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  1. Spudbunny

    Brummell Vs. Classical Style

    I would say "Mr. Bunny" is Cogburn's finest moment - so far - on SF.
  2. Spudbunny

    The official thrift/discount store bragging thread

    does anyone else find themselves getting picky at the thrift store/goodwill? What AlanC said. I think you sort of go through stages when thrifting. At least I did. At first you buy anything that seems decent. mike I too have noticed I have been throwing back stuff lately: HF pants, a Ferre...
  3. Spudbunny

    FS: New Paul Stuart 100% cashmere sportcoat. 43/44/46

    Just a bump to provide some feedback on this exchange. All in all, very good indeed. Paypal took a while but the seller was quite patient, and shipping happened exactly when he said it would. The coat then arrived the next day and was as described, or rather not quiet as described. The seller...
  4. Spudbunny

    Cashmere Turtlenecks

    You might want to check the Filene's in Friendship Heights. I seem to recall some nice cashmere turtlenecks by reputable brands in the recent shipment they received from Mario's of Seattle and that Connecticut store I can't recall at the moment. I bought a nice cashmere turtleneck in July at...
  5. Spudbunny

    Biographies of fashion designers

    But I hope I'll find some good sources in the future... Try this. \t Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion. Valerie Steele, Ed. 1 ed. Detroit: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2005. 1454 pp. 3 vols. \t ISBN: 0-684-31394-4 eBook ISBN: 0-684-31451-7 Subject Category: History LC Subject(s): Clothing...
  6. Spudbunny

    Free parking in NYC

    Keep in mind how much you value your time going and coming from the parking lot (as well as the train fares going and coming). At some point, if the value of your time is high enough, you can lose money by getting cheaper parking. I suspect that in equilibrium for the average user of a parking...
  7. Spudbunny

    The official thrift/discount store bragging thread

    A pair of Polo loafers which say inside "Bench made in Maine" ($9.99). Am I right to assume that means Alden made them?
  8. Spudbunny

    Why was my thread locked?

    phatty, as stated above, I am a hopeless rule-monger. I love nothing more than telling other people how to dress. So ask me your question, and I will pronounce a rule for you. Keep in mind, phatty, that the poster above is known to engage in secret writing. What he says he does not mean, but...
  9. Spudbunny

    Question on Poli Sci.

    If you are really interested in setting yourself up to actually be of some value to a Member, I'd suggest courses in Econ, business, engineering, taxation, and other things that people of my party know nothing about. It says a lot about our current condition that I cannot guess which party he...
  10. Spudbunny

    DC visit

    you may want to visit the newly opened CMart. It generally has a lot of Belvest and Canali, and I have spotted Seraphin there as well. I bought a d'Avenza cashmere jacket for under $500 a few months ago. There have been a few queries from time to time about this new CMart store in DC. I went...
  11. Spudbunny

    The official thrift/discount store bragging thread

    d'Avenza Roma navy sportcoat, pure cashmere, $477, retail $1595 I got this at C Mart in DC. I'll write a separate post about what else they had.
  12. Spudbunny

    Parking in DC

    Georgetown University has parking lots and a very light summer school crowd. You might check with them to see if you could park over there.
  13. Spudbunny

    Washington, DC sales

    The coupon is good until April 24. I can email it to you. Another email from FB says you can get a coupon on the website. www.filenesbasement.com.
  14. Spudbunny

    Washington, DC sales

    I went to the FB on Conn. Avenue on Friday. I received via email on Friday morning a 20 percent off coupon. The designer stuff was already 40 percent off, and you could add the 20 percent coupon on top of that, which I didn't realize all that clearly when I set out. Often the stores prevent you...
  15. Spudbunny

    Note on Manton's Plan to Destroy SF

    I can't help but feel that my bid to thwart Manton's plan has failed. Yes, but you have revealed yourself to be one of the inner circle, a listerner to the tapes, not a reader of transcripts. Barone's pocket square was peachish. He tends toward solid pocket squares rather much, no?
  16. Spudbunny

    Note on Manton's Plan to Destroy SF

    Most of his thoughts on these matters can be found in the audiotapes of his unpublished lectures, which still circulate like contraband among his followers. For Strauss, these were actually transcripts of lectures, circulated as above. Still, I like Walter Berns. I was glad to see him looking...
  17. Spudbunny

    Thom & Black Fleece in the WaPo

    In the same article, Robin Givhan takes a swipe at us, i.e. DC men. "The men of Washington are maligned for their attire, not because they refuse to dress in the knife-sharp, adventurous silhouettes of a Hedi Slimane or the colorful playfulness of Paul Smith, but because they don't wear their...
  18. Spudbunny

    How can you determine "quality" cashmere?

    A What separates great cashmere from good or average can be ordered into just three categories: Nice post, FrankDC. Very helpful. Is it fair to say that there is a direct correlation between retail price and quality of the cashmere in a garment? Everything that separates great cashmere from...

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