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  1. D

    Gray Flannel Suit Advice

    Good morning, all. I was looking for a little advice. I'm planning buying a gray flannel suit, but I wasn't sure if it made more sense to go with a mid-gray or a charcoal gray. I was planning on charcoal, but as I researched I found so many great pictures of Grant, Connery, Moore, etc. all in...
  2. D

    Current State of Hilditch & Key

    H&K is running their annual summer sale, and the multi-buy offer seems pretty good. I've never tried these shirts before. I typically buy Harvie & Hudson, but H&K seems to have a bit more variety in RTW. I've also recently tried Spier & Mackay MTO and Cordone 1956, and like them both. The...
  3. D

    Hopsack Question

    Hi, all. I wasn't quite sure where to put this one. I'm looking to have a MTO suit made for summer in a navy hopsack. I've narrowed it down to Spier & Mackay and Suitsupply's new system. S&M uses a hopsack from Hardy Minnis and SS uses one from VBC. The price is relatively the same, the details...
  4. D

    Cheaney and TLB Mallorca

    Hello, all! I hope you're doing well during this social distancing! Cheaney and TLB Mallorca are two two brands I'm eyeing up for my next shoe purchase, and I was curious how they stacked (ho heel pun intended) up to each other. Specifically I'm curious about their fits, style, construction, and...
  5. D

    Shoemaker Skill

    I was curious. Is there a style of shoe that is better judge a shoemaker’s quality or skill than others? For example, are Oxfords harder to make than derbies? Are brogues more difficult, or are cap toes?
  6. D

    Scarosso and Velasca

    I've been trying to find some information about both of these brands of shoes, but it's pretty pretty hard to find (only a few things here and there and mostly 5+ years old). Has anyone had any experience with either of these brands? How's the leather? How's the quality of construction? Any more...
  7. D

    Meermin Alternatives

    Hello, all. I've tried Meermin, had some sizing trouble, contacted the brand, tried new sizes, and still had trouble. I think their lasts are generally too narrow for my feet. I can feel my pinky toes rubbing the leather on the outside of my foot no matter what I try. I was curious if there were...
  8. D

    Meermin and Cheaney

    Good morning, all! I own both of these brands. They're probably my two favorite shoemakers that I own design and style wise. However, Cheaney is significantly more expensive than Meermin (about double). I am too uneducated to discern the real differences between the two to account for the price...
  9. D

    How do you wash your shirts?

    I've been debating the value between laundering my shirts/pants at the dry cleaner or washing and ironing my shirts/pants at home. I was curious what you all did. The way I see it it's a trade-off between the convenience of having someone else do it and the wear and tear. Let me know your vote!
  10. D

    Soft Toe Caps

    I’ve noticed recently that my Allen Edmonds have softer toe caps with little to no reinforcing. This is on my McAllisters and my Bartletts. However, I have noticed that my Meermin’s, Cheaneys, and Herrings by Cheaney all are reinforced. Is one preferable to the other for shoe life, is it just a...
  11. D

    Meermin Style and Pricing, but D Width

    I like Meermin a lot for their style and value, but I find them a little narrow. Can anyone recommend other similar shoemakers that make their shoes in a US D or a U.K. F width? Thanks in advance!
  12. D

    Thoughts on this creasing?

    These shoes are new and today is the first day I’ve worn them. What are your thoughts on the creasing on the right foot? Do I have a problem, or is this some natural breaking in that I can protect with a little conditioner?
  13. D

    Drake's vs. Harvie & Hudson

    I'm in the market for some new RTW shirts for fall. I have some H&H shirts that I like already, but I've read a lot of great stuff about Drake's recently. I was curious how the two shirts stacked up. My guess is that Drake's are nicer, but are they worth almost double the price? I'd love to hear...
  14. D

    How do you shop?

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Do people shop by brand, meaning once you find a brand that works for you, you keep returning and look there first? Or do you shop by piece, meaning you browse and browse until you find each thing you're looking for? I think shopping by brand is easier...
  15. D

    New Brooks Brothers Luxury Shirts with Thomas Mason

    Hello, all! Recently BB released a new line of "Luxury Shirts" featuring Thomas Mason fabric, MOP buttons, single needle stitching, etc. They retail for $168. I was curious to see if anyone had purchased one of these shirts yet and what their opinions were. The retail stores near me don't have...
  16. D

    Brooks Brothers Luxury Dress Shirts

    Hello, all! I’m curious what everyone thinks of the BB Luxury dress shirts. These are not the GF shirts, but rather the ones that retail for typically $120 and have nicer buttons and fabrics than the regular BB dress shirts. Does anyone know who makes the fabric for these shirts? At similar...
  17. D

    Allen Edmonds and English Shoes

    I've been under the impression that Allen Edmonds are great GYW shoes, but on a dollar to dollar comparison, English manufacturers tend to give you a better shoe for the same money. Am I correct in this assumption? For example a Cheaney shoe at $400 is generally a better shoe than an AE shoe at...
  18. D

    Suitsupply style, but Brooks Brothers quality

    Hello, everyone! I was hoping to get a little direction in my search for that perfect suit/jacket for my budget. I own suits and jackets from both SS and BB, and both fit me well (46R Havana/Naopli in SS and 44R Regent in BB). However, I tend to prefer the styling of SS with the 3.5" lapels...
  19. D

    Help with matching body type to style

    Hello, all! I was hoping to get some advice on whether the English or Italian style (cut) would work better for a larger, but athletic person. I’ve done some searching, but most of the recommendations for larger guys tend to suggest the American sack suit to “hide” extra weight. However, I can’t...
  20. D

    Mainstream Brand Alternatives

    Hello, all! I wanted to see if anyone was willing to offer suggestions for some brand alternatives that might offer better quality/value for the money than some of the mainstream brands. I'll give couple examples of where I've already found this: 1. In my opinion Herring and Cheaney shoes are...

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