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  1. Lord Gladstone

    magnanni shoe advice (size for mail order)

    In my case I wear UK6 in Santoni, C&J 348 last UK7, C&J 341 last UK6, C&J 360 last UK6. My one pair of Magnanni are comparable to Santoni as to fit. I have them in UK6.
  2. Lord Gladstone

    Shoe Damage Report & Porn Central - Part I

    A pair I wanted for more than 2 years, and I finally bought them. The Santoni 7553!
  3. Lord Gladstone

    Jeans for a Sartorialist

    I would say Borrelli, Jacob Cohen or Incotex Jeans. No fashion brands like Gucci, Prada, Dior etc. They're expensive but bad taste.
  4. Lord Gladstone

    C&J lasts

    Recently I wore the C&J Wigmore (360 last) at a local shop here in Holland. The 360 last shoes are only available in mto-programs or by ordering at the c&j.fr site. In my experience the 360 last is almost the same as the 348. I own 341 and 348 pairs. It's just a bit narrower at the nose. The...
  5. Lord Gladstone

    I want sleek looking shoes under $500 new

    Perhaps Santoni? There are numerous shops offering pairs under 500,-
  6. Lord Gladstone

    Shoe Damage Report & Porn Central - Part I

    C&J Wakefield is a made to order and is only available in one store.
  7. Lord Gladstone

    Shoe Damage Report & Porn Central - Part I

    My humble collection: Santoni Monster Ardesia, C&J Malvern, Santoni Elefante Boss derby (shoes for my fraternity), Shipton & Heneage ankelboots, Zegna unlined boots, Shipton & Heneage pumps/slippers, Van Lier Brogues (shoes for pesky showers, etc.), Van Lier derby. C&J Wakefield, C&J...
  8. Lord Gladstone

    Fitted barbour quilted coat/jacket!

    I got the Liddlesdale fitted (already wear a XS). Most members of SF.nl wear it (even inside the city) cut to the bone Crappy pic of me wearing one... Shaving is not obliged while being a student
  9. Lord Gladstone

    "Academic white tie" ??

    Here in Europe one wears white tie (so no ordinary suit) during promoting to become a doctor in science. Why the heck do they want to use such a hybride???
  10. Lord Gladstone


    My modest collection of Santoni loafers
  11. Lord Gladstone

    Shoe Damage Report & Porn Central - Part I

    My new pair of Santoni: 7416 Elefante I also received my loafers: 7233 Beaver Ematite My first pair: 7928 Monster Ardesia
  12. Lord Gladstone

    Shoe Damage Report & Porn Central - Part I

    Nice shoes lads! My new pair of Santoni
  13. Lord Gladstone

    Is the taste on this forum too "nouveau riche"?

    In some point of view most of us are nouveau riche, as we are not descendent of a family which endured to be wealthy for 4 centuries. On the other hand if one wants to confine the terms of old money vs. new money to matters of etiquette one should conclude that most WAYWRN posts and topics are...
  14. Lord Gladstone

    Help me decide: Barbour vs Ralph Lauren

    I'd chose the Barbour Liddlesdale coat. I wear one myself every day for more than a year now. The jacket/coat can easily made to fit your body (local tailor will charge not more than 30€ or so). I like the British aristocratic/ country feeling that the coat has. Like I am going to the manege...
  15. Lord Gladstone

    Fictional Males on TV - Who is dressed well not in a showy way?

    Captain Steven "Peacock" Smith in Are You Being Served A real English military gentleman, like David Niven!
  16. Lord Gladstone

    Scarf with ascot knot with a suit in the evening for "informal" (aka suit+tie) event?

    There are two kinds of ascots... The first one is called a choker or neckerchief (a small silk scarf for casual wear(but with covered chest/neck, etc.) The other is an ascot and is the original scarf/tie worn during formal events like Royal Ascot. One can wear a choker if one wants to look a...
  17. Lord Gladstone

    Crockett & Jones Last 348 Hallam Vs Lowndes

    Long way from your neck of the woods, sf-esq: www.sirmax.nl. Compared to that other thread, this is one of those stores where the service is brilliant (I'm sure any Dutch SF'ers will chime in). I bought the Lowndes in suede in 9D after umming & ahhing for almost an hour - and I only turned up as...
  18. Lord Gladstone

    Buying my first Crockett & Jones

    Bumblebee, Thanks for the info on comparing lasts. I may have misled before when I said I was looking for something conservative. I am young, thin, wear Black Label suits, etc. It is a slim look I put together and I think the 348 could potentially work with it. By conservative, I meant something...
  19. Lord Gladstone

    Double monks.......

    Well Magnanni's aren't bad at all, but are somewhat sarcasticly called the poor man's Santoni.
  20. Lord Gladstone

    Poshtogs.co.uk 20% off (Pantherella, etc.)

    Gents, I noticed an topic on the site of the Dutch version of Styleforum, worth sharing with you lot! "With the festive shopping season now upon us, we would like to reward you, as a loyal customer, with a seasonal gesture of 20% discount on all orders! To redeem this discount when shopping...

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