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  1. Suits You Sir!

    Looking for good mid-range tailor in Hongkong

    An addition. My experience of Sam was awful. He is an arrogant man, all until he knows you are about to leave his shop. Then once he knows he's about to lose a sale, miraculously, he suddenly wants to help. I asked him to show me some of his work - suits, but still he wouldn't! By that point I...
  2. Suits You Sir!

    Looking for good mid-range tailor in Hongkong

    Said it before & I'll say it again.... Ash Samtani, on Nathan Road in the Burlington Arcade in Kowloon might be a good bet. He's a mid-range tailor who did a lovely suit for me. His quality for a first suit in my humble opinion is perfectly good. Moreover, he and his son Luke are very...
  3. Suits You Sir!

    Do You Use Handkerchiefs?

    They are vile things. What's wrong with a small pack of disposable tissues stored somewhere they can't be seen? At least they can quickly be disposed of once soiled.
  4. Suits You Sir!

    How many watches do you own?

    I own four. But nothing spectacular like you see on here. Two Sector watches. A Tissot pocket watch. And a shitty $AUS20 battered digital I wear out on the apron.
  5. Suits You Sir!

    Moving to Hong Kong, Buy Now or Wait? Shoes, Shirts, Etc.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. They are appreciated. Yes, it surely is brutal. I thought I had prepared for what was coming. Nothing can be further from the truth. Nothing prepares you to see your partner die. She was so very, very special to me. She was my inspiration (and to many...
  6. Suits You Sir!

    Moving to Hong Kong, Buy Now or Wait? Shoes, Shirts, Etc.

    Geez, I really don't remember the precise figures. I would dig through my receipts but given it was my last trip with my beautiful wife who lost her battle with breast cancer shortly after our return, it's something I can't bring myself to do at this stage. I'm thinking it was around AUS$180 a...
  7. Suits You Sir!

    Moving to Hong Kong, Buy Now or Wait? Shoes, Shirts, Etc.

    David's Shirts is also a good bet. Heaps of beautiful fabrics, shirts are made with great attention to detail. I went to his place on Kimberley Rd in Kowloon back in April this year. Lovely guy. Go there and he'll show you around his shop, telling you all about the processes that go into making...
  8. Suits You Sir!

    Are emblematic ties appropriate for work?

    I'm going to buck the trend here. Emblematic ties are appropriate only if they are part of a school uniform or if you are a sporting member in formal team dress. Outside of these environments I think emblematic ties are positively stuffy and simply repulsive. Sorry, it's just my opinion but I...
  9. Suits You Sir!

    Suit critiques (styles + colour) [pics]

    Agree with other's comments. For a suit from way back, not made specifically for you, and bar a few adjustments to the strides it looks pretty darn smart. Nice to see a 22 year old wearing a classic, smart-looking ensemble rather than some ridiculously styled suit that will go out of fashion...
  10. Suits You Sir!

    Which eyeglasses do you like best?

    This is a very tough ask. Glasses, like a good suit or shirt, can look good in the store but until you try it on there is no telling how it will look on you, regardless of whether we have a description of your face or not. All these things must be tried on before being assessed. So we could...
  11. Suits You Sir!

    Rate this suit (slovak taylor)

    But you've recognized them. A man of so high a level that he snores about - btw really nice - IKEA drawers would not have noticed them. Whether because he don't know such "shabby stuff" or because he is gentleman enough to ignore it. In a real gentleman both should meet. Furthermore it's the...
  12. Suits You Sir!

    Favorite "SUIT" Movies / American Gangster - American Gigolo - The Great Gatsby

    The Mask - for the sheer flamboyance of Jim Carrey's costumes.
  13. Suits You Sir!

    Rate this suit (slovak taylor)

    Okay, maybe a bit on the roomy side but it must be difficult being a pretty skinny guy. Very subjective of course but despite a little too much room, I think the outfit looks quite nice and fresh on the whole. Conversely, I have to say I abhor your grotesque button-down style collar. I don't...
  14. Suits You Sir!

    well dressed? i think so... (pic)

    He looks bloody ridiculous. JMHO. Proper prat.
  15. Suits You Sir!

    Suit Fit Critique Thread - noob

    PS. I'm glad you returned the suit. It did nothing for you. For versatility, get a darker shade - charcoal, not black. That lifeless, bland grey is not pretty.
  16. Suits You Sir!

    Suit Fit Critique Thread - noob

    Reply from an Aussie.... Okay, some may scoff. But for $500-ish at Ron Bennett, you can get some nice Studio Italia suits. I know it's cheap and not considered best quality for most people on here, but for what you're looking to spend, it's nice material and for your needs right now a classic...
  17. Suits You Sir!

    As promised, pictures of my outfits

    mt_spiffy... Congratulations! You've created by far and away the most brilliant thread I've seen here. I'm only a newcomer but I seriously doubt I'll ever see another like it. You must have bollocks the size of coconuts to post your pics on here and tell everyone to give you their best...
  18. Suits You Sir!

    Kent Wang color contest: green finalists

    I voted Get Smart. The jacket did it for me. Stunning. Don't think much of his bottom half though. And I seriously hope that's not his own gaff. If it is, how could a guy with such a sense of style have such disastrous taste in interior design?!!
  19. Suits You Sir!

    Cant we cut any fabric and use it as a cravat / tie?

    I reckon it's a good idea. You can get some beautiful fabrics and it tends to make your choice a whole lot greater. And why pay a small fortune for a branded piece of swish fabric when one without comes at a mere snip in comparison? Given my addiction to ties, my wife - who's a bit of a dab...
  20. Suits You Sir!

    Cheap Writing Pens

    Your favorite cheap pen costs $0.91 each (according to the link you kindly provided). If your office is too cheap to provide you with them, buy them yourself. I know all these other members are showing you thier personal favorites, but really, come on. My cheap pens last about a month with...

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