor of those Midwesterners Careful...I was raised in Minnesota, and have only escaped to the fashion headquarters of the midwest - North Dakota - in the last few years. Â North Dakota ya say? LOL. Hey man, what constitutes as...
  13. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Just wanted to say Hi

    This is true...We're not as up on Fashion, but we do have that humor. We're still waiting for Hollister.
  14. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Just wanted to say Hi

    You're absolutely right he doesn't make men's shoes. He's still a FABULOUS designer and I give him his due.
  15. Jimmy Choo Shoe Lou

    Just wanted to say Hi

    Hey guys.  I'm Lou. I love style, and I love Jimmy Choo. And Jimmy's.

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